US Navy SEALs, SEAL Team One
Years ago I was a proud member of Charlie Company, 1/18 Infantry Battalion. I was a ‘healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian’ man. As it turns out, the Pentagon was at war with me from behind the scenes and I didn’t even know it. Due to some great reporting by Todd Starnes and a courageous officer who knows when enemies are trying to destroy the military from within, we find that race-baiters now have enough rank to warp the minds of future military leaders.

A controversial 600-plus page manual used by the military to train its Equal Opportunity officers teaches that “healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian” men hold an unfair advantage over other races, and warns in great detail about a so-called “White Male Club.”

“Simply put, a healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian male receives many unearned advantages of social privilege, whereas a black, homosexual, atheist female in poor health receives many unearned disadvantages of social privilege,” reads a statement in the manual created by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI).

It gets worse. This manual, which some sick and twisted souls at the Pentagon approved, encourages officers to “assume racism is everywhere, every day.”

The subject of white privilege emerged in a 20-page section titled, “Power and Privilege.”

“Whites are the empowered group,” the manual declares. “White males represent the haves as compared to the have-nots.”

The military document advises personnel to “assume racism is everywhere, every day” and “notice code words for race.” They are also instructed to “understand and learn from the history of whiteness and racism.”

“Assume racism is everywhere, everyday,” read a statement in a section titled, ‘How to be a strong ‘white ally.'”

Why on God’s green earth are there military personnel who are taking a page out of playbook of race-baiters like Peggy McIntosh?

When I went into the field, conducted a live-fire exercise or was deployed as a young soldier, race never — never — came into consideration. When you know that the guy next to you would lay down his life to protect yours, color is meaningless. When you know in your heart that you would gladly do the same for him, the idea that “racism is everywhere” is repugnant.

I served with men of every ethnicity you can imagine, and all I cared about was whether or not they were a “good guy” at their core. Did he have my back when I needed it or not? That’s all that mattered.  It is quite obvious that whomever wrote this 600-page piece of garbage never went to the field, never was deployed — or, if so, they were the kind of person who finds a way to push paper instead of carry a rucksack.

When I exited the military and entered college, I was shocked by how obsessed with race my college professors were. Their minds were so diseased by intellectual rotgut that they said things like “the American dream is dead” and “all white people are subconsciously racist.” I came to detest everything my professors stood for, because it was obvious that their worldview only sowed anger, distrust, and envy where it didn’t need to exist. At times I often wanted to leave school and return to the military because it was the one place that I knew for sure didn’t have much patience for political correctness and excuses for failure. That appears to be changing…

If officers in the U.S. military are now being subjected to the psychological warfare that professors tried to use on me when I stepped on campus, it’s only a matter of time before things unravel. You can not successfully complete mission after mission if you are told to “assume racism is everywhere, every day.” If you have been told to look at the “battle buddy” next to you in your foxhole and believe that he is a racist, you will behave much differently than if you were allowed to realize on your own that he is and always will be your brother-in-arms.

I pray for the military, because it is obvious that the enemy within is much more dangerous than anything a foreign nation can dish out. I also pray because that’s just what healthy, white, heterosexual Christian men tend to do.

Our “power” doesn’t come from racism or exploitation — it comes from our faith in God, self-discipline, honesty, integrity, personal courage and a will to succeed. That is something that Pentagon paper-pushers who hang out with race-obsessed professors — instead of with real soldiers in the field — will never understand.


  1. Our tax dollars at work, people. This is just sick, and continues to further the myth of white privilege. I’ve always found it laughable that because I’m a white, heterosexual Christian man, that I’m somehow “privileged”. I’ve never had a privileged life nor have I always had things easy. I’ve had to work hard to get further in life. I didn’t

    The manual was probably written by some hack like that one college professor you talked about a while back, who has no military experience whatsoever and has an unhealthy obsession with race. If this is the kind of garbage that’s being pushed by the Pentagon, I worry gravely about the future.

    I’ve always been colorblind, as I’ve mentioned before. I do not care what someone looks like. I see people as people. Isn’t that what MLK taught? I don’t understand why the left is so obsessed with race and stirring up racial strife through programs like this.

    1. The “healthy, white, hetro, Christian” thing is even more ironic with a black commander in chief…..and if I recall, roughly when Doug was in the military, wasn’t Colin Powell secretary of defense? I think this manual was needed at a different time. And shouldn’t we strive to be healthy no matter what color we are?

    2. Did you know that healthy, white, hetrosexual, Christian men have unfair advantages over one-armed, one-eyed lesbian pirates who start every sentence with “Arrrrrg!”?

      Unreal. I can believe people got paid to write this garbage manual. Let me tell you how this would go down in my unit:

      Female Soldier: “You’re picking on me because I’m an unhealthy, black, lesbian.”

      Squad Leader: “Shut the f**k up. No one gives a s**t about your race or who you f**k in your spare time. Unhealthy? Do some f**king push-ups. Eat right. Go for a run. Now hurry up and change that f**king tire. Everyone else is tired of your s**t, you blue f**king falcon.”

    3. In a way, the military does discriminate against “unhealthy” people, because it has certain physical fitness requirements (as do some other jobs, like firefighting and law enforcement). I’ve seen men and women, black and white, wash out of basic training because they couldn’t do X number of push-ups or Y number of sit-ups. The difference was that white males who failed to pass the tests could not blame it on racism, sexism, or any other “ism.” White males have the “privilege” of having to accept personal responsibility.

    4. The manual tells officers to be on the lookout for “code words.” One such word combination that the left is terrified of is “personal responsibility.” That was engrained into your head from day 1 of basic training. Using Pentagon manual logic, the whole military is racist. Maybe we should just do away with persona responsibility all together…

    5. That’s the thing: They take race and turn it into a sort of sand paper that they rub in your face until it bleeds. While normally the sand paper is just sitting on the table and no one cares, these sick individuals have to pick it up and use it. They sand your heart with it and ask, “How’s that feel? Does it hurt? Why are you so racist?” It’s infuriating.

    6. The leftists are “obsessed with race and stirring up racial strife” because that is the justification for their sinecures. Without racial issues, Sharpton, Farrakhan, Jackson, Holder, and Obama would have to get real jobs.

  2. Bullshit!
    The only soldiers that hold an “unfair advantage” and “receives many unearned advantages of social privilege” are the female soliders that NCO’s and officers want to fuck.
    Oh, pardon me, I meant to say, the female soldiers that leadership desires to have “relations” with.
    Moreover, the destructive bullshit is the core of cancer the Army has become.
    Without question, regardless of this manual, the ruling climate of social experimentation, PC idiocy and a vicious lesbian(man-hating) feminism was out of control.
    Meanwhile, male soldiers who work hard and have no desirable social advantage are constantly RAPED out of rank promotion. Resulting from the Army being so worried about being accused of sexual discrimination they literally bend over backwards, promoting any and all female soliders in sight, no matter how inept, unfit, incompotent and worthless they are.
    It’s so out of control that female soliders who could not lead a stream of piss to a toilet bowl
    are made NCO’s.
    Fuck this shit!
    Here’s the true order of “unearned social privilege” and unfair career in the Army:
    1. Female soliders that people in charge want to FUCK.
    2. Female soliders, Black & Hispanic.
    3. Sometimes one and two are the same.

    1. Thanks for the read and comment, cav medic. I hope some manual-writing clowns read your reply, see the raw anger, and realize that in many ways they created the environment that encourages such reactions. You’re not alone, man…

    2. Don’t get me started. Too late, you already have. When I was on active duty (1979-82), we were required to have periodic in-service classes in human relations. That usually meant watching a movie video showing white racists picking on innocent black victims. I never saw one in which a black soldier was goofing off and his white NCOIC could not write him up, for fear of being accused of racism. Or the NCO writing him up, but the C.O. refusing to take disciplinary action, again for fear of being accused of racism. That kind of thing happened constantly IRL, though. My unit had a female company commander and my section had a black female OIC; both were utterly incompetent, and both had been commissioned to fill quotas. I do NOT claim that all black or female soldiers are Blue Falcons, or vice versa. But some of them were, and they got away with it because they could hide behind race or gender issues. BTW, those training videos looked like they were made in 1970 or earlier, and the Army was still using them in the 1980’s, when the political situation was almost the exact opposite. But then, if you complain about corruption in Chicago or Detroit, or Obama’s incompetence, or a mugging or carjacking that took place last week, leftists respond by whining about a lynching in 1903, or slavery in 1850. Supposedly, conservatives are primitive and old fashioned, but really it is the “progressives” who are living in the past.

    3. Hmm. I don’t believe I knew you served. Thanks for your service, Tom!

      I was in from 97 to 00, and I remember having to watch a “sensitivity” video or two. I can’t remember much, other than that they were completely detached from reality. When I went to college, it all became clear where all these dismal self-fulfilling prophecies were hatched.

    4. Thanks for the reply.
      Now for the truly ironic, I am not a white soldier and my previous comment is mine alone. I’m not some liberal mole playing games with online posts.
      What’s even more ironic, the discrimination, poor treatment and lack of rank advancement I faced was from Black NCO’s.
      Who woulda thunk it possible?
      That’s what happens to black soldiers who don’t play the pro-affirmative action, hypersensitivity PC, social experiment game and is found out.
      If you are a black soldier and not “woe is me” and advocating the PC, feminist, social experiment line, no matter how well you solider you will not advance.
      That is unless you are touched with the blessing of divine intervention and sew on your chevrons.
      Without question, skilled and compotent white soldiers are bearing the brunt of
      some truly criminal bullshit, while being told they are responsible for being fucked
      over because of their “unfair advantage.”
      Currently, I’m watching some of this bullshit play out in a guard unit.
      If you guessed that it’s the “females that leaders want to FUCK are prospering,”
      you are correct sir.

    5. Because I was in a mechanized infantry unit, I didn’t have too many interactions with female soldiers. When we were in Macedonia there were some interesting stories about female MPs sneaking out to random guard towers… but generally the kind of games you’ve had to deal with never entered into my experience.

      You hit the nail on the head when you referred to a lot of this stuff as a “social experiment.” It is. Sadly, you’re in the petri dish and have to live with the disease.

      The P.C. crowd took over academia, but they always had a hard time making inroads into the military. It’s frightening to think what will happen to our national defense capabilities when infantry units are encouraged to take their cues from the Berkeley intelligentsia.

    6. I agree with cav medic. I (as a female) am all for woman’s rights and women having a chance for great positions in any job or group when they HAVE EARNED IT. Not while spewing a pity party “feel sorry for me I don’t meet the requirements for the position but its not my fault!” I believe people should be given positions they have earned, not to meet a social quota. I strive to be mentally colorblind and am always reasoning out why things went the way they did and always choose the most logical answer. Am I rejected because I am a white girl, or because I do not meet the requirements for my desired position?

      It doesn’t help that feminist groups and “racial power” groups are constantly digging into old wounds that should be left to heal. I’m not saying things are perfect for anyone but we shouldn’t bend over backwards and shape the world into what one group wants when they base there complaints on overblown misconceptions. All in all it disgusts me to no end that even today there are groups whose only desire is to spread hate distrust based on gender or skin tone, instead a persons character and conscious actions.

    7. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, TuxedoCat. I apprecaite it. I think you were quite accurate with your “digging into old wounds” observation. In one of my other posts I think I referred to these sorts of people as those who are “prisoners of the past.” It’s important to learn from history, but it’s also important not to become a slave to it.

  3. Okay, now who is responsible for formulating, promulgating, and
    distributing this hate speech?

    It’s time for the investigative journalists at WT and elsewhere to
    find out and expose the authors and promoters of this abomination, put
    their names, addresses, phone numbers on the front page, and then camp
    outside their houses with lights and cameras while going through their
    garbage for further information the public has a right to know about.

    Get on this, bro. The independent free press is our only hope right now.

  4. Didn’t Christianity by its very creation tear down a wall of racism and unite anyone on earth with shared beliefs in loving brotherhood? Doesn’t Evolution explicitly say that some people are better than others and that we all have to fight one another so that we can rape whoever we feel like? Notice what Ephesians says

    2 Furthermore, [it is] YOU [God made alive] though YOU were dead in YOUR trespasses and sins, 2 in which YOU at one time walked according to the system of things of this world, according to the ruler of the authority of the air, the spirit that now operates in the sons of disobedience. 3 Yes, among them we all at one time conducted ourselves in harmony with the desires of our flesh, doing the things willed by the flesh and the thoughts, and we were naturally children of wrath even as the rest. 4 But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love with which he loved us, 5 made us alive together with the Christ, even when we were dead in trespasses—by undeserved kindness YOU have been saved— 6 and he raised us up together and seated us together in the heavenly places in union with Christ Jesus, 7 that in the coming systems of things there might be demonstrated the surpassing riches of his undeserved kindness in his graciousness toward us in union with Christ Jesus.

    I say this with the greatest respect and love for all of you well meaning and concerned citizens. The best we can achieve in politics is putting a Band-Aid on the wound we should be ambassadors of God’s Kingdom not propping up Satan’s empire.

  5. Why don’t we just stop beating around the bush here and come out with it: American’s are racist – it’s in our DNA. Am I racist if I walk into a black room and take a pause? Am I racist if I see a Latino and wonder if they’re here illegally? Am I racist if I think affirmative actin has seen its time come and go?

    Does it matter?

    Living as a minority is rough, but that also creates in you a hunger and drive to succeed. And if it doesn’t, oh well, we gave you libraries to expand your mind. Obama, Holder, and all those other guys should get new jobs because they’re holding themselves back with this public positions; each will be making millions more each year when their government service ends.

    1. I would be very careful about saying racism is in “American” DNA. I would say that the potential for hate exists in all humans.

      Would it be racist if you randomly walked into a room of all black people and “paused”? Your question lacks context. I suspect that you would “pause” if you walked into a room filled with women and you were the only guy, or if you walked into a room filled with kids. Would you pause if you randomly walked into a room filled with really old white people and you were the only one under 80? Probably.

      Does racism exist? Yes. Are the random incidents of racism an individual is likely to experience in U.S. during the course of his lifetime capable of preventing him from ultimately attaining his long-term goals? I would say the answer is emphatically “No.”

      Again: Telling soldiers that they should act as if racism “is everywhere, ever day” is a recipe for disaster.

    2. I agree. Everyone can hate. It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter where you’re from. Anyone can be racist/bigoted/discriminatory/whatever.

      I think racism obviously still exists, but it is no longer as widespread as it once was. In today’s world, there is absolutely nothing preventing anyone-regardless of color, gender, etc- from succeeding in the world. You can do it if you work hard and stop making excuses for why you’re not going further in life.

    3. I’ve generally found that individuals who imply that racism is primarily an “American” problem haven’t really traveled around the globe. I used to have a professor who would talk about how France was the greatest country, blah, blah, blah. Finally, I asked him where he had travelled, since while I lived in Germany I made time to go there. It turned out … he had never actually been to Europe. Classic. That prof didn’t like me very much.

      Let’s examine how the Aztecs treated other tribes. Let’s look at how the Irish were historically treated. Let’s turn our eyes to Africa, where they continue to slaughter each other to this very day. Let’s look at the divide between Sunni and Shia Muslims. Let’s look China’s treatment of its minorities. Shall I go on?

      “Hate” is a human failing. It has nothing to do with being American, and that’s what so many “intellectuals” don’t get.

    4. Obviously your professors never spent any time in Asia. Asians hate each other, none more so than the Chinese and Japanese. At least that’s what I saw living there for 5 years.

    5. Thank you. That’s exactly my point. Humans have found interesting and creative ways for thousands of years to hate one another. That’s why it bothers me when someone turns something that is episodic in the United States into a weird conspiracy where a racist “system” holds them down. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

      If you think the world is out to get you, you’ll find evidence that the world is out to get you. Maybe that guy who gave you a dirty look in the grocery store was just a jerk, but in the mind of someone who has been told that racism exists everywhere “every day,” they would conclude that the store owner must have been racist.

      One of the reasons the Chinese weren’t really explorers was because China (The Middle Kingdom) was supposedly the center of the universe. Once you believe that your country is literally the center of the universe, it doesn’t take a huge leap in logic to start considering the rest of the world inferior…

      Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I appreciate it.

    6. Ironically, the only people who have ever called me “racist…” are guilt-ridden white liberals, usually in regards to me being colorblind when it comes to race and also because of my opposition to Obama. Even my black female manager at McDonald’s never called me “racist.”

    7. Pulling the race card is their way of ending the debate. Since no one can ever read your mind, it’s a charge they can level that will always put you in an awkward position. Sometimes, they’ll even take it a step further, saying that arguing with the racism charge is proof you’re racist. It’s so bizarre. Luckily, more guys like you are just laughing it off these days and taking them head on. They used to be able to intimidate people into silence, but in many respects that is no longer the case.

    8. 1. Exactly right. People who say such things are exclusively American need to get out more. The Aztecs treated neighboring tribes like crap, and often went to war with them just so they could capture people and sacrifice them to their gods. It’s amazing how that fact slips past these so-called “intellectuals,” who are more concerned about “white atrocities against the Natives” and act as though the Aztecs (and other native tribes) were peaceful utopians, which couldn’t be farther from the truth.

      Hate is something that’s always been in the human psyche. It’s not limited to one country, or one race.

      2. I am laughing it off these days and taking on people who use the race card. They won’t be able to intimidate me into silence, that’s for sure. Like I said, in my case, it’s been exclusively white liberals who have called me “racist.” I’ve never been called “racist” by any African-Americans, Hispanics, or anyone else. I got along with my black and Hispanic co-workers just fine, and at no point did they ever accuse me of being “racist.”

      A former friend of mine once called me “racist” because I expressed concern about the alarming number of Somalis in my state being recruited to join Al Shabab and Al Qaeda abroad. I linked to articles-even from my state’s newspaper, which is notoriously liberal- but facts didn’t phase him and he said that “even if you’re not racist, it’s still suspicious to many that you would focus on such an issue at the expense of more important issues.”

    9. Is the Minneapolis Star Tribune really “the Star and Sickle, or the Red Star Tribune” as Mike Nelson of Mystery Science Theater 3000 claims?

  6. Here is my top 17 list of the Devil’s crimes I’m ranking them from a spiritual standpoint not body counts.

    1. Killing Jesus
    2. Getting Adam and Eve to sin
    3. Getting Cain to murder his brother
    4. Getting the Demons to have sex with women and give birth to the Nephilim
    5. The Egyptian Slaying of babies
    6. The Slaying of babies in Bethlehem
    7. The Corruption of Christianity
    8. World War I
    9. The Slaying of the Two Witnesses
    10. The United Nations
    11. Sodom and Gomorrah
    12. Evolution
    13. Higher Criticism
    14. The Holocaust
    15. One More Day
    16. World War II
    17. The Sexual Revolution

  7. We are heading towards a really really dark time. The UN is going to take over the world but before that this country will probably collapse into a second civil war. And this wont be the great tribulation (which precedes the war) but merely the end of Pangs of Distress. Iv known the exact process Armageddon was going to play out since I was a child but now I see how the pieces are being set how this world has been conditioned by its ruler for maximum casualties and it is truly going to be a tribulation worse than any before or after. I am more motivated to preach the good news than ever before because my love of humanity has yet to fail and I see so many people who will probably die. It is painful to see how bad it is but I realize how sickening it must be for God who knows all and reads hearts and minds. So I am telling you this terrible communization of this country don’t resist don’t kill or fight no matter how tempting it is inevitable for it was prophesied. Obey all laws no matter how cruel as long as they do not violate God’s laws. And above all when the UN has control of the world they will seem to have addressed the problems but then God’s thought will enter there minds and they will destroy false religion Satan will be pissed and use the UN to attack true religion. Whatever you do not accept the mark of the Beast when the global state controls everything no one will be able to buy or sell things unless they renounce God and render Satan his one act of worship. I don’t care what you suffer there will be deprivations, indignities, concentration camps, probably torture but do not give in and do not fight trust God. The situation will seem absolutely hopeless but remember that Satan has no interest in our temporary death he wants us to be dead for good and the only way he can do that is if the blood is on our own heads. So do not give in do not let yourself become corrupted exercise faith and stand with those who do. My consolation is that like in the Exodus there will be a vast mixed company that will notice what in the world is going on and join God’s people and these will be spared. And that however unimaginably awful the next few years will be that it will be worth it to be part of the issue of Universal Sovereignty and the eternal peace that will follow in the new system. My Email is Please visit JW.ORG and heed my word.

  8. Well the civil war thing was just an observation its obvious when you think of it all the things the Obama administration is doing. The rest of the things however are prophesied in Ezekiel, Daniel, Joel and Revelation. When I realized just how bad the end of these pangs will be, (they started with World War I) how long the tribulation, may be how fast things will erupt and just how many people will die I just I can’t keep it in. Like Jeremiah God’s word has always been like a fire shut in my bones and I like the Apostles of old I must bear witness I will not have the blood of those I could have warned on my head. There is really no way to prepare for what is come we cant place our confidence in guns food troops even many people we trust its going to come at an hour that no one suspects. The only thing we can do is maintain our relationship with god, feed on his word and take a stand for his worship.

    God’s name in English is Jehovah meaning he causes to become. This name is a promise that he can become anything to accomplish his purpose and that his spirit can mold us into any vessel he desires.

    I have chosen to let go of nearly all my hate. A man can only judge a person for their actions, Jesus can read a man’s heart but only Jehovah can read our innermost thoughts. I have complete faith that Jehovah will deal with people justly so while I may seek to address peoples actions I bear no human ill will any longer. I just want the pile of carcasses eaten by animal life to be smaller. You are all in my prayers.


  9. Douglas, thank you for taking the time to write this article. With that said I will say that the article does upset me not because of your stance but for the very fact that this has occurred. The fact that we are now a blame everyone for everything society has really been an issue on my mind. We are taking the easy way out by blame rather than responsibility. The fact that you even wrote this saddens me:
    “When I exited the military and entered college, I was shocked by how obsessed with race my college professors were. Their minds were so diseased by intellectual rotgut that they said things like “the American dream is dead” and “all white people are subconsciously racist.” I came to detest everything my professors stood for, because it was obvious that their worldview only sowed anger, distrust, and envy where it didn’t need to exist.”
    This is a big hit on my profession and it is true even though it does not reflect all professors it does seem to paint a true picture of the majority.
    I have been working hard to show the American dream is alive if we take personal responsibility and work for it. I hope that my efforts are not wasted.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Truthwillwin1. I’m in a bind when writing posts like this, because on one hand I know I’m painting with a broad brush. I know there are professors like you. Heck, depending on the major, politics will rarely come up. I don’t think your own efforts are wasted. Kids will always remember the professors who challenged them to think critically, outside the box, etc.

      When I worked for Heritage, I got to travel to quite a few college campuses. I bounced around California, Colorado, Texas, Arkansas, Florida, Ohio, Maine, Illinois and Virginia. Across the U.S. I got to hear from students whose experiences were very similar to mine. In some sense it was a bit depressing. However, knowing that each of those campuses had kids who were pushing back served as my silver lining. They loved it that someone in Washington, D.C. cared enough to visit them, and I loved it that they were standing up for what they believed in.

      You might be in the minority at your place of employment, but I’m confident that each semester you serve as a beacon of hope to some kid who just wants to know that there’s someone out there who isn’t hostile to his worldview.

  10. I do not mind simply for the fact that you are stating the truth. To hide this truth would be a shame. I find it incredibly wrong to teach business without looking at the economic and political history that has helped frame our business environment. I also find it disturbing that people who teach about the world of business leave out the reasons that we are the success that we are today. I am incredibly sadden that that many professors are more interested in changing the world to the way they want it rather than teaching the truth and letting people make decisions for themselves.

  11. Well, one minor detail – I do think it is wise for people to be on the lookout for potential white supremacist organizing within military ranks (it has happened in the past, it will happen again – Somalia comes to mind). If there’s a blind eye to that stuff or the casual indications of it because people think it gets the pass, that’s no good. The same goes for it being wise for people to be on the lookout for other kinds of organized activity, such as gangs, within the ranks.

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