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President Barack Euphemism Obama now has ‘deep concern’ over Russia’s military power grab in Ukraine’s Crimea region. While his administration tried to go with the laughably Orwellian ‘uncontested arrival’ on Friday as the troops moved in, it has now turned into a “clear violation of Ukrainian sovereignty.”

President Obama called Russian ruler Vladimir Putin Saturday afternoon and expressed “deep concern” over Russia’s move in Ukraine.

The White House called Russia’s recent aggression a “clear violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity” and a breach of international law.

The White House said the U.S. is suspending preparations for the upcoming Group of Eight summit in June in Sochi, Russia, in response to Russia’s actions.

You can imagine Vladimir Putin right now in a thick Russian accent: “Hey, comrade Dmitry, Obama says we can expect his presence at the upcoming Sochi summit to go kaput over our ‘uncontested arrival.’ Bwahahahaha!”

Uncontested Arrival Obama Ukraine

Perhaps no one called out the White House’s predilection to torture words and confuse Americans with Newspeak better than Iowahawk:

Iowahawk Uncontested Arrival

Bombing Libya became “kinetic military action.” Terrorist attacks by radical Islamic psychopaths became “man-caused disasters.” A Russian invasion is now an “uncontested arrival.”

Yes, it was “uncontested” because Ukraine — especially in its current state of chaos — didn’t have the means to fight back.

The New York Times reported:

KIEV, Ukraine — The new government of Ukraine called an emergency session of its national security council on Saturday in the face of the Russian military’s seizure of Crimea, but the leaders are facing a grim reality: Their armed forces are ill equipped to try to reconquer the region militarily. …

But the Ukrainian military has only a token force in the autonomous region — a lightly armed brigade of about 3,500 people, equipped with artillery and light weapons but none of the country’s advanced battle tanks, said Igor Sutyagin, a Russian military expert at the Royal United Services Institute in London. The forces also have only one air squadron of SU-27 fighters deployed at the air base near Belbek.

A senior NATO official said that Ukraine’s small naval fleet, which was originally part of the Black Sea Fleet, had been boxed in by Russian warships.

If China gives Japan the middle finger and its military moves in on the contested Senkakus or even the southern Ryukyu islands in the East China Sea, would Mr. Obama still call it an “uncontested arrival”? Since that euphemism hasn’t gone over well, he’d probably come up with something new. Regardless, Capt. James Fannell, the chief of intelligence of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, believes that China is training for a “short, sharp war” with Japan over the islands. If you were China, wouldn’t you look at what Putin has gotten away with and move in tomorrow? I would.

Perhaps the funniest thing about all of this is that the people who mocked Sarah Palin as a complete idiot now must wipe the egg off their face; she called a Ukraine invasion in 2008, saying that Obama’s strange detachment from foreign affairs would embolden men like Putin.

“After the Russian army invaded the nation of Georgia, Senator Obama’s reaction was one of indecision and moral equivalence – the kind of response that would only encourage Russia’s Putin to invade Ukraine next,” (Sarah Palin, October 21, 2008).

The same media culture that loves to sneer at anything that comes out of the former Alaska governor’s mouth is the same one that breeds “expert” analysis of the Christiane Amanpour variety — the CNN correspondent couldn’t even conceive of the Russians invading Ukraine as the armored personnel carriers and attack helicopters were fueling up Thursday night. It’s also the same culture that covers for men like Joe Biden, who former Defense Secretary Bob Gates believes “has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

Get ready for a wild ride the next couple of years. The world’s worst actors know that President Obama is in too deep, and they will continue to take advantage of the situation.

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“I’m usually not one to Told-Ya-So, but I did, despite my accurate prediction being derided as ‘an extremely far-fetched scenario’ by the ‘high-brow’ Foreign Policy magazine.” — Sarah Palin

Here’s Palin in 2008:


  1. It’s a question of testicular magnitude: On one hand we have Putin, who needs a wheelbarrow to carry his around, and on the other, Obama — who can only worry about how to get his out of the sand trap on the 14th hole.

    The only course of action here would be to replace the sand trapped ball boy with someone possessing tres juevos — someone like Ted Nugent.

    “I weep for the future” – the Chez Quis maitre-d’ in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

    1. I love Ted Nugent on the Second Amendment.

      I do not love him when he says the president is a “mongrel.” When he does stuff like that the media uses it as a racial cudgel for three days. Then Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have to talk about that instead of debt, health care, etc. I really, really don’t like unforced errors and it’s stuff like that he needs to get under control.

  2. I like Ted on the 2nd Amendment, too, but I agree with Doug in saying that he shouldn’t emulate Bill Maher and make comments like that. I’m no fan of Obama, obviously, (or liberals in general) but stuff like that doesn’t help our cause.

  3. “Uncontested arrival”?!?! That makes the Russian army sound like some unwanted houseguest…..Russia has become the Kato Kaelin of world affairs? That’s how they are spinning this?

    Where “anonymous” was wrong in the preceding post, no one is looking for war, we were lamenting the fact that Putin runs circles around everyone….including us. Someone commented on a Sunday morning news show that Putin plays chess while we play marbles; maybe we do need to re-examine the 80s play book with Russia.

    China seems to poke at things from those islands contested with Japan, to Taiwan itself. You do wonder if they have ambitions of their own and are gauging US reaction to Russia.

    1. That’s a good analogy, Patrick. And Obama continues to make us look stupid with his inept foreign policy. I really think Russia is starting to resemble the old Soviet Union again and with their occupation of the Crimean Peninsula it wouldn’t surprise me if we’re seeing the beginning of a neo-Russian Empire.

      Anonymous troll from Utah was wrong; I don’t want war, and I definitely don’t think we should get involved in Ukraine. I think Putin would just make Obama look even more incompetent than he already has.

    2. I believe that was Rep. Michael Rogers of Michigan who made the chess remark. He’s the Chairman of the House Select Committee on Intelligence.

      I was wondering how you would react to the “uncontested arrival” designation. Ha! Sometimes I wish you would run for office. I’d love to see you call out the White House for treating Russia as the “Kato Kaelin of world affairs.” 🙂

      In regards to China, all I know is that if I was in charge I would definitely make a move on those islands. Obama has boxed himself into a corner. By trying to free himself of having to deal with foreign policy matters he inadvertently shackled himself. Russia and everyone else knows it too, which is why the only thing he can do know is blubber about “consequences”… Putin has done the calculations. He knows the deal, and he knows that no matter how you slice it he’s coming out on top with this one.

    3. I hope we aren’t talking about a “premeditated swim” by the Chinese navy to an island in the near future. However, I kid with a heavy heart as I see us struggling to come up with a response.

      Unfortunately I’m guilty of commenting without a concrete solution (this may derail my candidacy for office 😄). At this point, we must rally economic support for the rest of Ukraine so the push doesn’t get further and at least entertain the idea of kicking Russia out of the G8; give Russia something to think about, we keep reacting to Putin; we need him reacting to us and our allies. No matter how smart Romney may look now, Obama won the election, and I pray he can rally support.

    4. Thanks Carl, I agree it’s sad we look inept as of late with foreign policy. No one wants war, but it’s hard to demand peace when we are weaker. Bullies like Putin run over smaller countries. Maybe I will reframe my Reagan poster…

  4. This is what we get from a man that believes that we were too powerful and that we should be on the same level as every one else. I am not surprised. We are showing weakness and people are taking advantage of it.

    1. I will say that our current lack of strength does scare me. I also feel sorry for the ones in the military that will have to do more with less and I am sure that puts their safety at even more risk. I also know we can do more with technology but even with that said it does not seem like a time to reduce security.

  5. We don’t normally get to know the details of any killings that go on amongst the world of spies, these details are normally hushed up. There was a man found dead inside a suitcase fairly recently, no satisfactory explanation was given about that. Whenever spies are implicated in crimes information gets withheld (not surprising really I suppose).

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