50 Round Magazine

You can not control guns. This image pretty much sums it up.

From the ‘The Truth about Guns’:

The concept is solid and well established on Ruger 10/22 magazines: couple a whole bunch of them together at the floorplate and rotate the contraption when the mag runs dry. But FAB Defense took things a step further, gluing five 10-round magazines to a central spoke to create a New York-legal 50-round arrangement. Well, as near as we can tell NY legal.

If your state wants to make laws that arbitrarily max out magazine capacity at seven rounds, then someone will create a magazine hub that circumvents the law. If the regulations get even worse, then just wait it out for a year or two and 3D-printing technology will open the door to all sorts of bipods, buffer tubes, buttstocks and magazine parts currently unthinkable. The point is, with tens-of-millions of firearms in circulation, the effort to control the uncontrollable only erodes individual liberties while simultaneously empowering criminals.

At one point in time we had a civil society that valued life enough that even suicidal psychos generally kept their rampages to a single bullet. High schools had marksmanship and hunting clubs and kids actually brought rifles to school without issues. Somewhere along the line the culture changed, and rampaging idiots realized that taking out innocent civilians translated into cable news coverage long after death. Suicidal narcissists rejoiced and decent law-abiding citizens continue to pay the price.

Worse yet, media has managed to brain wash large swathes of the population into believing inanimate objects, instead of people raised in cultural rotgut, are to blame for gun violence.

Consider the reaction of a family that found an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle in the back of a rental car used by Lauren Tannehill, the wife of Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill:

“Thinking they would just call the owner, they searched for an ID, there was none, [the mother] said. Her daughter unzipped the bag and said, “”Oh my God, it’s a gun.’ I said ‘I think I’m going to throw up.'”

“I think I’m going to throw up”? In saner days, Americans would simply shake their head at the bone-headed move of the previous driver, call the cops and move on. They wouldn’t get nauseous. The United States is in sad shape when its own Second Amendment makes Americans ill.

Lauren Tannehill has a gun...and there are actually Americans who feel like throwing up at the sight. Sad.
Lauren Tannehill has a gun…and there are actually Americans who feel like throwing up at the sight. Welcome to the United Twilight Zone of America.


  1. Instead of buying more magazines we need to buy more nbc, cbs, and cnn stock people.

    Media control is what’s needed here.

    1. The brainwashing bit reminds me of how Eric Holder, in the 1990s, made a comment about “brainwashing people against the guns:”

      And like you said, the media (and politicians) has succeeded in doing just that. Guns are not the problem. People are. Lack of a stable family, namely lack of a father figure. Narcissistic monsters go on rampages and ordinary, law-abiding gun owners get punished for it by politicians who are pressured by anti-gun groups to “do something.” All one needs to do is look at cities like Chicago and see that gun control doesn’t work.

      The gun “made them nauseous?” Yeesh. Grow up. It wasn’t threatening your life. It’s not going to magically get up and start firing at you.

    2. Indeed. It was the first thing I thought of when you wrote about the brainwashing bit. It’s ridiculous how people freak out about inanimate objects but refuse to address the larger cultural problems facing society.

      Can you imagine if schools had a hunting club today, or tried to start one? A bunch of zealous anti-gun idiots would get together scream and moan to the media and the school district would acquiesce to their demands.

  2. It amazes me that so many people can’t grasp the simple fact that if someone wants to use a gun for criminal activity then they will get a gun by any means necessary.

    And as for feeling sick at the sight of a gun, grow up. Guns are not evil. They are a tool and as with any tool they can be used for good and bad purposes. If someone started going around hitting people with spades (I’m not suggesting that people should) would this person be unable to see a spade without feeling sick?

    Back to guns for a minute, my dad used to do pigeon shooting for local farmers and he had 2 shotguns. Before you can own one in the UK you have to have a police home inspection and interview. I was there for part of it and this part made me laugh:

    Police firearm reviewer “Are you mad?”
    My Dad “Yes. I have been for 30 years?”
    PFR “Really?”

    Turns out my slightly hard of hearing Dad had heard “Are you married?” The PFR was only joking around.

    1. Police firearm reviewer “Are you mad?”
      My Dad “Yes. I have been for 30 years?”
      PFR “Really?”

      Turns out my slightly hard of hearing Dad had heard “Are you married?” The PFR was only joking around.


      Hey, what a shocker: your dad used to hunt pigeons and he didn’t decide that hunting people was more thrilling because sane, law-abiding and good citizens use guns properly. Extra bonus: if someone ever broke into your house, they’d soon be looking down the barrel of a shotgun.

    2. I actually didn’t know that you could still own a firearm in the UK, Andrew. I guess I had assumed that Dunblane had put an end to that.

    3. Carl: The crackdown was only for handguns, from memory. These were required to be kept in secure storage at shooting ranges. A family friend who competed had to give up due to the added expenses this caused.

      They didn’t go after shotguns and the like as these were used by farmers for pest control.

      Doug: My dad had had guns when he was in his teens. He lived in a small village and has a love of shooting (pigeons only!) and fishing.

      I went shooting with him on a couple of occasions and have also taken part in organised clay pigeon shooting. Being properly introduced to handguns gives you a healthy respect for the damage they can do. Guns don’t kill people. Someone has to pull the trigger.

    4. Good points. Guns don’t fire themselves, something that’s lost on a lot of progressives, especially here in America where lobby groups like the Brady Campaign try to pressure politicians into passing anti-gun legislation as long as it “saves one life.” The same Brady Campaign whose minions, a few years ago, tried to unmask and “out” pro-gun bloggers out of childish spite.

  3. Little Jimmy Dickens-and the littlest cowboy turned around to see TWO HUGE 38s POINTED RIGHT AT HIS FACE!

    George Jones-Jimmy you can’t say that!

    LJD-What? She had huge guns! (BANG!) Smith and Wesson revolvers. OOOOOOOOOOO boy were they loaded!

  4. More people are killed and injured in automobile wrecks than in shootings (reckless driving causes more deaths than all other types of homicide combined), but somehow that New York mom was able to rent the Nissan without getting “freaked out” or wanting to “throw up.” And more children die in swimming pool accidents than in shootings, so maybe there should be a police home inspection and interview before you can install a pool.

    1. You’re going to get me in trouble with my wife. Funny story: When this story posted on Tumblr it coupled the headline “Why you can’t ‘control’ guns in one image” with the picture of Lauren Tannehill instead of the magazine spoke! My wife saw the image on Tumblr and was like “What is it with you and good looking women with guns?” At first I didn’t quite get what she was saying and replied, “It pales in comparison to your thing for Benedict Cumberbatch.” Then I saw the Tumblr feed and just started laughing…

    2. Progressives are all about projection. They wouldn’t trust themselves with guns, so they project their own qualities onto sane, law-abiding gun owners. They claim they want “reasonable” restrictions, but that usually translates to “banning them all because they scare me.”

    3. At my high school, there was a “gun scare” in my junior year that turned out to be a hoax perpetrated by a couple of idiots on MySpace, anti-gun idiots as it turned out. Most people, including me, just went home that day and had a day off of school.

  5. Heh. If she had found the car in Jersey, there would have been a body to go along with the gun. She got off lucky…

    No, seriously, as a native NYer, the gun culture is suppressed to the point of unnecessary fear and loathing. Now that I’ve moved out west, I’m having trouble adjusting to the casual carry laws in my state. That’s my own thing to get over, and I don’t think I’d ever get upset over someone leaving an AR-15 in left a trunk. That was just sloppy and irresponsible, not nausea-inducing. Unless it was used in a crime.

    1. It was irresponsible, but since it wasn’t used in a crime, I’m not worried. The whole thing boils down to projection from progressives. They assume that anyone with a gun is a psycho who wants to shoot up a school, and they craft anti-gun legislation based on their own irrational fears.

      i think both California and New York have some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, but I could be wrong. And Chicago, crime capital of the U.S.A, does as well.

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