Barack Obama

We are all millionaires and billionaires now. You can thank Barack Obama. The refrain by the president that “millionaires and billionaires” should pay their “fair share” is synonymous in the minds of the average citizen with the memory of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers holding the world hostage for “1 million dollars!” Sadly, the inflationary realities that made audiences laugh at Dr. Evil will, in time, have them crying over the fiscal policies enacted by this president.

Congress’ definition of “the rich” is as concrete as the definition of pornography; the most important thing is not generating specificity in the minds of those hearing it, but the idea that something dirty is being discussed. “Millionaires and billionaires” has been defined as hard-working American families earning $900,000, those making over $450,000 and those making over $250,000. And now, the fiscal cliff bill (signed into law by auto pen while Obama body-surfs in Hawaii) officially raises the payroll tax in a way that carpet-bombs all low wage workers. Making $41,000 a year? Congratulations — you are now a millionaire.

Those most pernicious of all the taxes set to take effect in the coming years is the inflation that will occur — and it will happen — as a result of Washington’s unwillingness to address its spending problem. Even with $41 in new taxes for every dollar in spending “cuts” (another word that doesn’t mean what it really means when uttered on Sunday talk shows), the nation’s $16 trillion debt is expected to balloon. And faced with such challenges, men like Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., have seriously latched onto ideas like printing $1 trillion coins.

“I’m being absolutely serious,” the Manhattan and Brooklyn representative told “It sounds silly but it’s absolutely legal. And it would normally not be proper to consider such a thing, except when you’re faced with blackmail to destroy the country’s economy, you have to consider things.”

The only people who are blackmailing the country are the politicians who never found a sum of money they couldn’t spend, but Nadler’s comment begs the question: Why not mint $16 trillion coins while we’re at it? They could have Obama’s face on them and they could be mailed to to every man, woman and child in America. We’d all be trillionaires. We’d be Zimbabwe, but we’d be trillionaires.


  1. as long as people like you can continue keeping your criticism of our economic crisis confined along partisan lines, the real, systemic problems will continue.

    you should be railing against the Bush/Obama/Fed bailout of the financial sector, because too-big-to-fail has gotten even worse since the economic crash.

    of course that would entail acknowledging the broad, bipartisan consensus to use federal intervention to keep the “free market” from destroying insolvent banking giants.

    1. I have spoken out against the GOP. Multiple times. I have repeatedly stated that one party wants to drive over the cliff at 100 mph and one wants to go over at 60 mph. But this is a conservative blog, so it would be rather odd if the bulk of my time was spent publicly blasting people who, at least in theory, agree with me.

      I’ll be eagerly awaiting your next comment in a month’s time, where you say that “people like” me are the problem.


    2. you choose the subject and scope of what you write, right? maybe you could reach all the way back to the origins of the Tea Party, and recall that criticizing TARP was the initial motivation.

      if conservatives really believed in the principle of the free market, then there would be much more criticism of federal intervention to prop up insolvent banks should. but instead we get relentless attacks on entitlements.

      if the GOP could just get out of its own way, Obama and his craven neoliberal administration are poised to help dismantle the New Deal.

    3. Does “taxed enough already” ring a bell? I’m familiar with the Tea Party. I don’t need a lecture on its history from you.

      Unlike most people, I don’t write about issues that are generally out of my league when I can avoid it, and I’m not a banking and markets expert. Go to zerohedge if you want that; that’s where I go.

      The idea that I’m a partisan hack is absurd. You’ve made the charge before and I’ve exposed the stupidity of it then. Get a life.

      The main drivers of our debt are “the big three.” And so, I will talk about them. I will point out how liberals are stealing from future generations and Republicans don’t have a leader who is courageous enough to stand up to them. They care more about political survival than the survival of the nation.

      Thanks again for the laugh.

  2. you are right, the bipartisan consensus to protect fraudulently accumulated wealth is out of your league.

    1. Why do you come here and continuously demonstrate what a bitter loser you are? Again, please get a life. I don’t visit your blog and go around insulting you, and yet you are apparently compelled to do so here.

      As I said before, your comments say much more about you than they do about me or this blog. I just feel sorry for you. I really do.

    2. oh, sorry, I thought describing yourself as bare-knuckled implied you could handle a bit of jousting, but if your conservatism is that fragile, I’ll quit poking.

      I come here because I do think you are capable of seeing the scam of party politics, but while you are eager to go after the contradictions and hypocrisies of liberals, you get very defensive when someone uses the same approach against you.

    3. You mistakenly equate your douchebag pot shots with substance. What you do isn’t bare-knuckled at all. I’ve had civil conversations with MeAgain (now Lightbringer). I had a decent conversation with that Australian journalist in my post on faith. Those were workable “jousting” matches with people I had disagreements. You? You’re just some dude from Montana who is really angry all the time.

      I have no idea what hypocrisy you’re talking about. I’m smart enough to know that I’m not Larry Kudlow — so I generally leave market stuff to guys like him. I’m smart enough to know the guys at Zerohedge do a better job at explaining markets than I do — so I generally leave it to them. I say that, and you throw out some dumb little insult. That’s what you do. Fine.

      I write about what interests me. Sallie Mae, Freddie Mac, Simpson-Bowls, and Libor put me to sleep. I’m happy to read up on business news, but I’m not going to go through the motions on my blog and I’m not going to talk about the ins-and-outs of the financial markets if I feel as though the post would be shoddy. If you want to interpret that as some sort of dodge on my part, go ahead. I really don’t care. I know what I’m doing with this blog and I know that I am succeeding because the WordPress stats tell me everything I need to know. That’s what I care about.

      If you want to “poke,” go ahead. Keep poking your way through life. And when you die you can tell your Creator you were great at poking things. I wish you all the best.

  3. you’re not very creative when you go on the insult-offensive, Doug. you dish it out plenty, but really can’t seem to take it. maybe if I was an Obama-worshipping liberal you’d have some better shots, but I’m not, so all you’ve got is high-schoolish personal attacks.

    I’m glad you consider yourself a blogging success, according to your WordPress stats. there is a big audience of party partisans out there, and while you claim not to be one, you’re choir-preaching comes off as an audition for GOP acceptance.

    I’m sorry systemic fraud and market manipulation puts you to sleep, but you’re young, so maybe someday you’ll wake up.

    until then, you can stop by my virtual locale and insult me anytime you want. cheers!

    1. I like how you tried to flip my responses to your petty insults as evidence that I’m into personal attacks. You might want to watch the projection.

      Sigh. Us young immature guys. If only I got serious I would stop writing about Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and trillions of dollars in national debt — and advance to … the Libor scandal. You’re right. You totally got me. You called me on the carpet for everyone to see. How embarrassing. Maybe now I’ll wise up.

      No thanks on stopping by your blog to play the name-calling game. “Poking” is apparently what you want out of life. You can have it. You might be older than me, but it’s obvious you never grew up. Sad.

    2. um, have I called you a sad loser douchebag with no life? I don’t need to “flip” anything, ’cause thems your words, Doug. those types of personal attacks usually stem from a lack of substantive alternatives, by the way.

      I also like how you tried to include the state in which I reside as part of your attack against me. yeah, just some dude from Montana. did you know Montana, according to recent stats, is #4 in per capita Army recruits? maybe you should think about that before being condescending to an entire state of very patriotic Americans.

      looking back at your post, I see how you tried to get clever with the notion of “blackmail”, but when you think about it, the entire concept of too-big-too-fail is a form of blackmail that mocks the very core of the free-market economic principles conservatives pretend to venerate. and to pass TARP, the bankers man, Hank even threatened members of Congress with martial law if they didn’t pass it.

      anyway, just like the tea party conservatives in podunk Montana who get farm subsidy welfare then grandstand against people “dependent” on the federal government, you appear unwilling to give any of your successful blog space to the blatant hypocrisies of those who share your conservative ideology.

      Editor’s note: Last link added because it was too good to resist. Check it out.

    3. My wife is from Montana. She loves it there. I love it there. Sadly, my trip this summer did inspire a post on the Occupy movement, though.

      Nice try. If you were from my home state of Illinois I would have said you’re just an angry guy from Illinois. You fail again.

      Again, my comments came in response to your own toolish behavior. Anyone who wants a glimpse at your last go-round at useless comments that serve no other purpose other than to highlight the enjoyment you get from being an annoying troll can read them here. If they want to see how I tried to have patience in the past with you, they can read more here.

      And here’s me blogging on farm subsidies. You fail. Again. And here’s me blogging on how depressing Mitch McConnell (and his jowls) are. You fail. Again.

      If I had time I’d go through my Twitter feed and pull out all the times I linked to Business Insider, Zerohedge, CNN Money, IBD and Bloomberg just to really make you feel dumb. (Yes, I do communicate with people on multiple social media platforms.) You really should just give it up. Like I said, I do feel sorry for you. I really do.

  4. this is getting tedious, so I’ll keep this one quick: your “farm subsidy post” is just another shot at the “liberal Hollywood apparatchik”. it’s not a critique of your side of the political spectrum’s hypocrisy, which is what I was talking about.

    1. If only I had used my blog to do a straight-up post on the exciting topic of farm subsidies instead of finding a way to work it more seamlessly into a story with a pop culture angle (like my blog advertises), then it would have received the lizard19 stamp of approval. I see. And if only I blogged on financial markets instead of tweeting such stories to a few thousand followers (more with the proper usage of hash tags), then I’d be less of a party hack. It’s all so clear to me now. Thanks!

  5. it will be interesting to see if young folks like you can save the GOP from itself. you’ve got a good schtick going here with a pop-culture lure and predictable conservative talking-point content.

    in your first response up thread, you said this:

    it would be rather odd if the bulk of my time was spent publicly blasting people who, at least in theory, agree with me.

    yes, it would be odd if a conservative like you publicly blasted wall street’s greed-driven fraudulent manipulation of the global economy.

    your mistake is assuming they, the bankers, agree with your conservative principles. they don’t. but you won’t acknowledge that because you will be too busy publicly blasting rich celebrities and programs that keep poor people from starving.

    1. Look at you, so desperate to get in one last zinger. You keep coming back again … and again … and again, hoping to leave on a note that in your mind screams, “Yeah, I showed him.” It’s rather sad and pathetic. It’s also rather transparent, so thank you.

      Anyway, I’ll continue reaching out to people across multiple social media platforms, and I’ll leave you to whatever it is you do.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I have my Wall Street masters to answer to. We have a conference call. I think my Jewish overlords might be in on this meeting, too.

  6. Doug,
    I don’t seem to be able to contact you directly right now, but thought this important.

    I forwarded this to the people on my mailing list, but I thought you’d appreciate it also: All need to see what has been accomplished in the recent past and what the 2nd amendment was intended to prevent: an out of control Tyrannical government! This is not radical, it is the law of the Constitution. Authentic

    a picture of a plaque dedicated to the battle is shown at the end of the video along with some of the real participants.

    I thought 14 minutes was a bit long but once I started watching it I could not stop. This is very interesting.

    I don’t remember this being brought up in any of my U.S. History classes. Little known American Historical Fact I was completely unaware of this event that took place in Athens , TN in 1946. I did not know an armed revolt on American soil by WWII veterans ever took place during our lifetime. A very sobering video to say the least. Now the second amendment should be a little clearer to everyone. This movie lasts less than fourteen minutes and is well worth the time. Be sure to watch to the end to see actual photographs of the event and the plaque posted at the site.

    FIRST FACTS: Please do not delete this bit of US History of which many Americans have no knowledge. View it, share it and pray that we will never need such a response to government! Check out the link below. Reference:
    Bruce A. Frank
    Peoples Republik of Kalifornia
    San Jose

    When injustice becomes law, then resistance becomes duty.
    Thomas Jefferson

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