Harry Reid Obamcare horror stories

Harry Reid is the guy who infamously said the “war is lost” in Iraq while troops overseas were trying to turn things around during the surge. Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates said of the traitorous display: “When you have somebody like the Senate Majority Leader come out in the middle of the surge and say ‘this war is lost’—I thought that was one of the most disgraceful things I’ve heard a politician say.” Gates is right. Given that, nothing the Democratic senator says should surprise Americans at this point. However, he took to the floor of the Senate on Wednesday and delivered one of the most ridiculous lines of all time regarding Obamacare, and he did it with a straight face.

There are plenty of horror stories being told — all of them untrue — but they’re being told all over America. [Koch brothers…Koch brothers…] stories made up from whole cloth, lies distorted by Republicans to grab headlines or make political advertisements.” — Harry Reid, D-Nev.

It is hard to hold it against informed Americans when they walk away entirely from the political process these days. It is tempting to conclude on some days that this is all part of a Machiavellian scheme to rid the political landscape of intelligent people. Perhaps in Harry Reid’s mind he thinks that if he behaves so incomprehensibly stupid that no sane person of above-average intelligence would want to have anything to do with him, then it will allow him to be king of the idiots.

As I’ve said on this very blog, I’m at the point where I only have interest in writing about men link Abraham Lincoln and entertainment news because chronicling the buffoonery of men like Harry Reid is depressing.

Allahpundit over at Hotair summed it up nicely:

Guy Benson is virtually shaking with rage and disbelief that this tool could say this with a straight face, knowing that there are scores of reporters watching who’ve encountered genuine horror stories and could debunk him. (Start with Pulitzer winner Charles Ornstein of Pro Publica and work your way down.) But that’s another sign of a trend developing among top Democrats: The more time wears on, the more brazen and Orwellian the lies get. Why else would Sebelius have said, on camera, that the administration never chose seven million as a target for O-Care enrollment when she must have known that she herself had used that figure — also on camera? Are they just exhausted from defending the law at this point and willing to resort to nonsense no matter how easily exposed it is?

The information is out there, but does anyone care? Are we doomed to just elect politicians who make the least amount of meme-worthy “Big Bird and Binder” comments? Was it all part of Harry Reid’s master plan to act like such an idiot for such a long period of time that people care more about Marco Rubio sipping water than millions of people whose insurance plan was liquidated as the Affordable Care Act was implemented? I hope not, because when you elect the guy who laughed off the notion that Russia posed serious national security challenges to America in 2012 and beyond you then end up with a president who doesn’t understand what’s going on in Syria and the Ukraine in 2014.

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  1. Sadly, this will be repeated by the left many times and the LIVs will eat it up, acting as though it’s true. You have to be living in some kind of bizarre alternate reality if you think Obamacare has been anything other than a failure. For the life of me I can’t understand why the people of Nevada continue to elect this incompetent clown to office.

    1. Like I said, it’s depressing. I got home at 9:00 p.m. tonight and said, “Do I write more of my book or do I write on Harry Reid acting like a moron for the 10,000th time?” I decided to go with Reid tonight. I’ll try and exercise tomorrow morning and then write my book when I come home if all goes according to plan. It’s been tough to juggle all the things that are important to me, although I think it’s working out.

    2. Yeah, I know the feeling. I sometimes have a hard time juggling many things at once and focusing, but I try my best.

      Another Reid whopper: he infamously asked, during the shutdown last fall, I believe, “why would we do that?” in regards to funding child cancer. And then used the old “I was taken out of context” excuse when confronted about it.


      Like I said, I can’t fathom why Nevadans would continually vote this moron into office. He’s been in office since 1987, for cripe’s sake.

    3. Something else I forgot to add: the Koch Brothers are the Democrats’ latest boogeyman. All they have to do is demonize them and the LIVs will lap it up without question.

  2. Voters don’t elect candidates — donors do. Reid is a stooge of the Las Vegas M>O>B (which controls the LV unions, among others). I’m not surprised Harry’s blowing smokerings up the media’s collective sphincters as right now The Big Lie theory of politics is apparently working for him.

    Note: Last three posts here have been outstanding, Doug. These are the ones I live for on your blog.

    1. Eh. I’ve never had a problem with money since it will always find a way to affect the political process. I care more about transparency. There are plenty of races where candidates sink tons of money into a campaign and it doesn’t do squat.

      I think the main problem is the culture. At some point in time the president changed from being the president to being some sort of weird amalgamation between an American Idol contestant and a king. It’s sad. Would Lincoln be elected today? Good question. Would Calvin Coolidge be elected today? Good question. I’m inclined to think not.

    2. I’m also more concerned about transparency than I am about political donations. Transparent is something the Obama administration isn’t.

    3. Remember this? ‘Obama campaign under fire for possible overseas donations’

      A groundbreaking report published Monday raises startling questions about the Obama campaign’s potentially illegal practice of accepting and soliciting online donations from foreign nationals, experts say.

      At the very least, the report—which found that the Obama campaign likely pays millions more in additional fees to avoid using standard verification methods for online credit card donations—exposes the true record of a president who has repeatedly denounced the alleged influence of foreign funds in U.S. elections. …

      The Obama campaign, which is on track to become the first billion-dollar presidential campaign, reported raising $181 million from more than 1.8 million individuals in the month of September. However, just two percent of those donations were above the reporting threshold ($250) set by the Federal Election Commission (FEC). The average donation was $53, barely above the $50 limit threshold, under which campaigns are not even required to record a donor’s name.

      The report, authored by the Government Accountability Institute (GAI), suggested that small donations such as these, which can be collected without scrutiny from the FEC, compounded by the Obama campaign’s unwillingness to adequately secure its online payment page, create “significant vulnerabilities for the integrity of the campaign’s donation process.”

      In some cases, the Obama campaign was found to have sent solicitation emails to foreign citizens, some of whom admitted having donated money — raising questions as to whether the campaign was knowingly violating the law.

    4. Doesn’t surprise me that Reid would have those kinds of shady connections, Jim. That would explain why he’s constantly elected, again and again.

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