Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow is going to the Patriots, and I couldn’t be happier for the guy. I’ve been rooting for Tebow ever since weird irrational hatred of him started. Every year there are guys who are in the league who shouldn’t be, and yet with Tebow it always seemed that a large contingent of people are out there actively rooting for him to get the boot.

There’s more I’d like to say, but since I’m desperately trying to nurse myself back to health in record time after a stupid “back” mishap. (Someone got cocky, lost his form on a set of dead lifts and paid the price. Out for a few days, I think.) … I’m handing off the ball to my good friend Denver Pat. He sums up many of things I was thinking, but could not articulate because a.) his football knowledge is light years beyond mine and b.) because it’s hard to write when you’re alternating between constant stretching exercises and a heating pad.

Denver Pat on Tebow heading to the Patriots:

I like Tebow’s character and work ethic, so I’m happy he found a spot. However, my thoughts are probably more football slanted as opposed to his character:

The Patriots have a relatively highly touted backup in Ryan Mallett that they have been grooming for the last couple years. Mallett needs to fail to show promise or Tebow will struggle to get a roster spot after the final cuts because teams only dress two quarterbacks. Teams often keep a third on the practice squad, who they sign to the real team in the event of an injury. Tebow has said he is only playing as a quarterback, so you either dress him for “wildcat” plays, or situations where both he and Brady are on the field, and only promote Mallett in case Brady goes down. This would be a weird situation where the #2 quarterback doesn’t dress because of Tebow’s versatility, yet he would inherit the majority of snaps if Brady gets hurt — leapfrogging Tebow on the depth chart.

The other option is not to dress Tebow and just let him learn. I’m not sure either Mallet or Tebow would find those scenarios positive. Why make the splash of signing Tebow if you aren’t going to use him? Part of me thinks Bill wants this to work to further stick it to the Jets (see, we figured a way to work Tebow in the game!) because those two franchises hate each other. There’s a long history of stealing coaches and players from each other, and it was the Jets who reported Bill to NFL officials on the “spy gate” scandal. Bill himself was the Jet coach for 3 days, mysteriously quits, and resurfaces the next week as the new Patriot coach… I might be reading into this aspect and creating a story that’s not really there, but again I point to history.

I will be more excited if Tebow actually makes the team. What someone has to explain to me, however, is how Tebow has a winning record and a playoff win — and  yet, with the God-awful quarterbacking of the Cardinals, Titans, Jets themselves, Jaguars, and frankly the Eagles last year — none of these teams would give him a chance. Tebow can’t do any worse in the loss column than the Blaine Gabberts and Jake Lockers of the world…and as it stands now it makes good business sense. Does anyone give a poop about the Jaguars or Titans? Is it to tough to modify your play book for Tebow? The Broncos figured it out, rode him to a division title and the second round of the playoffs. “Won’t we have to retool the offensive roster for Tebow?” I would say the Saints retooled their roster when Brees arrived, and the Broncos did the same for Manning.

Bill is a smart guy. He and his coordinator (Broncos old coach that originally drafted Tebow) truly believe they can teach him mechanics; I hope they are right and I hope he gets a legitimate shot; because I think the Jets screwed up in the sense that Sanchez has turned the ball over an insane amount of times the last few seasons; one thing even detractors will agree — Tebow doesn’t turn the ball over; the jets had no offense with Sanchez — why not give Tebow the shot? Why waste the time of a much ballyhooed signing if you aren’t going to use him? Moves like this are why the Jets are historically stupid.

Tebow won’t be Manning/Brady/Brees; but he has a winning record and a playoff win all before the age of 25; I think someone can give him a shot….plus, Tebow has never butt-fumbled!

So there you have it. With yours truly on the disabled list, Denver Pat nicely picks up the ball and runs with it. Well done.

Has Tim Tebow ever butt-fumbled? Answer: No. Give the guy a chance. He deserves it.
Has Tim Tebow ever butt-fumbled like Mark Sanchesz? Answer: No. Give the guy a chance. He deserves it.

About the Author Douglas Ernst

I'm a former Army guy who believes success comes through hard work, honesty, optimism, and perseverance. I believe seeing yourself as a victim creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. I believe in God. I'm a USC Trojan with an MA in Political Science from American University.


    1. I think a large part of the hype was created by the media. They’re the ones who covered him incessantly, and then because much of it was negative guys like me said, “You know what? If you’re going to have this irrational hatred of this man then I’m going to root for him.” I suppose the whole “chicken or the egg” question could be asked, but I think it’s the national media. They created this media frenzy around a man so that they could then try and destroy him. They created such a circus around him that no one wanted to take a chance on him. Luckily, the Patriots did. I wish him well.

    2. I hear you, Bluebead, that hype borders on silly. I pretty much agree with Doug in that the media really fed this one. Espn drives sports news, and they covered him nonstop when he was teenager at the University of Florida, and that has continued into the pros. Whole segments of their talk shows were devoted to him last season; I have never seen this for a second string quarterback in my life.

      I know there are those that feel he is unfairly picked on for his religious beliefs, but I don’t think it’s that; there have been other high profile players that were more “in your face” about their religion (Kurt Warner, Reggie White) that weren’t scrutinized this much. I think they hyped him so much, that when he isn’t playing football in a stellar way, people ridicule him. Reggie White is in the Hall of Fame, and Kurt Warner may soon join him; any hype they had was matched with superior play. I tried to keep my comments more about football than Tebow’s cult of personality.

      This being said, Tebow’s teammates and coaches all say he is a class act and a hard worker that is willing to learn. The hype has worked against him because no one wants the media circus around their team….until New England took a chance on him. New England is a first rate organization where Tebow’s role will be defined and media access is more controlled. The only bigger circus than Tebow’s hype might be the dysfunctional Jets football team that he was on last year. With the Patriots I think the hype will be blunted, which will be a relief to all of us; including Tebow! As I said before he is a hard worker, also charitable, and really wants to give the fans a good show; so I hope he has found a home where he can make the team and get some plays on the field.

    1. Tebow did well out here in Denver with a half decent defense and a strong running game….not unlike your Vikings; I’m not terribly impressed with Ponder, again I think Tebow could at least compete for a spot there, and he will put butts in the seats at your new stadium. I don’t think he is the greatest ever, and he has LOTS of room for improvement, but his detractors make it sound like he lost every game by 50…there are definitely teams that he can help out.

      Douglas, thanks for the guest-spot, it was a pleasure; and get well soon!

    2. Any time. You can talk circles around me when it comes to football (and quite a few other topics), so when an opportunity comes up … it’s yours.

    3. I thought Tebow did well in Denver as well.

      As for Ponder, he improved a lot at the end of last season , and had he started that game against Green Bay, I think we might’ve had a chance at winning. I do have confidence in him going in this season. This is going to be a make it or break it year for him.

    4. When Harvin signed with Seattle, one of the first things he said was that it was nice to finally have a quarterback willing to work extra time to get to know his receivers and study film.,,,I thought that was a not so subtle dig on Ponder; but I hope you are right; it’d be a shame to waste that defense and especially Peterson with bad qb play. I like Leslie Frazier too, he inherited a bad situation and has made the best of it thus far.

  1. I believe the mainstream media likes to attack him because of his beliefs. TT is not afraid to show his faith and liberals find that offensive and scary since others may also find the courage to show theirs. TT is good but not great but he does have potential to improve. I think he would at least be a good backup.

    Go TT!

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