Has anyone heard President Obama answer the question: “Why didn’t Ambassador Chris Stevens have security in an unstable, Islamic country on, umm, you know, 9/11 of all days?” No? Neither have I. That’s because no one asked. Note: The Commander in Chief is sending in Marines now.

September 11th, 2012 was another rough one for the United States. The U.S. Embassy in Egypt was stormed, culminating in a shredded American flag that was replaced with an al Qaeda substitute. Four Americans are dead, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens after Islamists attacked an American consulate in Libya. Oddly enough, no one is asking the Obama administration how all this might connect to the “lead from behind” strategy it has employed since 2008, or how U.S. diplomats in Libya could go unprotected until after one of them dies. Regardless, I’d like to focus on a bizarre statement from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:

“How can this happen in a country we helped liberate, in a city [Benghazi] we helped save from destruction?”

On September 11th — of all the days — a bunch of Islamic whack jobs attack American interests abroad and Clinton’s response is to talk about how how “confounding the world can be.” It’s not confounding at all. The problem is, liberals have refused to accurately define who we’re up against. They’ve been in a state of denial for over a decade, and no amount a decapitated heads, blown up bodies, IEDs, kidnappings, hijackings or fatwas seem to alter their analysis of the situation.

Take today’s news coverage, for instance. How many times have you heard a pundit describe “a Muslim film” as the catalyst for the violence in Egypt and Libya? Since I’m kindly paid by my employer to watch the news, I’ll give you the short answer: A lot. And the fact of the matter is, this had nothing to do with a stupid Youtube video some guy made that “insulted” Islam.

Any culture that churns out “holy warriors” to fight over cartoons, movies, speeches or random remarks in a country of 400 million people, is an unhealthy one. And yet, idiots at MSNBC like Mike Barnicle and Donny Deutsch want to prosecute Americans for engaging in free speech. Got that? Liberals on MSNBC want to you to bow down to the demands of Sharia Law fanatics. If you make a YouTube video that sets off jihadi head choppers, MSNBC panelists want you to be tried “before or after the fact.” It’s scary to think that there are Americans with MSNBC-sized megaphones who go around shilling for Sharia Law tyrants in the Middle East.

President Obama wanted to “lead from behind.” The only problem with that is, he climbed into the back seat of the car and left the guys who were drunk on jihad or genocide behind the wheel. If we had reporters who did their job, they’d be asking him tough questions about a Middle East that is spinning out of control (faster than usual). Instead, they’re focused on grilling Mitt Romney over his defense of free speech.

When radical Islamists went nuts, members of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo thought it would be a good idea to take to Twitter and apologize for hurting their feelings. Mitt Romney thought that was dumb and dangerous. So do sane Americans.


    1. Thanks for reading and commenting!

      I think this is where you really hone in on where it all went wrong, even if my take is a tad different from yours: “If Mubarak and Gaddafi were being uncooperative and needed to be replaced, they should had been replaced by secular westernized leaders or secular military strongmen instead of Islamic fundamentalists.”

      The problem with the Arab Spring is that you had many groups who were unhappy with the dictators and despots ruling them for decades. There probably were real “freedom fighters” involved, but the problem is, if you’re going to throw your support behind a group you better know who they are. We didn’t. The world didn’t. And that’s a huge failure of intelligence on our part.

      Meanwhile, the Islamists do find out who the reformers are … and kill them. Or force them to leave (e.g., doctors, most people with … umm, an education).

      The Middle East is a mess, and President Obama’s foreign policy is tantamount of a kid finger painting. He just rubs his hands all over the place and is proud of himself for making a globular mess a bigger mess.

  1. Get real. This is the fault of Muslim extremists, not the black man in th ewhite house, you fux. I am done with the GOP now. Jesus fxing Christ.

    1. Next time someone gives me a hard time because I don’t green light their comment right away I’m going to point them to this comment as Exhibit A for why moderation exists.

      “This is the fault of Muslim extremists, not the black man in the White House, you fux [sic],” (Robyn Ann Fletcher).

      Regardless, I’m glad you exist, Robyn. Bravo.

      Note: At least you were able to blame this on “muslim extremists.” Did you hear Jay Carney blame this on “a film”? He repeated it about five times. Perhaps you should talk to President Obama and his team, since they don’t seem to have a handle on who’s to blame.

      Thanks again for the eloquent response.



  2. The image of Ambassador Stevens in death is startling and many, many people would even say exploitative since its only seems on the surface to incite raw emotion than support any point you make in the post. But Not I. I get it. Bravo on you bravery and your pinpoint ironic commentary.

    What struck me first is how pitiful this picture made Ambassador Stevens look in death, as if his life meant nothing, especially for it to end serving such an empty purpose than serving this administration and its so-called foreign policy of trying to pave inroads toward peace with the many many factions of islamist fanatics in the region just so such attacks on our people wouldn’t happen. Yeah, well that showed him, and us, as your picture shows.

    Only someone who served with people who most likely have died or been injured in attacks that resembled in much the same way as Ambassador Stevens along with his American and Libyan defenders (I understand that a few died as well but according to the State Department, since they were in the vicinity of dead terrorists, they will be defined as terrorists as well. Luckily, Romney and many pundits had already indicated that is how they were thinking away, so there’s one thing that the Obama Administration has gotten right) would not think twice about using this image. Where the images of Americans’ remains paraded by the angry mob as were the downed pilots of the Iraqi conflict and now this, are meant to incite American anger, you are not enabling them at all. Your use is not to outrage, but to incite fervor, to make sure that people remember this man in death and what brought him to this sad end. A lesser person would use a picture of him in life, working or a simple headshot, but I am sure Ambassador Stevens’ family will appreciate your co-option of this horrendous image that was to haunt them forever now can look at it with the same emotions you seem to have demonstrated in selecting it.

    Essentially, so it is because of your post I now understand why it is that so many of us want to see Americans dead. Because we have to because of your post.

    1. Jeffery, have you been monitoring Middle Eastern media? There are more pictures out there. They’re worse. Much worse. You haven’t been told the real story … and I have only just started to scratch the surface. Shall I go deeper? Perhaps I shouldn’t, as it appears I’ve already struck a nerve.

      You seem like the same type of guy who refuses to look at the people jumping to their demise on 9/11. My sister got to see them in person when she was evacuated from her building in 2001. She didn’t have the option to stop the experience from happening. You seem like the same type of person who has never watched Nick Berg as Islamic terrorists cut his head off with a dull knife. I’ve seen it — multiple times. It’s healthy. It reminds me of who and what we’re up against.

      What’s that? The American people have an episode of American Idol to watch? Okay. I’ll let them get back to that.

    2. Again. You are right. This is not a time to show respect for Americans dying in service to their country, it is a time to use images of their deaths so the terrorists can’t.

      You misunderstand my appreciation of your drive to use this image, not for the terrortists’ purposes, but for your very own. It is because these images are out there that we should use them. But not the way the terrorists want them to be used, which are as instruments to breed anger and resentment, but how you have used them which is completely different.

      I understand how you may think that I, as an American, would not like to be reminded of 9/11 since most Americans were watching American Idol Tuesday morning rather than 9/11 ceremonies. Luckily, I have a reminder of 9/11 right in my neighborhood. A cross of crossbeams. Its not the replica of the falling man hanging from the side of the Freedom Tower I and many others have petitioned for, but if it’ll have to do until I can get to a computer and get my daily dose of beheading. It reminds me that an American have been beheaded, which I have forgotten already from the last time I watched a beheading. And its not like its porn at all.

    3. If my name was Michael Moore and I made an image of George W. Bush by cobbling together pictures of all the dead soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq, I suspect your response on my blog would be totally different. But that’s cool.

      9/11 was an interesting day. I remember watching Telemundo and Univsion, even though I couldn’t understand what they were saying, because they showed images that NBC, CBS, Fox and CNN weren’t. It was eye opening experience. How do you convince the American people what we’re up against if mainstream media won’t show them the ugly truth?

      No need to respond with a sarcastic screed, which appears to be your modus operandi; that was a rhetorical question.

    4. Still not seeing my sarcasm here. Sarcasm is a rhetoric device, as was your question. At least I think it is since All I Really Need to know I learned In Kindergarten homeschool and the compound’s teacher didn’t cover rhetorical devices. Glad to see that I am not alone though since, as you say, rhetoric is not close to enough. We need pictures.

      Like the picture you show of Ambassador Stevens and the murderous fanatics who had killed him as the picture implies. Hopefully, none of your readers will infer shows that the narrative that these are the Libyans who were taking Stevens to the hospital for aid. Because, again, that would not be the ugly truth we need to see.

      You are right. When it comes to Americans being killed by terrorists, all Americans need to be from Missouri. Which is in America. Better, yet Middle America. Best yet,the real America. We must be shown these images of violence because there is no way to comprehend them by just being told about them because the ugly truth is not complete without a Tumblr or Pinterest post.

      So I applaud you and can’t wait to see what image you choose for your gravatar so as to be a constant reminder of what we are up against. Really tired of that ironic pose with the guitar.

      And that mosaic of Bush made up of portraits of dead soldiers? You’re right, would have been far more powerful if he had used pictures of soldiers dying but then that would have only reminded America what Bush was fighting for and make them look Bush even more. Instead, it just looked like a freshman’s idea of a good way to present the Young Republicans Club in the yearbook. Michael Moore is a bit obvious sometimes, much like the makers of “The Innocence of Muslims.”

    5. Sometimes, when clever people try too hard to be clever they really just come across as sad.

      Glad to see you’re still obsessed with my Gravatar. Maybe it will be a reoccurring gag. Every time you comment you can mention it.

      PS: Checked out your blog, where you insinuate Heritage employees are all trust fund babies. Man, I wish I would have known that years ago. I totally wouldn’t have enlisted in the military out of high school, or worked the overnight shift at Target during college. I would have went straight to DC. Oh well. Heritage hired me anyway. We had a good couple of years together.

    6. I found your use of the photo of a dead citizen right beside our president to be incredibly distasteful and crass. But we need to see that to know what we’re up against, right? My question to you is, does Fox show the burned bodies of that family those soldier’s killed after raping the daughter? Do we need to see that too? Your affinity for the macabre and allowing it to fuel your hatred is disturbing. I can’t imagine our Founding Fathers watching poor Daniel Berg being decapitated on the internet over and over and over again.

      No security? Perhaps you should do some research into the man’s life and work. He was well liked and respected in Egypt and often traveled without much (if any) security, meeting with countless dignitaries, business people, and regional players. The country had been stable until some extremists used the Christian hate movie as cover to launch an attack.

    7. Really? When did I say I watched Nick Berg’s decapitation “over and over and over”? I said I saw it multiple times. That means … more than once. I’ve seen it when it was appropriate, and when my research on Islamic radicals takes me to places where it might turn up. But again, I’m glad that you want to insinuate, like Jeffery, that I have a weird fetish. I say it’s healthy to confront what we’re up against, and you warp it into something that “fuels my hatred.” I don’t hate anyone, but I have no qualms with the extermination of those individuals who have a total disregard for our God-given natural rights.

    8. Multiple times. Nobody forced you to hit Play a second or third or fourth time, Doug. You don’t have to watch that and other videos multiple times or whatever to know what we are up against. You don’t hate anyone, but…

    9. I know plenty of people who get tattoos to remind them of something every time they look in the mirror. I don’t think they’re weird. Likewise, if I’m trying to remember a detail of Nick Berg’s death every few years and I run across the video, I’ll probably watch it. Most of them are gone these days … but if I ever do run across it I’ll see nothing wrong with clicking play.

    10. And watch someone gurgle out a death rattle? Once was more than enough for me. In fact, it stuck with me. I’d rather not watch it again.

    11. And unlike Jeffery, I won’t insinuate you’re stupid and couldn’t understand the event if someone simply explained it to you. And I won’t insinuate you look up terrorist torture videos and get sexually aroused. But what I will say is that unlike all the self-righteous know-it-alls in my Masters program at AU, you actually watched it. There’s something to be said for the person who is able to confront uncomfortable realities.

    12. Dude, our college experiences were far different. I didn’t have ultra-liberal twats teaching me. If I had, maybe I would have been more like you. Then again, my business courses didn’t cover politics at all. The only issue I remember was arguing with a feminist vice-chair of the honors program about the flaws in her logic, having the class laugh at her, and then being politely asked to get the fuck out of the classroom and the program the next day. Good times.

    13. Depending on how you asked the question, her response probably told you everything you needed to know about “feminism.” Then again, you seem to be rather quick to drop expletives … so perhaps she was right.

      Note: I too, just politely made a request of you.

    14. If you don’t like the pictures, you can discuss your displeasure in a way that doesn’t resort to four-letter words. I rarely do that with anyone I interact with. I’ve found that the more vulgarities that are used, the less productive the conversation becomes.

      If you don’t like it, go somewhere else.

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