Why does the writer write? That’s the age old question, isn’t it? Philosopher Eric Hoffer said we never run fastest and farthest than when we run from ourselves, and so for me I suppose the answer mostly has to do with trying to put forth the most honest portrayal of who I am into words for everyone to see — friends, families, coworkers, and those who hate everything I stand for.

Regular readers can argue over whether or not I’ve been honest with my writing (I would say I’ve always put forth a good faith effort to do so), but Google has made it possible for readers to, on some level, put together a stunningly accurate psychological profile without ever relying on prose.

Conduct a Google image search for ‘douglasernstblog’ and you will see page after page after page of the pictures I’ve used over the years to represent the words I worked so hard on. For me, while I can’t always find the perfect image, it’s always been a priority to find the best picture possible that represents the content. And so, scrolling through Google image results can give you the reader a glimpse into my brain. Likewise, the same holds true for any blogger who churns out content on a regular basis. It’s safe to say that the FBI and the CIA should be taking the engineers at Google out to lunch for the favor; the implications are huge.

Below are a few screenshots I’ve taken from a search of my own blog, although it’s only a portion of what’s there. I think that a good profiler could easy tease out what’s important to me, what drives me — what issues weigh on my my mind daily — and the values I hold dear. If someone wanted to predict my behavior for any given scenario, the images below would be a reliable road map of sorts from which to surmise an answer.

Anyway, to those who have been reading from the beginning, below are just some of the ideas I’ve imprinted in your psyche. It’s been a wild ride, and I hope you stick around until the end.



  1. 🙂 I in turn looked up my own blog. I’m sure I’ll be called erratic because of how random my pictures are. I write because I’m so random. Speaking is not my strong point. I have a lot of thoughts and need time to get them out intelligently so writing is my method of communication. I’m a journalist because I want people to know the truth and not media bias. I want to be a novelist/screen writer so I can share the joy I’ve received from good books and films with others.

    1. Great! I’ll have to look up yours tomorrow. It’s seems to me that you’re well spoken. 🙂 You’re authentic and your voice comes through in your writing. I’m sure that as you continue to practice and hone your craft that many of your dreams and aspirations will become a reality.

      Your blog has already brought plenty of joy and inspiration (I would not have linked to your blog if it didn’t inspire me in some way), and I don’t see any reason why on a long enough timeline you won’t become that novelist/screen writer.

      Update: I checked and … a lot of nature. A theme of family, unity, interconnectedness, innocence and generally a joy of all that life has to offer, both big and small. Very nice!

  2. I took your advice and googled myself.
    Gawd I just love a good ‘Google Job”.
    Google Images has over 50 pages they seem to link to my site –I’ve looked at all of them and only 30 percent of those have any relevancy to anything on my blog or in my life.
    In fact, most of the good pics are those I’ve posted of the incomparable Vermont scenery.
    If a Google falls in forest, does anyone care?

    1. I must have a serious addiction, because my search of ‘douglasernstblog’ had only images I’ve used for pages. 🙂

      Maybe your search results just show that you’re a sane person while I … I have gone off the deep end.

  3. I haven’t posted a lot of images since I started blogging in May. I have looked myself up; all I find are just posts I’ve made since I started.

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