CT Fletcher

From time to time this blog veers a bit off course from its normal politics and pop culture fare to cover health and fitness. I wrote on Schwarzenegger’s “Six Rules for Success. I discussed running and the importance of being humbled. And now, I get to bring to you a short video on CT Fletcher, who in a sane universe would be approached by Marvel to play an older version of Luke Cage; the guy looks like he could walk through a brick wall. CT’s story provides a humbling tale and a message of hard work that I love. To top it off, he’s over 50 years old — and regular readers know I like writing about older guys who continue to sling the weights around despite all of society’s sick incentives to become soft and weak.

Don’t look for an easy way out. Nobody wants to work hard these days. Everybody wants the easy way — the 20 minute abs, the 10 minute this, the 10 minute that. … F**k that! Come to the gym. Work your ass off. Earn it. …

They said: “You can’t do it. You’re going to die.” I said: “Well, I’d rather die doing what I love to do than sitting at home looking at TV.”

I’m CT Fletcher: Six-time world champion, three-time world champion (drug free) bench presser, three-time world strict curl champion. …

What happened (and it took until 2005 for my attitude to change and be humbled) was the fact that I had to have emergency open-heart surgery. I was rushed to the emergency room more times than I care remember. … I was 260 before the operation, so I lost 45-50 pounds just to try and not have the operation, but it didn’t work. I came out of that surgery weighing 190 pounds,  looking like I never lifted weights in my life. I was a human skeleton. … It took me almost 2 years to recover. …

I still want to go back and defend the unbroken 225 strict curl record. I’d like to do it at the age of 54 —be able to do what I did at the age of 30. I think that would be pretty cool to come back 24 years later and do the same thing at a much lighter body weight — and 24 years older. …

20 minute abs, 20 minute calves, 20 minute butt, 20 minute any-f***ing-thing is a pile of bulls**t. If you see somebody with great abs, a great butt, a great whatever, they didn’t do the s**t in 20 minutes, and if they tell you they did, they are a f***ing liar. Trust me on that. No matter what, cause I hate complainers and I hate criers … if I could come in here with a metal valve implanted in my chest, taking 10 different medicines just to stay alive every day and do my workout, you have no excuses. So no matter what — your nose bleeds, it’s that time of the month, the kids are crying, you don’t feel like it, your back hurts, you got aches and pains — it’s still your mother-f****ng set. Let’s get it done.”

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    1. No doubt. His fist-to-head size ratio is unbelievably comic bookish. Freaky. He kinda reminds me Keith David if he was blasted with gamma rays.

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