Dick Durbin Debt Liver Tumor

Recently, Lee Doren of CEI covered the “Wealth Inequality in America” video that went viral. In the feedback section of my blog, a liberal drive-by commenter said that I appeared to be an “elitist” for suggesting that the makers of the video purposefully muddied the waters between “income” and “wealth” because I believe large swathes of the public doesn’t particularly make a distinction between the two.

I rejected that claim because the truth is not elitist. Likewise, politicians know this is the truth, which is why you have Sen. Dick Durbin talking about deficits when he was specifically asked about debt.

Liberals are masters at twisting and contorting language until people throw up their hands in frustration or simply go along with whatever definition they’ve come up with on that day.

Note this exchange on March 17 between Sen. Durbin and Chris Wallace:

Chris Wallace: Sen. Durbin, when candidate Obama said that [$9 trillion in debt was “unpatriotic”], our national debt was $9 trillion. It’s now $16 trillion. So the question is: If it was unpatriotic at $9 trillion, is it sustainable at $16 trillion?

Dick Durbin: “Chris, here’s the good news: We’ve reduced the long term deficit by about 2.4 trillion dollars. That’s included only $6 billion in new revenue [i.e., tax hikes] as part of the fiscal cliff. We still have to do more, but we’ve taken the edge off the crisis, I’ll concede that. What the president is pointing to is this: We need strong economic recovery. We need to put Americans back to work. That’s our first priority. Deficit reduction I would put as the second priority and one that is coupled with economic growth. So I think we can do both. Make sure we have deficit reduction, but don’t cut too much, too fast.

Take for example the sequestration. Seven hundred thousand American jobs will be lost. This is not the thing to do and not the right time to do it. We’ve got to phase this in and sequence it so that we have economic growth and Americans paying taxes.

As I’ve said before, when Washington officials lament “cuts,” what they’re really talking about is going into debt at a slower rate than they would like.

BL-sequestration-size-comparisonThink of the federal government or the national debt like a tumor. It grows and it grows and it grows. At some point, even the operation needed to save the life of the afflicted could end up resulting in death. The tumor gets too close or attached to vital organs. Too much blood loss would occur if it was removed by anyone except the most skilled surgeon. The body has grown too weak to survive attempts to excise the cancer.

That is where the United States finds itself today, and it’s precisely what men like Dick Durbin are counting on. If they can continue to play word games long enough, the tumor will grow. And in this tale Durbin plays a deranged doctor who knows he can keep prescribing the wrong medicine and collecting his patient’s cash because he will be long gone by the time the body goes into cardiac arrest.

Sen. Durbin has talked to all the actuaries. He has seen all the numbers by the CBO, OMB, etc. He knows the interest on the national debt alone will break us at some point in the not-to-distant future. And yet he continues to misinform the American people.

America is sick right now, and millions of citizens don’t realize that they’ve hired the political equivalent of Jack Kevorkian to heal the nation.

Barring some sort of technological breakthrough that changes the country’s fiscal trajectory, this will end badly. And when it does, history must note that men like Sen. Durbin willingly allowed it to happen.

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    1. I’ve said that multiple times. But currently, the Democrat Party is the most in denial.

      How many times do I need to say this? Democrats want to go over a cliff at 100 mph, and Republicans want to go over at 60 mph. If Democrats couldn’t swallow sequestration, what will they do when reality really forces their hand?

      Did you see one post from me complaining about how sequestration will destroy the military? Answer: No.

    2. you may massage your message in the comment threads, but your posts are always partisan.

      I’ll risk oversimplifying two issues by saying our deficit is largely a product of Iraq, tax cuts, and medicare pt. D, while too big to fail is largely a product of Clinton-era deregulation, which led to the crisis the Fed tried to paper over.

      focusing only on our national ledger also ignores the global pressures. I’d say something about Cyprus here, but if that LIBOR scandal bored you, I won’t waste my energy.

    3. Let’s compare the total spent on Iraq to what is promised in unfunded mandates in the coming years, shall we? We can make a chart and show just how ridiculous you are. Deficits can go up and down due to events (e.g., 9/11, tech boom), but if it’s worked into the cake (i.e., we promise you this, even if we can’t afford it), it’s a lot different.

      I love how you’re still hung up on the fact that even though I read financial news, I don’t really write about it. Even though I read about 10 stories on Cyprus yesterday (on my day off from, umm, my job at a newspaper), I decided I’d rather see what financial guys wrote on it. I had a blog post brewing that would have referenced LIBOR, the Knickerbocker Trust Company and the infamous date Dec. 11, 1930, but I shelved it for now.

      And I hate to inform you (although, you’re such a financial wizard, so I know you know this), but the fed has been trying to paper over its mistakes since its inception.

      I guess we’re all not as smart and wonderful as you. Science, Technology, Politics, Poetry (Where can I buy your award-winning poetry? Or are you another failed, angry and bitter artist?). You can do it all! But the world hasn’t properly rewarded you, I guess. So you go around bashing other people, making condescending comments, and generally just being a c**k.

      Have fun with that. Maybe on your deathbed you’ll realize you wasted your life being a jerk.

  1. compare away. Iraq has cost nearly 4 trillion dollars and Bush’s tax cuts, in the first 10 years, cost about a trillion.

    there’s obviously much more going on, like blatant Wall Street corruption, but since both parties are controlled by wealthy donors, nothing will happen to the people that nearly crashed the entire global economy. that’s why a bank like HSBC can literally launder billions of cartel drug money and get away with it with only a small fine.

    if you are butthurt by facts, Doug, fine. call me all the nasty names you want, it just exposes how vacuous your partisan world view is.

    1. The internal monologue of Lizard19: Yeah! I told him! That was amazing, man! I showed the world how vacuous and partisan he is. He’s so stupid, he didn’t write about LIBOR yesterday. Heh. Loser…

      Good for you. Now you can self-righteously beat your chest about it during a poetry smack down at The Farmers Market this weekend.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some numbers to look over. For some reason I got the impression that the bulk of our countries financial problems had nothing to do with the Iraq War. I wonder why. Maybe it has something to do with Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.

    2. I’m glad you read my poetry posts Doug. I mostly highlight the work of published poets, but I do sometimes include my own work.

      and if you are hoping to get a rise out of me, I should let you know you aren’t the first person to direct personal attacks at my love of poetry because of impotent political arguments.

    3. I love poetry, too. In fact, the anti-war poetry readings on USC’s campus during my days there were thoroughly … entertaining. Sometimes, the kids even brought bongos. I’m not joking.

      Odd that there aren’t any anti-Obama-droning poetry slams these days on college campuses. I wonder why.

      But you’re right: I’m so intellectually impotent that you keep coming back here to comment again, and again and again. Got it.

    4. you should check out Brian Turner’s HERE, BULLET. He was infantry 3rd Stryker brigade in Iraq. no link ’cause must get to work.

    5. Sadly, Zack Dela Rocha never took me up on the poetry smack down challenge.

      Here’s a piece I wrote as a kid at USC. It was an assignment for my anti-war liberal prof. She shut up for the rest of the semester afterward.

      Model Student

      Tenured professors offer anti-war protests as extra-credit
      Handing me a map, I appear the eager young adult,
      Daddy Warbucks, spoon fed, next generation USC grad
      Paid for in handsome contributions.
      Never knew I was infantry,
      Witness to bloated bellies on starving children.
      Effects of chemical and biological weapons:
      That’s real,
      Classmates, eager for the grade or blinded by credentials
      Soak it up like a pressure dressing applied to a flesh wound.
      Apparently my friends overseas are murderers.
      Only burn-outs enlist in the Armed Services.
      Red Neck, racist, slack jawed, gun toting
      Republicans fill our nation’s ranks—
      According to my professor.
      Only misfit kids and has-been jocks
      Attend community college—
      According to my professor.
      Only the crème of the crop attend USC.

      What does that make me?

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