Millions of people are familiar with the South Korean music video “Gangnam Style,” credited by the Guiness Book of World Records as the most liked in YouTube history. The song — which features the refrain “Hey, sexy lady!” — has inspired countless parodies. Now Saudi Arabia adds itself to the list.

There’s only one problem: The video has no ladies.

While it shouldn’t surprise anyone that a country that made news over mere reports (later debunked) that it was planning a separate city for working women would omit females from a music video, the optics of “Saudi Gangnam” speak volumes. Even our liberal moral relativist friends can learn a lesson on Shariah Islam by watching it.

Hollywood celebrities such as Obama spokeswoman Eva Longoria, who wants women voters to worry about Mitt Romney, probably never read former Somali-Dutch politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s book “Infidel” — and probably doesn’t know that the author needs security around the clock. But on some level watching “Saudi Gangnam” would tell her everything she needs to know about the real war on women.


  1. You need to learn to seperate religion from culture. You don’t see this phenomenon anywhere else do you? It is a war against women, and everyone should work to bring awareness, and place social pressures on the Saudi regime. How will derrogating a religion of 1.7 billion people help your cause? If anything, it says more about you than the religion.

    1. Want to take a tour across the Middle East with me? Let’s go to all the Muslim nations of the world and you tell me if you can separate the Islamic world’s religion with its culture.

      Want to go to Africa with me? Want to go to Somalia? Want to ask about female genital mutilation? Have you ever been called “the girl with the ‘kintir'” until your clitoris was cut off? Probably not.

      Maybe we should go to Pakistan, where the newest tactic to deter women from existing as normal human beings is to throw acid in their face.

      I know exactly who I am, and your self-righteous lecture, rooted in a naive desire to exist with a “culture” that in every respect looks down on you, does nothing to phase me.

    2. FGM is a very touching topic, but since you mentioned it, i do know about the country’s generic history. FGM is a thing of the passed, and it’s ruled by Islamic courts as brutal and vile. It has nothing to do with the religion, but a subset of you right winged conservatives will only take in information that suits and confirms your hostile prejudices. There’s plenty of Islamaphobes, some however, are more subtle in how much prejudice they choose to display. Congratulations on your forthright, and public display of hate. And the only islamic nations that do need to re-evalue are Iran and Saudi Arabia. Stop generalizing to simply your complex world.

    3. It seems to me that if one of these stipulations is good enguoh for The Saudis and Islam it’s good enguoh for us. For all the Islamic pains-in-the ass who come here and expect to bring their stupid shit here and push it on us (which are far too numerous to list). “Those who will not abide by American traditions concerning, language, behavior, and appearance.” We have our own culture and if it so doesn’t happen to mesh with yours then ours wins. When you come here you can either conform to our ways or you can go right back to the pit you came from. They all do it and yet we still give in to every demand they make on our own soil.

    4. I expect better insults than that, Ibrahim. At least American women are able to be on the streets without a male escort who is related to them. The can’t be said for many parts of the Middle East. Come back when you pass Insults 101.

  2. You look at 1.7 billion people and the thought that hordes of them would look at you and call you ‘gaalo’ with utter disdain scares you. And so, you do what is actually a rather rational reaction — you demonize me. You make me the bad guy, even though I’m not the one pouring acid on women, cutting off their genitals, preventing them from employment, etc.

    Hate? I don’t hate anyone. Try being a Christian in Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen or any country that is majority-Muslim for that matter. I have a feeling you might change your tune.

  3. Okay, so i’m going to guess you’re under a pen name because you know terms such as “gaalo.” Anywho, i respect where you’re coming from. Perhaps they would judge me and call me that because im not a hijabi’re right. But that’s a minority of misguided individuals who don’t know me. Why denounce a religion because a handful of people choose to be judgemental and insecure? Second, you’re not serious? You see a couple of bad guys throw acid on a female, and point fingers at an entire religion as if we condone this? Really, you do have the slightest bit of common sense right? Don’t generalize and stereotype. You’re not any different thant that minority who do pass judgements about others if you rely on stereotypes,

    1. No, I do not write under a pen name.

      I’m not “denouncing” a religion. There are plenty of patriotic Americans who happen to be Muslim. However, Christianity went through the Reformation hundreds of years ago, and I’m pointing out that Islam is in need of some serious reform. What you will call “a handful” of individuals for every blatantly-backwards cultural practice I point out is in fact much larger than that. Do you really want to break down the numbers of Shariah law practicing Muslims in the Middle East? We’ve even had “honor killings” in the United States, and while you might consider that an outlier, it is a red flag that a certain segment of the population needs to do some serious soul searching.

      Every time there is a terrorist cell uncovered, some idiot points to a random abortion clinic bombing by a wacko lone nutjob who happened to be Christian (I think I can count them on one hand) — as if that’s remotely the same thing as a global movement with the goal of creating a world-wide Islamic caliphate.

    2. It’s funny that you mention that. I was debating about the same regard, where an individual passed off christian extremism (e.g. the bombing of abortion clinics) as irrelevant, and nothing to worry about but islamic extremism something of a large concern. Biases don’t really help create progress if that’s what you’re looking for. If you wanna be a man of action, condemn both equally or dont speak at all.

    3. Of course I condemn both acts, but the threat to civilization is not the same. It’s laughable to try and say modern day Christianity is a threat to the pillars of Western Civilization, human rights, etc. Like I said, Christianity went through the Reformation. Islam NEEDS something like that.

  4. Correction, Christianity didn’t reform. The texts are the same. The people did. Similarly, Islam doesn’t need to change. Some extremists do. If you agree with this, then we concur. Otherwise, it’s important that you know blind one-sided bigotry doesn’t bring change. If anything, it creates havoc.

    1. I hate to tell you, but if you put the words of Jesus up to the words of Mohammed … you will find two very different people. One of them was a warrior; one of them was not.

      You keep reverting back to “some” extremists. Tell me, if you had to put a number on the amount of “extreme” Muslims in the world, what would it be. Just curious.

    2. I’m not going to make blatant guesses, but i will tell you it’s a minority. If it were infact a majority like you imply, the world would be doomed, and yes including the west. You act as if Muslims don’t believe in Jesus. He was the prophet of the muslims as well (may peace and blessings be upon him). Unlike yourself, i don’t rely on the media to tell me what to think about the prophets. I go to the source. Simple minded inviduals rely on propaganda, and dont bother doing the homework. Ah, what a simple way of life.

    3. Nice try. I never said or implied it was a majority. I said it needed serious reform. You dodged the question. Let’s just say that it’s 2% for the sake of argument, shall we? What’s 2% of 1.7 billion? That’s a pretty big number. Again — serious reform needed.

      Call me when there’s an outbreak of Catholic priests calling for Crusades in Muslim countries and we’ll talk.

    4. Be awfully careful with statistics. 3% of America is either in on probation, parole, or incarcerated. What does that mean? Serious reform needed?

    5. Haha. I think that’s a bit different than 3% of 1.7 billion “extremist” Muslims. But, since you want to go there, America is very ill. We do need “serious” cultural reform. I’ve stated this many times. However, our fixes are less urgent than the Middle East. We don’t have large swathes of the population calling for a crusade, jihad, etc.

  5. This is a parody of Saudi guys dancing in white pants and shirts that they wear under dishdashas, which is a traditional Saudi white dress made by fabric. It looks like a pajamas but it is an underwear as I explained. It is considered sarcasm for Saudis since they are dancing to gangnam style outdoors in underwear. I just wanted to point out that this has nothing to do against women, because I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t find a Saudi woman that would join them while she’s wear underwear.

    You should investigate and ask before publishing such article.


    1. The refrain in the song goes, “Hey, sexy lady.” The song features women who dance with the lead singer. They are absent here, just as I suspect they would be absent in any “Saudi Gangnam” video that took place outdoors.

      Regardless, for the sake of argument, it also says something about Saudi Arabia that men could walk around in their “underwear” on a daily basis, but women can’t dress in, say, a pair a shorts and a t-shirt if they so desired.

    1. You have a problem reading, don’t you? “Mere reports (later debunked)” is pretty self explanatory. And that’s exactly the point — the situation is so bad for women in Saudi Arabia that mere reports sends media into a frenzy.

      Now if you excuse me, I have to set up a dinner date with my wife. We might meet after work at a nice restaurant. She’s allowed to drive in the United States, and she doesn’t need a related male escort to shuttle her around.

  6. You Douglas are in the united states and talking about how Christians suffer in saudi? Wow lol. Don’t think you ever lived in saudi or else you won’t be in the states now cause you guys just would kill for a job there! So tell me Muslims in America who were being abused and shot and had to leave their universities cause of racism are fine but the other way around is all you look at?

    1. I’m assuming you’re probably talking about some random incident on a college campus involving a Saudi. Bravo. I’ve never heard of it, but sure. I’ll give it to you. Meanwhile, I’m talking about women who are treated like second class citizens, so much so that they aren’t even allowed to get behind the wheel of a car in 2012. I’m talking about a systemic problem. I’m talking about a cultural problem.

      Last time I checked the United States elected a black president, and had countless minority athletes, entertainers and politicians who are role models for the nation. We have women in the most powerful positions in government, and they have exposure all over the airwaves. Tell me, where is your white president? Oh wait, you have “the royal family.” How is the Stone Age treating you? You export oil and that’s about it. How embarrassing.

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