Chris Cornell still has some serious pipes. 'Crooked Steps' is an amazing single. It's just weird that Cornell uses his vocal chords to sing and stump for President Obama, but  not to criticize his policy of droning American citizens.
Chris Cornell has some serious pipes. ‘Crooked Steps’ is an amazing single. It’s just weird that Soundgarden’s front man uses his vocal chords to sing and stump for President Obama, but not to criticize a policy of droning American citizens.

Chris Cornell is a talented guy. He also seems like a smart guy. But he’s unapologetic when it comes to his support of President Obama. He’s performed at Obama fundraisers and even the recent inaugural ball. Apparently, President Obama inspires “hope” in him, which is fine … but I do have one question: Was that before or after he knew that the Obama administration took George W. Bush’s drone policy and pumped it full of steroids? (i.e., Targeting American citizens for “imminent” threats that are “sorta-kinda-well maybe we don’t know” is now codified into law.)

I ask this because Soundgarden’s new single, ‘Crooked Steps,’ is absolutely amazing, and it seems to spring forth from the kind of angry inspiration that made the Bush years musically bearable. (e.g., Pearl Jam’s ‘World Wide Suicide’ and Incubus’ ‘Megalomaniac’). Only a man with some serious passion stirring in his soul could have penned such a song.

‘Crooked Steps’ is the song you listen to when you steer your rocket ship onto a collision course with the sun just to be the only man to experience getting swallowed by a star. ‘Crooked Steps’ is the song you listen to when you break the land-speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats — with the top down and no helmet or goggles. ‘Crooked Steps’ is the song you listen to when someone spikes your drink with methamphetamines, you’re jumped by twenty guys in a dark alley on the way home, and then you’re the only one to walk out into the light in one piece.

Sadly, ‘Crooked Steps’ is also the perfect soundtrack to an Obama drone strike on American civilians — at home or abroad.

If you’re a fan of great rock, you’ve got a gem with this song, the second single off Soundgarden’s new album, ‘King Animal.’ Cornell, Kim Thayil, Ben Shepherd and drummer Matt Cameron are in rare form. And while Cornell’s vocals always steal the show, it’s hard to deny that Matt Cameron’s drumming rolls over you like a tank going 500 mph. (What the heck is Pearl Jam going to do if he’s tied up with Soundgarden? He’s been PJ’s unofficial-offical drummer for ages, now.)

Check out the video for ‘Crooked Steps’ when you get a chance, but be aware that it was directed by Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl — another avid fan of President Obama who hasn’t said a word about American civilians being droned. Dave is a creative genius, but instead of crafting a video that captured the essence of the song, he went with the goofy humor Foo Fighters videos are known for. On many levels it works, but I suggest listening to the song the first time through without looking at the screen, and then giving the video a watch afterward.

Later, when you have time, you can tweet Chris and ask him what he thinks of President Obama’s foreign policy.


  1. Soundgarden has been my favorite band for a long time and I’m glad they’ve reunited. Did not know Cornell was a misguided Obama-lover — always disappointing from the musically gifted.

    As for Pearl Jam, I never could get over their righteousness, which I think seriously stunted their touring (while they were pursuing lawsuits against the venues) and their songwriting. I nominate them for most overrated band, not because they are “terrible” but because their deification is so beyond their actual body of work.

    As for Liberal hypocrisy, I was shaking my head this morning at an article about Betty Friedan / The Feminine Mystique. As you know, I am a huge supporter of women’s rights (, and the fact the Friedan’s NOW (National Organization for Women) defended Bill Clinton, an accused rapist and sexual harasser extraordinaire, during the Paula Jones lawsuit is one of the great moments in the history of Liberal Hypocrisy. The legacy of NOW was forever destroyed by the insanity of their support for one of the towering Misogynists of the modern era.

    Liberal support by musical artists of Barack Obama, peacemaker (not) and bringer-of-justice-to-Wall-Street (NOT) is just a few more bricks in the wall.

  2. Makes me think back in time when I was naive about the world listening to Superunknown and Jar of Flies. I don’t understand how liberal psychosis causes one to be inspired by incompetent politicians. Weren’t big name bands supposed to be against mainstream or anti-establishment.

    1. Bingo, Mark. I was just telling someone that in an older post of mine. Liberals used to fight against the establishment … and then they became the establishment! Today’s college kids don’t push back against their professors — they buy into every last word as if it’s gospel.

  3. Dude…who gives a damn about his political preference?! Jesus! Anyone who cares more about the musicians stupid political views than the musicians actual music are fools and are only fortifying my opinion that politics has become so ridiculous that it actually causes people to HATE whoever doesn’t share their political belief!! Grow the fuck up people. I’m 19 and I can see the idiocy in both the Republican and Democratic parties. It makes me sick.
    And how the hell do you people not already know that ALL GRUNGE MUSICIANS ARE LIBERAL!

    1. How the world works: According to the 19 year old who has it all figured out.

      If an artist inserts social commentary into his work, then it’s kind of hard to not “care” about it. If an artist is an activist, that activism will be integral to his music — and by extension worth commenting on. But you probably already knew that because you’re 19 and you know how to use the caps lock key.

      PS: Show me where I said I hate Chris Cornell? You can’t because it isn’t there. I look forward to your next comment a decade from now. Perhaps you’ll have grown up by then.

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