Last night in Virginia, a huge percentage of women actually believed that Ken Cuccinelli had the desire and the power to overturn Supreme Court rulings that are decades old. One of my best friends told me about his Facebook feed, where women breathed a sigh of relief because Terry McAuliffe wanted nothing to do with their vaginas.

A guy who supports President “I’m really good at killing people” Obama? Sweet. A guy who supports President Obama’s NSA spying — on innocent women — who “might” be a terrorist someday? Awesome. A guy who spent a lifetime working for Virginians — who happens to be more socially conservative? The Guardians of the Uterus will not stand for such an injustice!

And with that, I give you Kurt Schlichter, a a 48 year old veteran and lawyer who put himself through Loyola Law School after the Gulf War. Mr. Schlichter has made the decision to stop feeling guilty about people who vote for their own serfdom — particularly all the young voters who will pay higher insurance rates so his can be lower.

You didn’t listen to us. Maybe you’ll listen to pain. …

Embracing liberalism was a stupid thing to do […] and I will now let you subsidize my affluent lifestyle without a shred of guilt.

Somehow, you came to embrace the bizarre notion that conservatives are psychotic Jesus freaks who want to Footloosisze America into a land of mandatory Sunday school and no dancing.

But liberals, in contrast, are nice. Obama is cool. You chose petty fascism with a smile. Not a lot of thought went into it. Facts, evidence — these were mere distractions from the feelings-based validation that came from rejecting us wicked conservatives.

What did you get? The chance to be forced to buy health insurance you don’t want at inflated rates so my rates can be lower. You get to pay more out of your monthly barista take — liberalism ensured that the tanked job market foreclosed a real career — so that I get to pay less out of my lawyer checks. Thanks, suckers.

You fume that conservatives want to spy on you in your bedrooms. Leaving aside the fact that that your tacky boudoir fumblings are the last thing conservatives care about, have you noticed how your precious Big Brother spies on your doings everywhere else? But who cares about that – Mumford & Sons totally digs Obama!

Boom. It’s an intellectual pile driver for a generation of kids who are guided almost exclusively by emotion. They have more information at their finger tips than at any time in the history of man, but they lack the critical thinking skills to apply it to their daily life. Worse, they’re more interested in what the Biebs was doing with Brazilian hookers than how Obama is screwing their future.

Kurt Schlichter notes that he is a businessman. He hires people. He signs the front of checks. It pains him to see young lawyers with six-figures of debt working as baristas before he hires them, but it’s hard to have much sympathy for smart kids who fail to learn basic economics in college. “As an employer, are the salaries I pay generally more or less when I have 297 people competing for each job?” he asks. The kids are voting for people who destroy healthy economies, and at some point America’s self-made men — who empathize with those just starting out — will throw their hands up in the air and walk away.

The old saying is true: Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will eat for the rest of his life.

These days, the kids are content to stare blankly into space with their mouths open like guppies.

So feel free to keep voting for the liberals who keep you in chains. I’ll take my cheaper insurance, my future Social Security checks, and the other benefits that come from being established without guilt. The guys who you squander your votes upon certainly won’t change that equation. You’ll tread water in life, but hey, at least those conservatives won’t be in charge!

Thanks again, suckers. Now get off my lawn.


  1. picking on millennials? why would they vote for hypocrite conservatives who preach fiscal conservatism then allow a 24 billion dollar government shutdown?

    1. “When Electric City Weblog went dark, a conservative perspective left the MT blogosphere, leaving no comparable space in which to make sometimes trollish comments. I was adrift.” — Lizard19

      Do you remember when you admitted that your mind is so warped that you actively look for blogs to troll? You really need to grow up.

    2. The internet world changed radically when the government installed wifi and desktops in mental institutions and prisons. Trolling became a part of the treatment at that point.

    3. In some ways I think it’s a mental breakthrough for him to have acknowledged, on his own blog, that he is a troll. He’s crossed the rubicon. It might take many baby steps, but he now has a chance to work towards actually acting like an adult with individuals he disagrees with.

    4. And guess what, Lizard? I’m a Millennial, I’m a conservative (obviously) and think that Doug and Kurt Schilchter are both spot on. My generation is indeed full of whiny brats who think that people owe them stuff and that Obama is the second coming of Jesus, while in their minds, conservatives are “evil religious nutcases.” How do I know that? Because I know people who are like that and used to deal with them all the time. They focus on trivial things about celebrities, “social issues” such as abortion (Roe vs Wade took care of that) and gay “marriage” (which has consumed too much of our national attention) and class warfare rhetoric in which the rich are “stealing” from the poor. The debt doesn’t seem to concern them, even though it should. They seem to think that corporations are the devil for donating money to political candidates (even though that’s not a new phenomenon) and think they’re worse than terrorists who bomb buses or mutilate women. Among other things.

      My generation has a lot of growing up to do, and they actually do some research before they vote instead of relying on emotion and voting for liberal candidates who encourage them to get angry about issues that have long been resolved and who are actively destroying the economy.

    5. I meant to say, “actually should do some research before they vote instead of relying on emotion.”

      Also, my younger sister voted for Obama simply because he was black, she believed that her “uterus was under attack” (I kid you not), she believes the U.S. “should be an entirely liberal nation where conservatives are silenced” and that she believed that Obama was going to help her pay for college. Yeah, she actually believed that. She exemplifies the nutty Millennial mindset to a T.

      Instead, now the state is taking money from her paycheck (she works at a convenience store) to pay for the tuition she still hasn’t paid for, she and her loser of a boyfriend can barely pay their rent at their apartment, etc. She flunked out of college, too, and yet she still refuses to see reality.

    6. Doug, you should at least allow your readers to get the full context of the quote by providing a link to the post I wrote about your healthy heterosexual white Christian man lament.

      anyway, back on topic, I think you’re selling Millennials short. I’m a gen-Xer myself, and despite going to college, I was able to move beyond the joke that is our two-party political system. personally, I despise democrats more than republicans, and am more than willing to vote for libertarian 3rd party candidates because, unlike Democrats, they aren’t gungho about humanitarian wars, drug wars, violations of privacy, and other issues servile Democrats are worthless on.

      I think Millennials are going to surprise folks.

    7. I wasn’t going to promote your blog, but if you want to provide a link to the story that’s okay by me. Given your opinion of my readers, as expressed in the post, I’m not sure if giving it more context helps your case…but have at it.

      Yes, “surprise” is an interesting word. Surprises can be good or bad. We shall see.

      So a government shut down that costs $24 billion in order to save trillions in the long run is somehow a bad thing? I thought you billed yourself as a big picture guy… Weren’t you the one who said that most of that money goes to the 1% anyway? Weren’t you the one who “laments” the NSA spying, military adventurism, etc.? I would think you’d be happy with the shutdown.

    8. yes, big picture, which means that beyond our national deficit the dollar as reserve currency is being threatened by the reckless tea party shut down. I know it’s a lefty rag, but this interview with Paul Craig Roberts is worth reading. Roberts was an assistant secretary of the Treasury under Reagan, and has since evolved, proving that political evolution is possible.

      or we could exterminate each other, like a member of your enlightened readership is suggesting.

    9. well Carl, I’m glad you have the 9/11 smear handy, because now you can ignore everything the man has to say about the economic dynamics he saw up close, and knows more about than you.

    10. Sort of like how you cherry pick comments from this blog and then smear regulars like Carl, Hube, Tom, Patrick, Lightbringer, Jim, Eve and a host of others?

      Regardless, knowing if a guy is a 9/11 Truther is relevant if you’re going to make the case that he “evolved.” I guess if one disagrees with Lizard19, then they must be a knuckle-dragging caveman.

    11. Interesting comment a reader sent to me privately:

      It’s been my experience that guys who “have it all figured out” or profess to be “evolved” above the rest of us turn out to be an iota as smart as they think they are. I’ve been reading about the world leaving the dollar as a reserve for at least a decade now, and it may very well happen … as it is a more global economy — but not because of one act by one party. I’d say rampant expenditures by the last two administrations did more to erode confidence than the shutdown did.

      Between his points, Lizard likes to deliver insults. He shouldn’t be surprised at his lack of respect and/or credibility on the comment section. You get what you give…. By his own argument, he tells Carl that he is dumb for dismissing the economic advisor for his 9-11 thoughts when the guy knows more economics than Carl does. Shouldn’t Lizard listen more to your thoughts on military policy, since you were in the Army and know more about what goes on than Lizard ever would? You would know what makes a cohesive platoon. Oh, never mind, he’s “evolved” and doesn’t need your expertise. For someone so evolved, he never once has a hint of a possible solution in his comments. It’s all things he hates and insults.


    12. people must enjoy sending you emails about me. weird. why not just comment directly? anyway, I’m not going to give a lot of weight to a clear misrepresentation of my comments. of course there is more than one single event that is eroding confidence in the dollar, but partisans can’t understand how both parties are contributing to it because they are too busy keeping their narrow focus on scoring political points.

      I certainly don’t claim to know everything, but I at least know better than calling for the extermination of liberals, something Doug apparently doesn’t have a problem with.

    13. Really? You got that because I cited the Declaration of Independence and said: “Are we there yet? Good question.” Interesting.

      That’s pretty hilarious that you can pose the engagement question with a straight face. You admit on your own blog that you troll this blog, and then wonder why no one takes you seriously. Classic.

    14. again with the misrepresentation. the comment you quoted referenced “trollish comments” that I sometimes made at another blog. what I didn’t say in that post was that other times, I had my lefty assumptions challenged by a very sharp libertarian who contributed to that conservative space.

      but your inference is correct, I have also left trollish comments here. after Molly Laich unintentionally facilitated my awareness of your blog, I did some probing to gauge you’re reactions, and imho you exhibit glimmers of transcendence beyond the partisan divide.

      I dunno, maybe serving conservative chum to the sharks pays the bills or something.

    15. I know you don’t particularly like the comic book posts, but I suggest you study the back-and-forth I have with “xmenexpert.” I am not inclined to think that at the current moment you would be able to carry on a similar conversation, given your predilection for insults and hyperbole.

      I generally say to myself: “How can I forcefully but respectfully represent my point of view in a way that moves the needle in my direction — or, at a minimum, not burn a bridge I might be able to build on later?” You? You generally seem to throw down a bunch of snide remarks that sometimes hide decent points. But the insults make everyone discount everything else you have to say, which begs the question: Why? What’s the point? If you really believe someone possesses “glimmers of transcendence beyond the partisan divide” (i.e., areas of agreement on whatever it is Lizard19 thinks the world should look like), then why would you say and do trollish things? It makes no sense.

      And finally, blogging on WordPress does not pay the bills. I think I made about $500 since I started using WordAds, and $300 went right back into the blog. I’m pretty sure my $60,000 in student loans will never be paid off with what WordAds deposits in my Paypal account.

      I started writing this blog well before WordAds. I write because I’m a writer. No one needs to pay me a dime to do this. Although, interestingly enough, this blog did help get me in the door at NewsBusters, which did lead to TWT’s Opinion Section … which led to (may it rest in piece) … which led to my current job. So, in a way, I guess blogging has translated into “paying the bills.” But it all started by doing something that I love with no expectations of ever getting paid for it.

    16. I’ve watched how you go after people who don’t agree with you, myself included. you can be very personally insulting, so get off that inaccurate high-horse you claim to be riding. I give what I get.

    17. Haha. Good one! No, my behavior towards you has nothing to do you telling Carl you wish he’d never procreate, or that because of my “chosen vocation” I’m “part of the problem” (i.e., a “political bottom feeder” according to Lizard19) or any number of other trollish comments.

      You do get what you give. Here’s what you get: I’m not in the mood for you today. I don’t feel like hearing about how your trolling was really just a way for you to measure my “glimmers of transcendence.” Thank you so much, Grand Evolved One. Thank you for your trolling.

      I’d suggest calling it a day. Come back another time. Or not. Then I can just delete your comments.

    18. Trolls don’t like it when you give them a taste of their own medicine. They throw tantrums when you do so, and act as though you’re the problem, when in fact you’re just throwing it right back at them.

      And I didn’t know that Times247 was gone.

    19. Heh. That’s one heck of a story. I’ll tell it to you one day off the grid. Long story short, we won an EPPY Award in 2012 and then … we were gone. Well, the website was gone. The team that won the award is still around for the most part.

  2. “…It pains him to see young lawyers with six-figures of debt working as baristas…”

    The world would be a better place if half the lawyers quit their jobs and worked as baristas.
    Vermont’s coffee shops are full of such over-educated stuffed shirts who can’t find work but act as if it’s still Bush’s fault that no one wants to hire their pompous and worthless selves.

    It’s also one reason I never tip a barista. Let them eat cake.

    1. I’ll one up you on in this case: I don’t drink coffee. On the rare occasions I do end up in a coffee shop I usually get hot chocolate and my friends make fun of me. I can’t imagine tipping someone for making a cup of hot chocolate…unless I came in from the frozen tundra.

  3. The Liberals won’t and can’t learn. When their ideas fail they just blame Americans instead of themselves.

    This will continue until we exterminate them, either in a civil war or after they collapse the nation into anarchy and they become just more victims to be rid of or allowed to die off.

    1. “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

      Are we there yet? That is a very good question.

    2. I would say that we are but I’m one to strike first, hard, and swiftly rather than to wait until it is too late to strike at all or too late to strike with less than total and uncaring force.

  4. “Interesting point. That reminds me of a post I’ve been meaning to write on online anonymity. I’ll have to get on that…”

    I’d be interested to read your take on online anonymity, if you ever choose to write on it.

    1. You got it, Carl. I’ll try and get to it soon. I’ll circle back here and answer your question directly if I don’t get to it within the next week or so.

    2. Hmm. Well, I haven’t quite organized all my thoughts on this issue, but here’s the quick take.

      I think that people should think twice about using online anonymity because when they do the worst parts of their nature tend to take advantage of it. I understand that some individuals might not want to discussion politics, religion, etc. online if they had to use their real name out of fear of reprisals or a whole host of other reasons. I get that.

      However, when I speak with someone like you as “Douglas Ernst” — the real me — more often than not I’m going to pause before I hit the ‘reply’ button. That’s out there on the Internet forever. That’s my name on there. That’s my stamp of approval. I have to live with that.

      Even if the person just does something along the lines of “Carl” without their last name, I respect that. Psychologically, it’s more of the real “you” than writing ‘DrWhoGuy’ or some other avatar that could take on a whole new identity.

      Take my exercise posts, for instance. When I talk about digging down deep, staying committed to a goal, etc. … I almost have no choice but to follow my own advice when I feel like being lazy. There have been times where I was just sort of lagging on a workout and then I thought of some of the things I wrote and picked it up a notch because I don’t want to be a hypocrite. When you put your name out there, there’s a certain level of pressure you put on yourself to live up to your highest ideal.

      If you went through the comments section of this blog, the vast majority of the time the things I’ve said in heated debates are exactly what I would say if I was face-to-face with that person. I think individuals are more prone to saying really jerky things online when they can hide behind whatever false identity they’ve created for themselves.

      Anyway, that’s my unrefined take on the issue. I’d be happy to expand on it if need be.

    3. I agree with you. I can understand if they’re afraid of reprisals when discussing politics, religion and other controversial topics. I can. When I first started commenting at Four Color Media Monitor in the fall of 2011, I posted anonymously. Then I used my initials. Then I started using my name and I used it to start my own blog. I used my first name because it’s common enough where I live and I figured it would take a lot for someone to figure out who I was, if they chose to “unmask” me. I refrained from using my full name (which you, Hube and Avi probably know since we’ve all corresponded with one another — but I trust you guys not to reveal it) just in case someone undesirable tried figuring out who I was. I’m better at thinking things through now than I once was, and I’m perfectly aware that even if I were to delete my blog, what I’ve posted on other sites is there forever. The internet is forever.

      I can understand if someone posts/blogs anonymously and is fearful of reprisal. They worry about the safety of their family and themselves. I get that. At the same time, people use the cloak of internet anonymity and the worst parts of their nature emerge. When someone anonymously trolls a site (I know you get your share of anonymous trolls) and says something insulting, they don’t have to worry about reprisals. Because of that, they feel emboldened to continue trolling. In real life, they’d have to think twice before opening their mouth.

      I’ve come to respect people who use their actual names more than I do anonymous commenters, because they seem more real. I just think the veil of anonymity gives people a license to act like a jerk, to act nasty and insulting. Would a certain former troll from Montana had wished that I’d never “procreate” if he used his first name instead of a reptile as his online monicker? I don’t know for sure. Most people probably wouldn’t say half the things they say online that they’d say in the real world, because in the real world there are consequences. Online… not so much, especially if you’re hiding behind a fake name.

      I’m all for free speech. I am. I’m for free speech that I disagree with, too, even if it is downright nasty. I believe that speech should be fought with more speech. But the lack of decor among anonymous commenters gives ammunition to those who would like to restrict free speech.

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