London Terror Attack

Years from now there will be a new version of ‘Downton Abbey,’ only this one will be set in England, 2013. And instead of characters dying in your typical car accident to end the season (Matthew Crawley, we hardly knew ye!), they’ll die by the hands of radical Muslim psycho-nuts. In broad daylight.

Why do I say this? Because it happened. Today. And the people who have all but predicted beheadings in the streets of London were laughed at.

In a future version of Downton Abbey, Matthew dies when a car hits him and two radical Muslim nutjobs hack him to death. Then, all of England dies.
In a future version of ‘Downton Abbey,’ Matthew dies when a dark blue Vauxhall Tigra hits him and two radical Muslim nut jobs hack him to death with a meat cleaver and a butcher knife. Then, all of England dies.

My favorite line of the day comes from the Associated Press:

Calling it “an appalling murder,” Cameron said there were “strong indications” it was an act of terrorism, and two other officials said there were signs the attack was motivated by radical Islam.

“Signs” the attack was motivated by radical Islam? What might those be? Was it the guys screaming “Allahu Akbar” or the fact that they were trying to behead their victim in the middle of the street? I’m not sure how “We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you,” can be interpreted any other way, although it might be called “workplace violence,” if it was said during a massacre at Fort Hood, Texas…

Here is what I said in February:

The 2005 London terrorist attacks should have been a wake up call for the world — but they weren’t. The clerics who now live off taxpayers while calling the cash they receive “Jihad Seeker’s Allowance” should send up red flags —but they won’t. Instead, if we fast-forward through history it seems increasingly plausible that more and more free men will wave the white flag of liberal moral relativism until one day they wake up and realize what’s been lost. …

[England’s] problem is that it let wave after wave of immigrants come in who despised everything it stood for. They disdainfully refer to Englishmen and non-believers as “kuffar” … they take the social safety net and openly discuss using it to strangle the society that provides it.

For that post I was told I was “scare mongering.” Do you know what scary is? It’s walking down the streets of London the day after a man was turned into mincemeat next to your favorite outdoor cafe, and then wondering if your own head will be bashed in with a meat cleaver.

Scary is knowing that when radical Muslims explode on the streets of London, it will take the police 25 minutes to arrive.

Police took so long to arrive at the scene that the killers casually paced up and down the street, their hands dripping with blood, making a series of pronouncements that were filmed by onlookers. …

“I was panicked and called the police but it took them so long to come. I think it was about 25 minutes. Why didn’t they come faster?

“I was scared at first but then just angry at how long it took,” [said a witness] …

[L]ocal police officers refused to approach the killers, instead waiting 20 minutes for an armed response team to arrive.

In the meantime, the terrorists calmly paced the street, waiting for police to confront them and encouraging bystanders to photograph and film them.

When seconds count, the British police will be there sometime before dinner. And then they might not have guns, so you’ll have to wait a little longer if you can survive that long.

This is what happens when a country is so “tolerant” that it tolerates those who seek to destroy it.

And to think, radio host Michael Savage —who I am not a fan of — is banned from entering England, but radical Islamic whack jobs get the red carpet (to match their bloody hands):

Britain on Tuesday published its first list of people barred from entering the country for allegedly fostering extremism or hatred, including Muslim extremists, a right-wing American radio host, an Israeli settler and jailed Russian gang members. …

Popular American talk-radio host, Michael Savage, who broadcasts from San Francisco and has called the Muslim holy book, the Quran, a “book of hate,” is on the list.

Hmmm. I guess chopping off heads in the name of Islam isn’t considered extreme in the United Kingdom these days, but criticizing Islam is.

Press the fast forward button in your mind and look at where England stands in 50 years. It’s going to get messy.


About the Author Douglas Ernst

I'm a former Army guy who believes success comes through hard work, honesty, optimism, and perseverance. I believe seeing yourself as a victim creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. I believe in God. I'm a USC Trojan with an MA in Political Science from American University.


  1. This was horrible. Hearing about this made me sick to my stomach. This is a direct result of lenient attitudes toward terrorism. Like you said in the earlier post, 7-5 should’ve been a wakeup call, just as 9-11 should’ve been. Sadly we’re still living in a pre-9/11 world where people continue to deny that Islamist terrorism exists and demonize people who understand that it’s a threat, such as referring to people as “scaremongers.” It reminds me of the denial of Voldemort’s return in the Harry Potter series and how people denied it happening. Except in real life, that wakeup call hasn’t happened.

    1. Or we have people like zooey, who call violent acts perpetrated upon society “madness.” All of them. This conveniently absolves the murderer of his guilty. How could we not? He’s “mad.” Mad people can not control their actions. In zooey’s world, I suppose we either pump the hatchet men of London with happy pills and let them roam the streets, or we construct some sort of Orwellian torture chamber straight out of ‘1984,’ where we “cure” their “madness.” No thank you.

    2. Yeah, it’s pretty pathetic how these apologists just come out of the woodwork to try and “justify” such horrific actions. Thing is, this is a direct result of PC attitudes toward terrorism and illegal immigration. People warned of things like this years ago, but they were all dismissed as “scaremongers” like you were back in February. Hell, Mark Steyn nearly went to jail because he spoke out against radical Islam. That’s another problem with society today: people are more willing to demonize their fellow countrymen for thinking differently than them or for warning about radical Islam or other threats.

    3. There was a funny story that I think Steyn talks about in one of his books. He was going through that whole legal mess with ‘America Alone’ up in Canada, and when he was crossing the border they’re like, “Why are you coming into Canada?” and he says, “I’ve been charged with crimes against humanity.” The guy at the gates is like, “Gotcha. Move along,” and waves him on in. 🙂

    4. Carl, to suggest there has been “leniency” toward terrorism is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard.

    5. Instead of military tribunals, that is. And also the attitude that we “deserved” to have these things happen to us, or that we “just need to understand them.” Also the tendency for calling people “scaremongers” because they’re bringing attention to the issue.

    6. Carl, to truly address something, one needs first to understand it. why are you against understanding?

    7. And for someone to learn, they need a teacher whose predilection isn’t to insult and demean those who disagree with him.

      Carl, Lizard feeds on negativity. Stay positive and do not get sucked into the vortex of negativity he creates for himself and tries to create for those around him.

    8. Hey Carl, Obama took care of the court problem by killing them instead. it’s called the drone program.

  2. None of this horror has anything to do with liberalism nor with Islam, it is the product of madness… as with all violence… however carried out and declared for any “Cause”; it is madness. Perhaps all of us who love freedom should pause to recollect words spoken upon a different occasion and under greatly more destructive circumstances, “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

    1. Did you just say all violence is “madness”? So if one meets violent force with violent force, both are “mad”? Have fun trying to make that case.

      Look at the difference between us; I can offer concrete steps to mitigate the “madnesss,” where you ironically quote a man who was more than willing to use violent force to righteously slay his aggressors. Indeed, many people thought Churchill to be “mad” — but it turned out he was the sanest guy in the room. I suggest looking a little deeper into your own advice, and then taking it.

  3. This has shocked everybody I know in Britain.

    As a result a mosque in a market town in the County of Essex was attacked by a lone man who tried to set it on fire. Interestingly the local Tory Member of Parliament was on the scene to thank police for the speed of their response. I wonder if he would have been so quick to be on the scene if it had been a Christian church attacked?

    1. James,

      First, I’m incredibly sorry to hear what happened.

      Thanks for read and thanks for taking the time to comment. Do you foresee a building tension between the United Kingdom’s Muslim population and non-Muslims? From the stats I’ve seen, I only expect this to get worse in the decades ahead. Am I wrong? It seems to me that if England has reached a point where its own people are chopped down (literally) in the streets, you’ve got yourself a powder keg that is set to explode. I obviously do not wish for such a thing, but it seems as though the match has been lit.

    2. Hi Doug

      Thank you for your wishes.

      I would like to say firstly that I do not consider myself to be either conservative or liberal. I only want the UK government to do what is best for the UK. Unfortunately the major UK parties are now incredibly similar in what they stand for.

      England has been in decline for a number of years. It all started with Tony Blair becoming prime minister. Suddenly politically correct policies were all that we heard about. Because of this our Tory party (I refuse to call them conservatives as they are no longer a conservative party) changed their attitudes and allowed David Cameron (who is a Tony Blair copy) to become leader of their party just to win the election.

      They won the election but unfortunately not by a large enough margin and had to enter a coalition with the Liberal democrats. This has lead to a softening of policy and a very wishy washy attitude.

      To give you an idea of this our house of commons spent Wednesday debating and voting on Gay marriage. I am not homophobic and believe that you should be able to be with who you want but there are bigger problems facing this country than this issue. The fact that the attack was carried out on the same day as this debate speaks volumes about what is wrong with our politicians.

      I would like to add that the 2 attackers waited for armed police to arrive after the attack and charged them down, obviously hoping to be “martyred”. Thankfully they were only wounded and should stand trial. I say that they were waiting to be martyred as they waited for 14 minutes for the armed police to arrive. This is a shocking delay and I am relieved that they did not attack anyone else.

      There is a video I have seen somewhere of a woman returning to her hometown of Luton on a day of a Muslim demonstration complaining about England. Feelings are high and the common English person is feeling more put upon than ever. We allow people to stay in our country and complain about us while we give them benefits and provide them with free housing. We cannot deport them because they are seeking asylum and would be killed on return to their own country.

      I can see more violence happening. It makes me grateful I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere.

    3. To give you an idea of this our house of commons spent Wednesday debating and voting on Gay marriage. I am not homophobic and believe that you should be able to be with who you want but there are bigger problems facing this country than this issue. The fact that the attack was carried out on the same day as this debate speaks volumes about what is wrong with our politicians.

      If it’s any comfort at all, there’s a similar situation on this side of the pond! The vast majority of Americans simply do not care if some dude wants to retire to his bedroom at the end of the day with his buddy Jeff. They’re busy raising kids, trying to pay bills and figure out who they heck they are; they don’t have the time or the inclination to put up a fight over who sleeps with whom. And yet, as the country accumulates $17 trillion dollars of debt and growing, that’s the sort of thing that has grabbed hold of the national consciousness. It’s a distraction, because the real issues that threaten the country are ones with no easy answer… The easy wrong is almost always where politicians will go instead of the hard right.

      It’s interesting how the people who come to your country to avoid being murdered then practice real hate and intolerance for the very people who welcomed them with open arms.

      Thanks again for commenting. Liberal? Conservative? At some point these labels don’t matter because it boils down to liberty vs. tyranny.

    4. Completely irrelevant but the comments made me think of this…..

      There’s a book by a British author called Rob Grant called “Incompetence”. Rob Grant is one of the 2 creators of BBC’s Red Dwarf sitcom.

      This book is set in the not too distant future where Europe is now a mega-state and due to political correctness no one can be fired from their job for being bad at it.

      This is a jokey look at the future but it appears to be the way we are going with political correctness (obviously not to the books extreme).

      When interviewing people for jobs in this country the local councils and government bodies have to ensure they interview as many “minorities” as possible. Not to say that they are not fit for the job, but if you have limited interview capacity and have to meet a quota of interviewees due to political correctness then there is something wrong.

      I would like to add that there are a lot of people from around the world who come to the UK to work and contribute to our society. I personally think these are the people we should encourage to stay.

      I also believe that anyone on benefits who is fit enough to work should not receive their benefits without contributing to society. Therefore to receive your benefit you should do community service!

  4. It’s amazing how gay “marriage” is somehow more important to people in this country than the $17 trillion (and counting) dollars of debt or the need to fight our enemies and stop kowtowing to political correctness. It’s a diversion, plain and simple. Even though I’m against it, I don’t really care if Jeff wants to sleep with Bill, or if Laura wants to make out with Chelsea; I do however have no problem with them being granted civil unions with the same benefits as marriage. Here’s something a buddy of mine wrote back in March.

    “On the holiest week for Christians and Jews alike, at a time when the North Korean Army is on standby for attack, terrorists are roaming through North Africa, and the Chinese Navy has attacked Vietnamese fishing boats, what is the biggest issue our nation is concerned with? Gay ‘marriage.’ Also, where’s the concern for the debt, too? What about our country going broke? Or doesn’t that matter?”

    I think it sums up everything that’s wrong with the country at the moment perfectly.

    1. People don’t like math. Math and Accounting 101 force us to make tough decisions about limited resources with alternative uses. It’s much easier to get people worked up over religious issues…

    2. Exactly. I was never very good at math in school, but I feel that I have a better idea of what’s wrong with the country than most people do. And you’re right, it’s easier to get people worked up over religious issues than it is to force them to confront economic problems that have no easy answers.

  5. But I thought you said if I ever wanted to talk to you about something, I could use a blog post closely related to it that no one uses anymore to talk about it?

    Also, why? The dude was no Martin Luther King or Frederick Douglass. He was an even more extreme version of Malcolm X and Obummer combined.

    1. Here’s the deal: You’ve read enough of my blog posts and interacted with me in the comments section enough to know that bashing a guy like Mandela before his body is cold would not be on my “to do” list — with you are anyone. I’m sure you’re familiar with bloggers or websites that will entertain those sorts of requests. I, however, will not. This conversation is over.

  6. PersonIsPerson wanted to tell me when a conversation is over on my own blog. Wrong answer. His comment has been deleted. Come back in 24 hours after you think about it. If you want to act like certain others who have been banned, I will treat you like them. Any comments you make over the next 24 hours will be deleted.

    1. Wow, it got that bad, huh? It’s like you said before, the potential for him to become a right-wing equivalent to Lizard19 was there, and now he’s crossed that line. Plus one does grow tired of his constant off-topic comments. He does it all the time at my place, and now that he’s crossed the line, from now on I’m going to assert my authority and try to keep things on-topic, following your example.

      I mean, he wants to talk about the 1992 LA riots on Doctor Who-related posts that have nothing whatsoever to do with politics. I tolerated it at first (because I am actually quite tolerant of people, unless they give me a reason not to be) but now, I’m just going to delete off-topic comments of his.

    2. Yes, I think I’ve been rather patient and tactful with some of these off-topic comments. Remember: On your blog, it’s your rules. You are the moderator, and if someone doesn’t like how Carl runs “Carl’s Comics,” then they don’t need to go there.

      Some random dude with a chip on his shoulder isn’t going to come onto my own blog and assert dominance over me. To quote my drill sergeants: “Wrong answer, private. Wrong motha-f***king answer.”

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