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The subject of abortion is a very delicate issue. At one time I avoided talking about it because I generally don’t like dealing with people who melt down, scream and become irrational loons when they’re two feet away from me. All too often this one topic is one where people decide decibel levels correspond with how correct they are, and because I don’t liked screamers … I opted out.

I also don’t like when people put their hands on me, and certain subjects are made to cause weak-willed people to lose control of their ability to respect their opponent’s physical space.

These days, I’m less inclined to care about the screamers or the guys who go all Al Gore vs. Bush when debates get heated. And one case has caught my attention. Unfortunately, it hasn’t caught the mainstream media’s attention.

Life News provides a summary:

Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s capital murder trial continues this week in a courtroom packed with worn, bloody furniture and outdated equipment seized from his dilapidated abortion clinic, which has come to be known as the “House of Horrors.” Gosnell is charged with seven counts of first degree murder for killing newborn babies born alive after abortions by snipping their spinal cords with scissors. He also faces one count of third degree murder in the overdose death of a patient, Karnamaya Monger.

And then there’s the testimony:

A former employee of Kermit Gosnell who has a history of anxiety and depression broke down on the stand yesterday and tearfully recanted her guilty plea as she was testifying against her former boss.

[Sherry] West called the babies she helped to abort “specimens” because it was “easier to deal with mentally.”

She recounted a particularly horrific experience when one baby, who she described as 18-24 inches long, was born alive. Other workers called her into the room for help.

“There was this clear glass pan, and I saw it, and I thought, ‘What do you expect me to do?’” West told the court.

“It wasn’t fully developed,” she said, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. “It didn’t have eyes or a mouth but it was like screeching, making this noise. It was weird. It sounded like a little alien…It really freaked me out, and I said call Dr. Gosnell, and I went back out front.”

The Washington Times Valeria Richardson’t puts it perfectly:

Not every murder trial receives prominent national coverage, but the Gosnell case would seem to contain all the ingredients of must-see television: a formerly respected community leader accused of unspeakable acts; the death of a young immigrant woman; a parade of former employees offering graphic testimony on the gruesome deaths of more than 100 just-born infants; and even the implication by the doctor’s lawyers that the charges have been motivated by racism. Dr. Gosnell is black and his clinic was in a mostly minority neighborhood.

And that is the crux of the matter, isn’t it? If we’re going to talk about public policy, these are the things we need to talk about. But instead, we talk for multiple news cycles about Sen. Marco Rubio taking a sip of water at a podium instead of a baby gasping for air on an abortion clinic table.

And when it comes to Planned Parenthood’s advocacy of infanticide, stories like that are swept up under the rugs ASAP:

Rep. Jim Boyd: “If a baby is born on a table as a result of a botched abortion, what would Planned Parenthood want to have happen to that child that is struggling for life?”

Snow: “Thank you Mr. Chairman. We [Planned Parenthood] believe that any decision that’s made should be left up to the woman, her family, and the physician.” …

Rep. Daniel Davis: “What happens in a situation where a baby is alive, breathing on a table, moving? What do your physicians do at that point?”

Snow: “I do not have that information. I am not a physician. I am not an abortion provider. So I do not have that information.” …

Rep. Jose Oliva: “Along the same lines, you stated that a baby born alive on a table as a result of a botched abortion that that decision should be left to the doctor and the family. Is that what you’re saying?”

Snow: “Thank you, Mr. Chairman. That decision should be between the patient and the health care provider.”

Oliva: “I think that at that point the patient would be the child struggling on the table, wouldn’t you agree?”

Snow: “That’s a very good question. I really don’t know how to answer that. I would be glad to have some more conversations with you about this.”

What kind of morally bankrupt person would answer a question about a baby who has been born in such a manner?

Years ago in graduate school at American University there were two women who worked at Planned Parenthood who sat in the front of the class. I remember them joking — yes, joking — that when people asked what they do for a living they would say: “We kill babies.” They chortled and laughed and I couldn’t help but feel as though I was sitting in the presence of soulless monsters.

Regardless of my personal feelings as it pertains to abortion, what bothers me is that the American people are not given all the details with which to make an informed decision. Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comment got countless news cycles dedicated to mocking him — in order to make sure the world thought his bumbling, bone-headed response represented the thought patterns of anyone with an ‘R’ next to their name. Never mind the fact that even socialists like Roger Ebert could be pro-life.

My choice is to not support abortion, except in cases of a clear-cut choice between the lives of the mother and child. A child conceived through incest or rape is innocent and deserves the right to be born.

But Democrats are never pushed on these issues, are they? And cases like Kermit Gosnell’s are spiked in newsrooms all across the country. And Planned Parenthood gets a pass on public statements that make the skin crawl.

Over the decades, media has done the American people a great disservice. It went from looking to expose corruption and thoroughly cover stories — no matter who was in power — to becoming a shill for one political party or the other. There are many reasons for the sad state of affairs the country is in, but one of them is that free media has willingly abdicated its role to good citizens with a much smaller megaphone on their personal laptops.

Sad. And in the case of Kermit Gosnell — evil.


  1. Doug, do you have any idea how totally contradictory you are? you just criticized Melissa Harris-Perry for espousing a collective notion of kids. if you really believe in a private notion of kids, then you need to butt out of other people’s choices to have abortion if they so choose.

    1. Look at you. Impulsive. Only seconds after I post this and you’re spouting off. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Instead of taking awhile to read and digest what I actually said, you go off half-cocked. By this point, it’s entirely predictable.

    2. Doug, you exemplify the contradictory mentality of the reactionary right. Melissa Harris-Perry is a communist in your warped mind because of her statement, but the collective concern of pro-life people is completely justified. maybe if you paused before regurgitating Rush Limbaugh talking points you could see how inconsistent and unprincipled your positions are.

    3. Again, this is coming from a guy who, literally seconds (maybe 60?) after I posted this, was coming to conclusions about my public policy preferences.

      Tell me, was this a post about media bias or was it a piece about Roe vs. Wade being overturned? Was this a piece about being able to have rational discussions on a complex issue, or was this about me wanting women in back alleys with coat hangers?

      Your reaction to this post is so amazing and so perfect on so many levels it’s not even funny.

    4. Hi Lizard19,

      For the sake of argument, let’s assume the worst about Doug. Let’s assume that he’s woefully inconsistent and hypocritical. This still doesn’t absolve us from engaging with the specific issues he writes about. For example, suppose he writes a post arguing that X is Y. As readers, our job is to figure out whether or not Doug is right when he says that X is Y. That means that we have to look at the evidence and arguments that Doug adduces for the claim that X is Y. To ignore his arguments–and even the claim itself–in an attempt to discredit Doug as a scoundrel is to make a fallacious argumentum ad hominem, It places the emphasis on ethos (personal authority) rather than logos (reason and logic).

    5. ok, where is Doug’s evidence that newsrooms spiked news stories about Gosnell? and where is the evidence that Democrats are never pushed on these issues? Doug just throws that out there with nothing substantive to back it up. are we to take Doug’s personal authority on this issue? and while he complains about Americans not being informed, how is this post addressing that? with andecdotal stories about an overheard conversation between two women who were joking about killing children? how do we know that story is even true? considering Doug lied in this thread about me, what else is Doug willing to lie about?

      Doug doesn’t need anyone else to try and discredit him–he does that all by himself.

    6. Lizard19, why do you continue to deny your participation in an up-and-coming boy band — and by extension your dance “skillz” — in ‘Right to Infanticide’? Seriously. Embrace it.

      Lighten up, “kid.”

      Congrats, MrBillwulf, you actually goaded Lizard19 into asking a few questions that pertain to the post. Be careful, he won’t fall for that trick again. In the future he’ll come back at you with some sort of Rush Limbaugh diatribe.

    7. if you really believe in a private notion of kids, then you need to butt out of other people’s choices to have abortion if they so choose.

      Except that, of course, there just happens to be another human life in the equation. A viable one, too, in the 2nd and 3rd trimester. Is this to be of no consideration? And are you seriously arguing that it was a “private” matter what Gosnell did?

    8. Yes. He conveniently ignores the fact that another life changes the equation. If one believes life begins at conception, then obviously I feel compelled to defend those who are least capable of defending themselves (i.e., the unborn child).

      Regardless, you would think he’d choose his words more carefully since this particular court case deals with babies who were born alive — on tables, breathing — struggling for survival.

    9. so what I hear you saying, Hube, is you believe in a collective responsibility of communities to protect innocent, unborn children. communism much?

    10. so what I hear you saying, Hube, is you believe in a collective responsibility of communities to protect innocent, unborn children. communism much? (Lizard19)

      If you hear me saying that, you have serious issues which I’d recommend getting checked out. If you insist on playing these silly semantics games, what I was actually saying is that I don’t believe in the right of private individuals to murder another individual.

      How’s that?

  2. I don’t think someone who regurgitates Rush Limbaugh has much room to bitch and moan about media bias.

    and if you think you’ve had your personal space violated by pro-choice “loons” imagine having to go to work every day under the very real threat of death. imagine having to worry about some psycho pro-lifers stalking you or posting your personal information online.

    you can try to invalidate my points because I commented–OMG–too quickly on this post, because that’s your predictable method of dodging the points I make, you find anything else to focus on.

    1. You didn’t make any points. You made weird statements that have nothing to do with my piece, and the assertions you did make can be completely invalidated by the actual text of the post. And you keep mentioning Rush Limbaugh. Any rational observer who bothers to read what I wrote and then compares it to what you’ve concluded will laugh.

      You might want to call this one off. Although, in your case maybe I should say ‘abort’ while the discussion is in its ‘infancy’. You’re looking really bad in this exchange.

    2. if you don’t like liberal media bias, Doug, just do what other stupid conservatives do which is consume conservative media bias, the kind you espoused in your last post when you called Melissa Harris-Perry a communist for talking about a collective notion of kids.

      my point is, as a conservative shill, you are too wrapped up in contradiction to be able to credibly speak about the bias you think you’ve uncovered with this one story of one doctor who is being PROSECUTED for breaking the law.

      you say this:

      Over the decades, media has done the American people a great disservice. It went from looking to expose corruption and thoroughly cover stories — no matter who was in power — to becoming a shill for one political party or the other.

      that is a very hypocritical statement coming from a conservative shill like yourself.

    3. “Shill.Shill.Conservative.Shill.Shill.Limbaugh.Shill.Conservative.Limbaugh,” (Lizard19).

      Got it.

      If you wanted to know my thoughts on Ms. Perry, it was possible to have that discussion. Instead, you spent that post saying things like you wished I didn’t procreate. Man, even in other threads you’re pushing the abortion thing, aren’t you? Weird.

    4. Anyone who attempts to legitimately claim there is no left-leaning mainstream media bias in the US today is delusional. Period. End of story.

    5. Exactly right, Hube.

      And Lizard also said that he wished I didn’t procreate, either. Some liberal “tolerance” there!

    6. And I don’t even need to assert some sort of authority on the matter (even though, umm, I work at a newspaper, I’m on the radio four days a week, and know many people in the industry … so I might have a tiny bit of insight into how the sausage is made). He could have just turned on MSNBC over the past few days to see that this story wasn’t a priority, to put it nicely. No need to take my word for it. Use the remote control.

    7. Check this out, Hube. I just ran across this at work:

      Media coverage of Mike Rice (fired basketball coach who acted like a nut in front of his players) and Gosnell (guy who saw nothing wrong with killing babies that survived abortions) over the past week:


      Rutgers: 8 min., 1 sec
      Gosnell: 0 min., 0 sec.


      Rutgers: 14 min., 27 sec.
      Gossnell: 0 min., 0 sec.


      Rutgers: 18 min., 58 sec.
      Gosnell: 0 min., 0 sec.

    8. the “left” barely even exists in this country, and it’s certainly not something that exists in how corporate media frames issues.

      I wonder, Hube, where was the left-leaning bias in the run-up to war with Iraq?

    9. the “left” barely even exists in this country, and it’s certainly not something that exists in how corporate media frames issues.

      Add another statement to “delusional” — that “the left barely even exists in this country.” Seriously — how do you then define “the left?” Must one be an actual professed Communist to so qualify?

      I wonder, Hube, where was the left-leaning bias in the run-up to war with Iraq?

      Well, since even left-leaning politicians like Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, Madeline Albright, Carl Levin, Sandy Berger, and Ted Kennedy all said pretty much exactly what President Bush did to justify his invasion, that probably explains why they were less than critical about it.

    10. Sandy “I like to shove secret documents down my pants and underwear” Berger. It’s been so long…

      The documents taken by Berger dealt with the terror threats during the 2000 millennium celebration, according to parties in the case.

      According to the charges, Berger — between September 2 and October 2, 2003 — “knowingly removed classified documents from the National Archives and Records Administration and stored and retained such documents at places,” such as his private Washington office.

      Berger’s associates admit he took five copies of an after-action report detailing the 2000 millennium terror plot from the Archives. The aides say Berger returned to his office, discovered that three of the copies appeared to be duplicates and cut them up with scissors.

      The revelations were a dramatic change from Berger’s claim last year that he had made an “honest mistake” and either misplaced or unintentionally threw the documents away.

      When Archives officials contacted him after they realized documents were missing, Berger told them about the two copies he had, and returned them, along with his handwritten notes, officials said.

      Sometimes, when I’m making an “honest mistake,” I frantically shove paper down my pants and in my underwear. Who doesn’t do that?

    11. I remember being on Cloud 9 one day when I emailed Rush Limbaugh’s web master and said they should do something like turn Sandy Berger into the Hamburgler … and they did. I was just a college kid then. Man, time flies.

      I was just sort of understanding media bias at that point, and to see people make excuses for Berger was astounding. He shoved secret documents in his pants! You couldn’t get any more blatant than that, and yet people were defending the “honest mistake” line. Unbelievable.

    1. what the hell are you talking about? is blatantly lying now one of your methods to suppress criticism?

  3. My stomach just turns when I hear stories like these. The reality is ugly about abortions and most don’t want to hear it. I did and dealt with it by reading the article. There are those that just get ” rid of the problem” when there are those who would die to have child and yet are doing there damnest to conceive because of that little hope.

    Good job Douglas. Keep up the excellent work. We need more people like you in the media to paint the actual picture of real subjects rather than the Kardashian sisters,

  4. Keep on bringing the truth to the light of day bro. I salute you, sir.

    “Any person who condones the murder of a baby in the womb cannot be trusted to make any decision” .

    Jim Zee

    1. I’m not worried about Lizard19’s judgment. I’m going to be dead a lot longer than I’m going to be alive. It’s my Maker I want to be able to look in the eye and say: “I didn’t sit silent while this sort of thing happened.”

      Side note, Jim. I found this interesting:

      “[A}nd if you think you’ve had your personal space violated by pro-choice “loons” imagine having to go to work every day under the very real threat of death,” (Lizard19)

      We’ll just ignore the times I was almost blown up or turned into a blood splatter as an infantryman during live fire exercises (e.g., idiots drop live grenades next to you after they’ve pulled the pin, Bradley 7.62mm COAX flying over my head because someone’s aim was WAY off). We’ll also ignore the guy who sent me ‘Silence of the Lamb’-type emails because of this blog, or the guy who sent a package to my home address, which I never gave out…)

      Anyway, I’m not sure how you feel about this, but I’ve found that truly religious men do not fear death. At all. Certain situations annoy me, but death does not concern me in the least. I’ve found that the less religious a man is, the more he freaks out over death. Have you had a similar experience?

  5. Yes. When it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go. Call it fate, kismet, divine providence, whatever. As there is nothing you can do about it, there is no cause to worry about it or let the fear of death rule your life.

    Agreed. I think a person who does not know or trust himself worries the most. A Believer knows where his trust lies.

    1. We’re on the same wavelength today. We did a rewrite on the same story at TWT. I was even thinking about writing something on it tonight. If I get some time, I think that’s going to happen.

  6. Great minds think alike, bro. Re: wavelength: look for me on 145.525 mHz when in Vermont. 🙂

    “Thermionic Emission Rocks” — Jean Shepherd

    1. Europe is strange. There are pockets of sanity (in places like Poland, for example), but for the most part it’s a hollowed out cultural husk. By trying to stand for everything they made it clear they stood for nothing. And the result is…what you see before you.

      I’m actually rather shocked that the “abortion as a right” crowd lost. On one day at least, the pockets of sanity prevailed.

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