Piers Morgan has a weird thing going, where he engages Ben Shapiro in debate, Ben makes a fool out him, and then like a gambler who convinces himself that it’s only a matter of time before he comes out on top, he goes back for more. Chris Evans (aka: Captain America) has decided he doesn’t like Shapiro’s no-nonsense approach, and took to Twitter to say “I genuinely dislike @benshapiro.”

Chris Evans Twitter Ben Shapiro

It’s an interesting tweet, and more so since Mr. Evans decided to opt for radio silence instead of explaining himself. We’ll just have to assume it has something to do with Shapiro’s appearance on Piers Morgan last night, in which he reminded the world just how loosely we use the word “hero” these days.

MORGAN: Let’s turn to Jason Collins, this is the sports star that came out. You tweeted this: “So Jason Collins is a hero because he’s gay? Our standard of heroism has dropped quite a bit since Normandy.” Why such a cheap shot against a guy who did a pretty great thing?

SHAPIRO: I don’t think it’s a cheap shot. Heroism is defined by willingness to sacrifice — and willingness to take a real personal risk in favor of a noble, larger goal. This may be a noble, larger goal but I’m not sure it’s a great personal risk. …

MORGAN: I think you may be homophobic simply because you said, “Why is Jason Collins a hero simply because he’s gay?” Why sneer at a guy for coming out when he’s being courageous?

SHAPRIO: I’m not sneering at him for coming out, I’m just —

MORGAN: Aren’t you the one being homophobic?

SHAPIRO: I don’t think it’s homophobic to simply say that we’re apathetic about people’s personal lives. …

MORGAN: You think this guy isn’t brave because he came out. …

SHAPIRO: I understand, I wear a yarmulke on TV, right? There’s a lot of anti-Semitism, there are people who are killed and anti-Semitic attacks. You know, per capita, as many hate crimes against Jews as as against gays in this country. America is not an anti-Semitic country and I’m not a hero for wearing a yarmulke. Being who you are in 2013 America is what America is about. It is not heroic to be who you are publicly. I’m glad for Jason Collins if it makes him feel like he’s going to have a happier life now. But, it does not make him a hero to be who you are because America is not a homophobic country.

MORGAN: You know what, Ben? Come off it.

Who is more of a jerk: Piers Morgan, who calls you “homophobic” if you’re apathetic about the sexuality of the guy next to you, or Ben Shapiro, who reserves the word ‘hero’ for men and women who remind him of those who would willingly storm the beaches of Normandy?

A basketball player who was never that big of a deal comes out as gay at the end of his career (interesting timing), the media goes nuts over the guy, and because Ben Shapiro says there’s really nothing special about it, he’s a jerk to Chris Evans. At no point in the conversation does Mr. Shapiro indicate that he holds any ill will towards the gay community, but because he doesn’t believe that America is a homophobic country Piers Morgan thinks he’s homophobic. Classic!

Perhaps Chris Evans doesn’t like Mr. Shapiro because his definition of ‘hero’ excludes Hollywood celebrities who sometimes believe they are heroes just because they’re wearing the right uniform.

Here’s what Captain America costume designer Anna Sheppard said of Chris Evans while filming the first movie:

“You can’t really take him seriously in his flag pajamas,” director Joe Johnston told EW in last year’s exclusive first look cover story on the film. So instead, the hero’s main uniform was designed to resemble a tricked-out airman’s jumpsuit, the “A” on the helmet and star on the chest modest in size, the colors muted. It took Evans about 25 minutes to suit up. “He likes to do it all by himself,” explained costume designer Anna Sheppard. “I think it helps him feel like a super hero.”

I hate to play armchair psychologist, but it must really sting for Chris Evans to listen to Ben Shapiro talk about men who mistakenly elevate themselves to “hero” status in their own mind, when deep down he knows he’s guilty as charged.

Poor Chris Evans. He spends so much time playing Captain America that sometimes he feels as though he's really a hero. And then when someone like Ben Shapiro has a serious conversation about what the definition of 'hero' is it reminds him of the truth. And so, he must send out angry tweets that tell us much more about what's going on in "Captain America's" head than the guest of a low rated cable news show.
Poor Chris Evans. He spends so much time playing Captain America that sometimes he feels as though he’s really a hero.

Here’s what Chris Evans and the ideological allies of Piers Morgan don’t like: serious conversations about words and their meanings.

When someone wants to agree on a definition of “rich” and “poor” before the debate begins, they are a jerk. When someone wants to agree on a definition of “marriage” before discussion starts, they are “homophobic.” When someone wants to define what we mean when we talk about “rights,” that person is considered mean. When someone defines an immigrant who is in the country illegally as an “illegal immigrant” that person is being insensitive. When someone wants to talk about the definition of “fair share,” that person is “greedy.”

The truth is often uncomfortable, and it’s easy to avoid it if you and the person you’re arguing with are having two totally different conversations — primarily because neither one of you defines a whole slew of words the same way.

Ben Shapiro is not a likable guy because he demands precision. He does not allow for wiggle room. He forces men like Piers Morgan to be intellectually honest. And that is why guys like Chris Evans “genuinely dislike” conservatives of the Shapiro mold:

In another explosive debate with Piers Morgan on Thursday night, Breitbart News editor-at-large Ben Shapiro accused Morgan of responsibility for Americans’ growing sense of threat from the federal government. …

When Morgan responded that he didn’t want to take away people’s handguns, Shapiro pressed him – and finally, Morgan admitted he’d like to try a United Kingdom-style total gun ban in the United States.

SHAPIRO: I still don’t understand your opinion on this. You say that you’re against military style assault weapons, but you’re OK with handguns. Handguns kill 6,000 people a year, assault weapons kill 300.

MORGAN: Well, they’re both a big problem: handguns in Chicago, and assault weapons with mass shootings.

SHAPIRO: You’re from the UK, why don’t we just go with a full gun ban?

MORGAN: Well, we’ve discussed this, the UK has 40-50 gun murders a year, the U.S. has 12,000. Why don’t we try it our way?

SHAPIRO: I’m glad you finally let your agenda out there.

MORGAN: I don’t have an agenda, I just want to make America safe and save lives. That’s my agenda.

Everyone has an agenda. Some of us are just honest about it. I’m a conservative. So is Ben Shapiro. And Chris Evans? It’s becoming rather clear, but for whatever reason he has opted to try and hide behind a wall of silence. It’s an odd choice, given that the decision offers neither cover nor concealment. Captain America a Piers Morgan liberal? Depressing, but at this point to be expected.

See you when Captain America: Winter Soldier comes out.

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  1. Doug, the tweet uses the word “genuinely” not “generally”. Also, your link on Ben not wiggling links to page not found. No need to post this. Have a heroic day.

    1. Another thing that worries me about Winter Soldier is the whole “political thriller” aspect of the movie. Usually in Hollywood terms that means some kind of conservative-bashing.

    2. That’s exactly why I plan on seeing it. The first one was pretty good. I enjoyed it. It could have been better for a whole host of reasons … but it was solid. However, the ‘Winter Soldier’ storyline is ready-made to bash America. We’ll see how they handle it.

    3. Yeah, you’re right. I’ll probably see it as well… considering the Winter Soldier arc in the comics was written by the same guy who had Cap and the Falcon go after the Tea Party (Ed Brubaker), it wouldn’t surprise me if there was some political element to it.

    4. Can you imagine the weird stuff the screenwriters would throw in there if Romney was president? My big thing is the “sucker punchs” that Big Hollywood has covered in the past. If there’s a moment of dialogue where I’m like, “Dude? What the ‘F’ was that? Why was that needed?” then I get annoyed.

    5. I hate the sucker punches, too. I also hate how conservatives in movies are always straw men who are warmongers, push their religion in everyone’s face, etc.

    1. Is liberalism or liberal values bad? Honest question. I’m always fascinated by the far left’s and far right’s modern attitude that the other is “the enemy.”

    2. As the power of the federal government increases, does individual liberty rise or fall? How do you define ‘liberal’ values? I would maintain that if you transported any of the founding fathers to 2013, they would be shocked at the size and scope of the federal government. Federalist? Anti-federalist? It doesn’t matter. The modern-day liberal is worlds apart from our founders.

      In Maryland we have the “rain” tax. Yes, the “rain” tax. I suppose it might as well be called the precipitation tax, since snow melts… Should we tax people for breathing, too?

      I suggest you read: ‘The Vision of the Anointed: Self-Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy,’ by Thomas Sowell. Until you really examine the philosophical roots of each worldview, you will continue to mock staunch defenders of each. They are opposing visions. And while I do not consider my fellow Americans my “enemy” (unlike President Obama, the guy I believe you said you were voting for), I do acknowledge that many of them hold views that threaten the very freedoms they take for granted.

    3. I just wish these clowns like Evans would do what they’re paid to do: act, instead of going off on political rants and acting like they’re morally superior to everyone else. Scarlett Johansson, also in the movie, is also quite liberal.

    4. I would imagine that the founding fathers would have quite a few issues with both parties. They never intended for a two-party system. I am a strict constitutionalist and I’d imagine we would agree on more related topics than not.

      Why do you assume I have not examined the philosophical roots of each political view? I have, both historical and modern. I just can’t do the mental calculus the far left and right do to convince themselves that they are the way and the light and the opponents have nothing to offer but ruin to our country.

      Do liberals have any good policies? Is there anything redeeming about them? Would the world be better with a permanent conservative super-majority?

    5. Let’s go back to your original comment, since there are questions all over the place:

      I’m always fascinated by the far left’s and far right’s modern attitude that the other is “the enemy,” (MeAgain).

      And then my response:

      “While I do not consider my fellow Americans my “enemy” (unlike President Obama, the guy I believe you said you were voting for), I do acknowledge that many of them hold views that threaten the very freedoms they take for granted,” (Douglas Ernst).

      Perhaps instead of being fascinated by others, you should take the time to remember how you voted for a guy who labels his political opponents “enemies.” Do you consider President Obama to be “far left”?

    6. Not at all. Aside from his lofty rhetoric, his policies are tracking quite similar to GWB in many respects.

      And if you think Obama is the only politician or president who labels his opponents enemies… oh, brother.

      I wrote about why I held my nose and voted for him, despite my apprehension. It was really a battle of the lesser of two evils. I think you’ll find a lot of independents felt that way in 2012. I couldn’t stomach filling in the Romney bubble given his pliability of character to make his party’s ticket. If that makes me a liberal, then you have grossly miscalculated, my friend.

    7. Obama doesn’t have “pliability of character”? Excuse me while I pick myself off the ground. I think I pulled a muscle laughing.

    8. Wow, you convinced me to also skip Captain America 2 too because Evan’s doesn’t like one particular conservative pundit. I, too, can’t support actors who do not subscribe 100% to my political viewpoints. Doing so would challenge me to have the emotional maturity to watch an actor perform a role in which his politics, unless he had direct creative input, were completely unrelated to the comic book movie I was patronizing.

    9. LOL. No, I’ll be skipping Cap 2 because of the cumulative effect of Hollywood Bubble liberals (like Evans) who all think alike and open their big mouths assuming the world shares their viewpoints. Why the f*** should I shell out my hard-earned cash to support multimillionaires who sh** all over my beliefs?

    10. Absolutely, I totally agree. I think we should do one better. Let’s petition IMDB to list the party affiliation next to each cast and crew member so we don’t have to be exposed to the acting and movie-making of people who disagree with us so strongly, they literally crap all over our political beliefs by expressing theirs. I wouldn’t want some pansy Obummer-supporting key grip or UCLA-attending Pelosi-supporter 2nd 2nd assistant director working on any movie I watch!

    11. I see you’re purposely being an dolt, Me. Why would I want IMDB to do that? What gave you that idea? Since you’re obviously a bit slow, I’ll spell it out for you (even though Doug, myself, and Carl have written about it myriad times): Guys in Evans’ business cater to everyone. It’s just plain good business sense to keep your personal politics out of the public arena in such a business. If you don’t, you run the risk of alienating a portion of that audience. Many comicbook writers don’t get this, either. (Just like you.) Someone with an 80 IQ would realize that an “Obummer-supporting key grip or UCLA-attending Pelosi-supporter 2nd 2nd assistant director” aren’t going to get any ink about their views, let alone the public wouldn’t care about them had they had a venue to express such. Who are they, anyway?

      You just want someone in this business to be able to say whatever w/o any consequences. And I do not mean any sort of legal/criminal consequences. Only via the pockets of the little corner that the Evanses of the world tee off due to their big mouths.

    12. Here is your original comment, Hube:

      I think I’ll be skipping Cap 2 now.

      Pretty innocuous, right? MeAgain could have asked you anything about your comment since you’re more than willing to have a polite conversation with him. Here’s how he responded:

      Wow, you convinced me to also skip Captain America 2 too because Evan’s doesn’t like one particular conservative pundit. I, too, can’t support actors who do not subscribe 100% to my political viewpoints. Doing so would challenge me to have the emotional maturity to watch an actor perform a role in which his politics, unless he had direct creative input, were completely unrelated to the comic book movie I was patronizing.

      MeAgain would follow up with his comments about vice grips soon afterward. Now, here is what MeAgain said to me just this morning:

      [DenverPat] makes a reasonable case every time and often makes excellent points that force me to reconsider and sometimes alter my viewpoint–he packs a wallop without all the snark, asides, and condescension. Try that.

      Funny how I’m supposed to maintain a certain tact and tone with him when he does not extend it to other readers who deserve it. MeAgain should have taken his own advice in response to your initial comment. He did not. Next time, I suggest he “try it.”

    13. I know exactly what you mean, Hube. The cumulative effect is why I stopped buying contemporary comics, going to as many movies and that sort of thing. People don’t like to go to movies or read comics to be lectured, nor do they like to hear elitists like Evans or comics writers like Mark Millar (to name just one) lecture them from their gilded palaces. I think you can also apply it to sports (here in MN, idiot soon-to-be-former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe comes to mind) as well.

      Problem is, so many people don’t get the cumulative effect, so instead they try to dismiss it as being trivial like Me did.

  2. Shapiro’s religion has attitudes about homosexuality that are very literally Old Testament, and as such, that fact certainly adds context to his tweet. Shapiro can hide behind his yarmulke, statistics, and so-called apathy when confronted, but his “no-nonsense” words bely something more if you look past the obvious. I’m more upset about one of the biggest, most dishonest putzes on television didn’t straight up ask Shapiro whether or not he shared his orthodox Judiasm’s attitude that gays are “toaiva.” But, Morgan is not a true newsman.

    1. Shapiro can hide behind his yarmulke…

      Wow. You went there. You could have countered his actual point, but you didn’t. You went there.

      …his “no-nonsense” words bely something more if you look past the obvious.

      There is “something more” … :He’s a Jooooooo! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go through my blog and read the comments by you that are just as barbed about Muslims. Oh, wait, they don’t exist.

    2. Why resort to snark when I was being perfectly civil in my comment? You complain about Lizard, then do the same thing.

      Went were? He claimed he’s apathetic, but he typed out a comment about Collin’s announcement. That’s apathy? Then he used “I wear a yarmulke” and adds a hate crime stat as some odd defense to justify his lack of apathy and somehow creates some kind of bizzaro parity between orthodox jews and gays. How many times did you hear the words “faggot” in school versus “jew” used as a pejorative…?

      Since you extrapolated Evan’s liberalism from a short tweet about a pundit who is driving his brand and book sales by appearing on the talk circuit after a timely tweet, please humor me by venturing a guess what is Shipiro’s non-public viewpoint are on homosexuality? And then tell me if that colors his tweet.

      Why is disagreeing with one particular Jew means I have barbed comments for Jews in general and somehow became a Muslim apologist? That is bizarre. You can Google the terms “douglasernstblog muslim meagain” and read our many exchanges on the topic if you forgot. True, I don’t turn into a rabid dog when Islam and its proponents are mentioned, but I am quite concerned and stand firmly against Islamofascism. My opinion is quite close to Hitchens’ on that topic. Watch a few of his lectures/debates on that topic and then get back to me about my viewpoint instead of making stuff up.

    3. Someone’s a little sensitive today, aren’t they? So you make the comment “Shapiro can hide behind his yarmulke…”, I call you out on it, and I’m Lizard19-ish? Somebody needs a nap. Next time there’s a debate on gay issues I’ll say person x can “hide behind his gayness” and we’ll see how people respond. How about that?

      Here’s a little surprise for you: Maybe you don’t hear “Jew” used as a pejorative a lot because they don’t go around calling it ‘the J word’ and don’t gasp if some says ‘Jew’ like they do when a gay slur is used (although, truthfully, I’ve heard the word ‘faggot’ come out of the mouth of gay men much more than I have by straight men.). How odd that a bunch of teenage boys raging with hormones would make jokes about their buddies being gay instead of picking on random Jewish kids. MeAgain for the win. Swish!

    4. I wish, for once, you actually addressed the main thrust of the reply, and not argue ancillary topics to distract that you don’t have anything substantive to rebut the main point.

      How come DenverPat can do that on his first try? He makes a reasonable case every time and often makes excellent points that force me to reconsider and sometimes alter my viewpoint–he packs a wallop without all the snark, asides, and condescension. Try that.

    5. What you consider “ancillary” is often not the case. You throw out a laundry list of questions, and when I don’t answer them the way you like you complain. And please, don’t talk to me about snark, asides and condescension.

      DenverPat is a reasonable guy. He’s very smart. And indeed, he packs a wallop. So far he has decided to hit you square in the nose with jabs, while I like to throw hooks and body blows from multiple angles. We make a good team like that. I’m glad he’ll be able to contribute from time to time.

    6. I’m not sure Shapiro’s faith must be put into the equation here. I’m reminded of the incident at ESPN that Eve brought up earlier this week. One reporter shared his beliefs, that he felt it was sinful to live a homosexual lifestyle. But if one watched the entire interview, that reporter was being interviewed with an openly gay colleague of his. The straight reporter was saying that he and his gay colleague were friends outside of work; they ate lunch and played pickup basketball together. He gave his views to show that NBA players who don’t approve of a gay lifestyle can still be friends (and good teammates) with Mr. Collins, the player who came out. Despite their opposite personal views, these two reporters were living proof of that. The straight reporter, Chris Broussard, has been panned for sharing his views. Some say he is intolerant, but I disagree. Can’t one show tolerance without acceptance in their own personal lives? Sometimes as a society we seem to deem not 100% acceptance as complete intolerance, as maybe the case at espn.

      Getting back to Mr. Shapiro, even if his orthodoxy translates into viewing homosexuality as an “abomination to God” in his personal view; can’t we take him at his word that he is glad for Mr. Collins if the announcement makes (Collins) have a happier life? Like Mr. Broussard, can he hold an orthodox point of view and still be tolerant? To me, dismissing Shapiro/Broussard because of their orthodoxy is intolerant. Sorry for the long windedness, I just find this an interesting aspect of Doug’s post and the espn story.

    7. DenverPat, I have found this to be the case. You either give them 100% of what they want, or you are labeled a racistbigothomophobe (one word). Broussard even stressed — multiple times — that he also thought straight people living together before marriage was equally sinful, etc. It is possible to not condone the actions of your neighbor, but yet still still love and respect the individual.

    8. I still have difficulty reconciling Shapiro’s self-proclaimed apathy on the topic with the fact he wrote a provocative tweet about it then graciously accepted a seat on Morgan’s show to double down on his… apathy?

    9. Totally my opinion, but I took it as being apathetic to Collins’ sexuality, but not apathetic to what Shapiro thought was the undue tabbing of Collins as a hero. As a huge nba fan, I can kind of relate. If Collins can help my team, then sign him up! I’m much more concerned if he can rebound and get the ball in the hoop, as opposed to his dating life.

      I’m in agreement with you about not being a huge fan of Piers, with my rare viewership I’m not an expert on his and Shapiro’s working relationship; but I understand Shapiro is a regular guest; maybe he was going to be a guest anyway, tweet or no tweet. If it wasn’t Jason Collins, maybe him and Piers would discuss another news topic that week.

    10. DenverPat, just a heads up: They did discuss more than just Collins. They also discussed guns, which Shapiro has done at least twice before.

    11. Right, that goes with what I’m saying; perhaps Shapiro would have been a guest anyway as opposed to wanting on to discuss Collins in and of itself.

  3. Boys! Boys! Stop kvetching and start acting like menches. Have a nice nosh of some kreplach and let’s all try to get along. 🙂

    1. It was deliberate obfuscation, I assure you. If Eve only knew of my pro-Islam sympathies as a staunch atheist, she’d have a whole different view of my anonymous accounts. Wait, what?

      I also had my first account name, though I forgot it. And I thought that comment was rather well-reasoned and supported by fact. Thanks for giving it a mention.

    2. You tend to inflate whatever gripes people have with Christians and downplay anything touching on Islam or insinuate I’m operating within the realm of “Islamophobia.” One would think that if you are going to tell people to “Google” something, you would also note that you sometimes post as “Lightbringer” and that on occasion you post anonymously. If you forgot your account name, I take you at your word.

    3. Thoroughly entertained, all the way up until the point I fell asleep 😉 No, really, quite amused. I’m glad to see people can disagree without being disrespectful.

  4. I’ve heard plenty of people use the word “Jew” pejoratively before… my high school graduating class was chock-full of anti-Semites, especially among the so-called “smart people.” I didn’t find this out until after high school, when their casual anti-Semitic remarks were posted on Facebook for all to see. They always said some pretty hateful things about Israel, denied the Holocaust and talked about “evil Jewish neocons” running the US. It was pretty vile, to say the least.

  5. Chris Evans has a brother who’s gay. Maybe he is therefore overly sensitized to what he perceives as homophobic behavior because it hits too close to home and someone he cares about.

    1. The great thing about this comment is that it’s completely devoid of any substance whatsoever. It’s not related to the actual post, it makes no argument … it’s just blatant trolling by some anonymous guy (shocker!) from Rhode Island.

      Slow clap for the anonymous guy who has nothing substantive to say.

  6. No they hate shapiro because he thinks muslims are all terrorists and radicals, thinks blacks are subhuman criminals, thinks gays are out to ruin america and is as intellectually honest as Steve Bannon (using straw man and spotlight fallacies). And given that the uk has less gun death….I think Morgan’s right

    Anyone who thinks Ben’s honest should remove themselves from the tgenepool and spare humanity the stupidity of their offspring.

    1. “Anyone who thinks Ben’s honest should remove themselves from the tgenepool and spare humanity the stupidity of their offspring.”

      Ben Shapiro doesn’t tell guys like you to commit suicide because he disagrees with you. You really need to look in the mirror and reevaluate the brain seeds you’ve planted in your subconscious mind. They’re sprouting “kill yourself weeds.” That’s not good.

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