Joss Whedon likes to rant about corporations — unless they’re associated with Marvel and paying him millions of dollars, in which case he keeps his yap shut and pockets enough to keep him safely part of the “one percent” for the rest of his life. How many poor people had to shell out a large chunk of their paycheck to take the kids to see ‘The Avengers,” and how much of that cash is lining Whedon’s pockets? Don’t ask — he’s busy demonizing Mitt Romney.

It wasn’t long ago writer-director Joss Whedon, fresh off the $1.5 billion-plus grossing Avengers movie, went on a memorable anti-corporate rant for the ages.

“We are watching capitalism destroy itself right now,” he told the [Comic-Con 2012] audience. …

Whedon was raised on the Upper Westside neighborhood of Manhattan in the 1970s, an area associated with left-leaning intellectuals. He said he was raised by people who thought socialism was a ”beautiful concept.” …

We have people trying to create structures and preserve the structures that will help the middle and working class, and people calling them socialists,” Whedon said. “It’s not Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal […] it’s some people with some sense of dignity and people who have gone off the reservation.”

Only months ago, you either agreed with the Scooge-McDuck-swimming-in-cash Whedon, or you were “off the reservation.” If you looked at $16 trillion dollars of national debt and considered the current “structure” unsustainable, you were “off the reservation.” If you looked at yearly deficits over $1 trillion dollars and what was going on in Greece and Spain and Italy and most of Europe and wanted to change course, you were “off the reservation.”

Now, just a week before the 2012 election, Whedon is back — and this time the witty, “dignified” director (who wears button up shirts with nothing underneath so you can see his “dignified” waxed chest) is using humor to attack former Gov. Mitt Romney.

You see, if Mitt Romney is elected president it will bring about the Zomney Apocalypse:

“Romney is ready to make the deep rollbacks in health care, education, social services, reproductive rights that will guarantee poverty, unemployment, overpopulation, disease, rioting: all crucial elements in creating a nightmare zombie wasteland. But it’s his commitment to ungoverned corporate privilege that will nosedive this economy into true insolvency and chaos, the kind of chaos you can’t buy back. Money is only so much paper to the undead. The 1% will no longer be the very rich — it will be the very fast. [Mitt Romney isn’t] afraid to face a ravening, grasping horde of subhumans, because that’s how he sees poor people already.”

Joss Whedon looks at our current national debt — $16 trillion and counting — and he doesn’t think we’re insolvent right this very second. No, it’s only after Mitt Romney is elected that we will be on the road to insolvency. Joss might be a good movie director, but he’s really lousy at math, perhaps because he has more money than he knows what do with. He could always give most of it to the government or poor people if he wanted … but he chooses not to.

The dirty little secret that Joss Whedon doesn’t want you to know about is that we’re already broke. We’re very, very broke. We are insolvent right now, and doing nothing will bring about chaos that “money can’t buy back.”

When is the last time you heard Joss Whedon talk about Greece, its debt, its riots, and the “chaos” that was brought about by the kind of “structures” that millionaire liberal movie directors crave for? Answer: Never.

While serious people try and figure out a way to uphold the promises the government made to current retirees, while changing the system to ensure its existence for future generations, Hollywood film directors spend their time trying to convince their fans that Republicans see poor people as “sub-humans.” The fact is, the United States makes social mobility easier than anywhere else in the world. I’m sure we can even point to a few of Whedon’s Hollywood friends as examples of  how one can go from rags-to-riches and from riches-to-rags, but that’s material for another day.

Poor people are definitely not “sub-humans,” but government programs that surreptitiously convince individuals to abdicate important life decisions have the potential to rob them of their humanity. The end result of the kind of programs Whedon seemingly advocates for creates, for example, Obamaphone Lady. Joss Whedon doesn’t want you to acknowledge the insidious changes to the human spirit that government dependence creates, because he wants you focused on the shortcomings of corporations.

So ask yourself: Would the world be better off without Marvel? Would the world have been better off without the WB Network, which aired Whedon’s television series Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer? It seems as though Joss Whedon likes when money exchanges hands — particularly his hands — but doesn’t like it that other people are perfectly free to spend their capital as they see fit.

If anyone is acting like a mindless zombie these days, it’s Joss Whedon.

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  1. Doug – I completely agree with your assessment here. I frequent a few social media sites, and one in particular made my stomach turn with the amount of kissassery and undeserved respect that they paid to him in their posts regarding the aforementioned Youtube video on his opinion of Romney. What makes me nervous is people, particularly younger people, pay more attention to Hollywood lip service and kitchily delivered one liners against people, yet in the same breath will refuse to believe a successful person (with the right experience) could have brought the US out of potential ruin. No, they don’t like him because he’s male, white and rich, they say. Well gee whiz, isn’t Joss? In this day of “no H8 but what we make”, I wish we would’ve had a female candidate, or a minority, or from the LGBT community. I know conservatives of the sort, and wonder if they would’ve recieved the same amount of ridiculous hate Romney did.

    1. Hi, Jennifer. Thanks for the read and the comment. I appreciate it.

      Sadly, it doesn’t matter who runs if they’re a conservative. They are systematically targeted for personal destruction because they dare to believe in free markets, limited government and a strong national defense.

      Disagree with them on public policy? Racist. Bigot. Homophobe. It can’t be because you understand basic economics. It can’t be because you see $16 trillion dollars of debt (and counting) as the kind of fiscal insanity that will bring the nation to its knees…

      We live in strange times. It will be interesting to see how Americans react when this financial house of cards implodes in on itself.

  2. Indeed, we do live in strange times. Btw, I’m a libertarian hybrid (have been a democrat and a republican in the past), am a fiscal conservative and social progressive on some issues (as long as they don’t adversely affect taxpayers and current insurance holders). I had hopes for changes that hand more control to state level government. Despite my lean towards economic stability, which would benefit everyone, I’m seen as a traitor for not aiming my vote towards social issues (I have very personal reasons for voting the way I did, which was for Romney). The social issues matter, but should be worked on via the State governments. Even Obama conceded that (especially with the topic of gay marraige, which he said he won’t put focus on in his coming 2nd term). The economic crisis is what matters, and ensuring a good portion of the country continues on the path of government assistance is not wise. That gets a large portion of the country nowhere, even in the near future. As hard as I am trying to remain hopeful that we’ll have non-partisan agreements spawned from discussions to come, I can’t help but envision more debt, more layoffs, less security and new poverty for hundreds of thousands of people. It’s a vision I wish I could wipe away.

    1. Obama kept insinuating that Romney woke up in the morning and tried to figure out ways to control women’s bodies, and it was very strange to me. I guess it worked.

      But the thing with abortion is, it’s already been decided by the Supreme Court. Heck, contraception is the same way. It was dealt with decades ago. Let’s pretend Romney was elected; he’d still essentially have zero power over the issue. And let’s pretend that the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade; that would only push the issue back to the states. And what state would outlaw abortion?

      The real problem with liberals like Sandra Fluke is that they want other people to pay for their birth control. Somehow, if you and I don’t want to fund someone else’s contraception it’s been turned into a “war” on women.

      The only way liberals win today is by scaring people into believing guys like me secretly plot ways to control women or hate on gay people. It’s so bizarre. I sometimes feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone.


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