Chris Matthews

I feel sorry for Chris Matthews. Years from now conservatives will cite the most infamous of all Chris Matthews quotes to drag what is left of his reputation through the mud. It will be ugly. And to think that he allowed himself to be overheard in Dupont Circle saying:

“Yes, I admit it: I, Chris Matthews, hate black people — but most Americans don’t know it because those feelings are surpassed by my burning contempt for Republicans.”

Want proof that he said it? Conservatives don’t need to give proof because Chris Matthews’ own logic dictates that misquotes are not misquotes. Don’t believe me? I do have proof of that:

Winston Churchill had so many sayings misattributed to him that one academic gave the phenomenon a name: “Churchillian drift.” Richard Langworth, editor of “Finest Hour,” a journal published by the Churchill Centre, an international organization dedicated to promoting scholarship and appreciation of the late British prime minister, says he constantly fields questions about Churchill quotes from speechwriters, students and Churchill fans — but “not so much professors, who think they know everything.” …

Mr. Langworth says Chris Matthews, a fellow Churchill Centre board member and host of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” has misquoted Churchill. Last year Mr. Matthews made a promotional ad for MSNBC in which he recounted Churchill being told during World War II that he should cut government funding for the arts.

“Then what are we fighting for?” Churchill replied, according to Mr. Matthews.

Mr. Langworth says Churchill never said it, though many over the years have used what Mr. Langworth calls “this famous ‘red herring’ nonquote.”

Mr. Matthews, a self-described “Churchill nut,” insists he hasn’t misquoted his hero, but adds, “How can you prove someone never said something?”

Telling, isn’t it? If you ever wondered why Chris Matthews is such a fan of making accusations of racism, look no further. A man who believes he should be able to misquote historical figures in the pursuit of his vision for the world is the kind of man who would have no problem making up malevolent motivations for his political opponents. If the world all thought like Matthews, over time we could turn Reagan into a liberal; we could make Ghandi a warmonger; and we could turn Judas into loyal guy. For Matthews, it isn’t about the accuracy of the information — it’s about having the correct people (i.e., those who agree with Chris Matthews) controlling the information.

Imagine if you woke up tomorrow, you were on trial for your life, and clones of Chris Matthews happened to fill the roles of the prosecuting attorney, the judge and the jury?

Chris Matthews (Prosecutor): “Tell us about the circumstances on the night you killed your wife and admitted it to Officer Matthews during an interrogation?”
YOU: I never said that.
Chris Matthews (Prosecutor): “Can you PROVE you never said that?”
YOU: I never said that.
Chris Matthews (Officer): He did, your honor.
YOU: I NEVER said that! Am I in the Twilight Zone?
Chris Matthews (Jury): Guilty! Crucify him! Crucify him!
Chris Matthews (Judge): Guilty. The sentence is death — by Chris Matthews firing squad, to be held at sundown. If you do not have any last words, some will be made up for you in time.

Charges of racism are the ultimate trump card, even if they are the hallmark of the intellectually bankrupt. There is no way to prove someone isn’t a racist because there is no way to look into the heart and soul. To Chris Matthews, truth and accuracy don’t matter because in his mind accomplishing a “goal” (e.g., discrediting opponents) is bigger than the lie. What’s wrong with fudging the facts, lying or outright inventing “evidence” if it forwards the vision of the anointed?

Conservatives are in a tough position. For instance, such a mindset allows Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton and others to say with a straight face that John McCain’s concerns about Ambassador Susan Rice have racist roots, despite the fact that McCain’s adopted daughter is from Bangladesh. How do you debate an opponent who is willing to say and do anything to destroy your character? Perception is often reality, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you have intellectually-honest brokers trying to describe reality. It all falls apart when you have one guy who says: “How can you prove someone never said something?”

To quote Chris Matthews: “Liberals are a rotten bunch, but sometimes you can still make a mean cider out of sour apples.”

Now go make some cider, conservatives.


About the Author Douglas Ernst

I'm a former Army guy who believes success comes through hard work, honesty, optimism, and perseverance. I believe seeing yourself as a victim creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. I believe in God. I'm a USC Trojan with an MA in Political Science from American University.


  1. I can’t stand Matthews. He’s like an Anti-Rush. Both idiots.

    Can’t we put some sensible, intelligent people on the news cycle? No. Because it wouldn’t be entertaining. *sigh*

  2. Greatest take down of Chris Matthews ever. From Ace of Spades. I’m jealous.

    “Chris Matthews realizes that a knock on liberal men is that they are effete and kind of effeminate. So I think he’s made the conscious decision to overcompensate, by playing up a near-caricature of the Regular Red-Blooded Blue-Collar Guy Who Throws Back a Gin & Tonic or Nine At the Local Irish Pub.

    But I say this is a caricature, because I’m pretty sure Chris Matthews’ list of blue collar friends begins at his doorman and ends at his Artisan Tea Barista. Because his idea of “being blue collar” is to deliberately put things into terms several degrees cruder and more juvenile than necessary. …

    His idea of “blue collar” is this never-ending stream of loud, drunken beer-swilled machismo; all gin-fueled pissing match, dick waggling bluster.

    And it sounds really false from Chris Matthews (except for the gin-fueled part). Matthews, despite attempting to carve out a niche for himself as a Real Regular-Joe Who Also Likes Barack Obama a Whole Heck of a Lot, is, let’s be honest, a soft chubby butterball who would most likely shit himself if an actual Real Man chinned up to him.

    But this is what he does, day in, day out. It’s all this punk mouth. Blue collar = punk mouth, in his mind.”

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