Green Day has a new album out. As much as they publicly deny it, music insiders say that ¡Uno! will be the first in a series of albums bashing President Obama for continuing much of George W. Bush’s foreign policy. Look closely and you can see Billie Joe Armstrong’s reflection in the moon as a U.S. drone conducts a nighttime bombing run in Afghanistan.

Green Day will be releasing a trilogy of albums over the next few months. After the politically infused rock operas American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown, fans were wondering what Mr. Armstrong and the boys would be up to next. Officially, Armstrong says that they’ll be “writing about girls”:

“We wanted to get into early AC/DC and Cheap Trick.” The singer-guitarist is also “writing about girls again.” He describes the songs on ¡Uno! as “feeling like your heart is on fire. On the second record, you start losing control.” By ¡Tré!, which arrives in January, “your heart will feel like a flamethrower.

In actuality, the “heart” he’s talking about is that of a Pakistani tribesman killed during a President Obama drone strike — one planned during his “Terror Tuesday” national security briefings. Music insiders originally said that Armstrong was referring to a jihadi terrorist locked up in Guatnanamo Bay, Cuba who was under the impression that President Obama was going to send him back to Afghanistan sometime before the 2012 election. Sadly, it never happened. Producer Rob Cavallo shot down the suggestion (no pun intended) in early August.

Strangely enough, despite a fan base that wants to know how Mr. Armstrong feels about ongoing operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan, bombing runs in Libya and reports of Stinger missile deliveries to Syrian rebels, Green Day publicly refuses to acknowledge how upset they are with President Obama — a man who has continued so many of the policies Billie Joe once went around the world criticizing George W. Bush for.

It was time for us to step away [from political material], because we didn’t want to come across as politicians. We’re in a band first and foremost, and we wanted to have a good time making music. So it was kind of a way of us getting back to basics.

Bassist Michael Pritchard says that while this might appear as code for “we only become politically vocal when a Republican is in office,” that it shouldn’t be taken that way. The band’s first single off ¡Uno!, ‘Oh Love’ can also be seen as a lament over just how many people President Obama has killed since taking office. Pritchard assures Green Day fans that the band would never practice selective moral outrage to capitalize on anti-American sentiment during the tenure of a wartime Republican president.

“Green Day is first and foremost about the music. Always the music,” said Pritchard. “If we suddenly become political activists again during President Romney’s time in office it’s just a coincidence. We swear.”

Regardless, there are rumblings among some die hard fans that Green Day are, indeed, Sunshine Patriots.

Update: Sources close to the band report that “Kill the DJ” was originally titled “Kill the Pakistani,” but Armstrong felt as though the critique of President Obama had to be more subtle.

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    1. I think Green Day are talented musicians. They know how to write a catchy tune. But I also think they’re hypocrites of the highest order, along with all the other artists out there who bashed Bush to get themselves exposure and now sit silent as President Obama continues (or expands) many of the policies that drove them batty. Where are the protests? Where are the anti-Obama anthems? 5.6% unemployment was a big deal under Bush, but 8.2% meets with silence under Obama. Drone strikes were murder under Bush, but “eh” under Obama. I can go on and on. I work in DC. I watched the Code Pink jerks vanish overnight. Occupy came and left (some rats), but they didn’t even know what the heck they stood for and it wasn’t anti-Obama.

      Regardless, I wish Billie would just admit that either a.) He was cashing in on anti-Bush sentiment or b.) He’s a practitioner of selective moral outrage.

  1. I’m a fan of their pre-American Idiot music, back before they got all political. I agree with you in saying that they’re hypocrites, especially because all of a sudden war, unemployment and all that stuff is okay when a liberal Democrat like Obama is in office. Back when Bush was President, there were always protestors who come out on Saturday in front of a Barnes and Noble I frequently go to; they’ve all but vanished since Obama took office.

    1. I used to see these Code Pink ladies riding the Metro pretty frequently, and now they’re gone. It’s the funniest thing. If Bush was in office they’d hold “die ins” to represent all the people killed in drone strikes… The students used to do that when I was in college. I guess when Obama kills you it’s not a bad thing because perhaps you’ll be reincarnated as another fan of his work.

    1. Sure. No problem. It’s no secret Eddie and Co. are hard core liberals. He was for Nader in 2000, Kerry in 2004, Obama in 2008, etc. They have a long (and vocal) history of activism. He even had that infamous concert in New York where he smashed the Bush mask.

      Not sure exactly what you want to hear from me. My review of their documentary fleshes things out a little:

      My biggest thing about Eddie is that for a long time he would make weird comments at his shows that totally alienated me, as a fan. It wasn’t enough to say, “Hey, I disagree with you on this public policy question,” but he had to make it personal. Or he’ll sell all sorts of merchandise, and then act as if corporations are evil. He has a family to take care of, and it’s cool if he makes bundles of cash selling PJ hoodies and caps, posters and refrigerator magnets … but the other guy is “greedy.” I don’t get that. He makes millions with his model wife and goes around the world to exotic places surfing. Cool. More power to him. But how come the conservative guy who wants to make millions so he could go around the world surfing is morally repugnant to him?

      He’s toned it down a little bit in recent years, so that’s cool. I know he was close to Joey Ramone, who was apparently conservative. Perhaps that had something to do with it.

    2. Pearl Jam is throwing a concert to benefit Jon Tester, a Democrat who might strike your fancy, Doug. He hippie bashed when needed by calling environmentalists who disagree with his forest bill “extremists” in an op-ed while trying to use legislative riders to delist wolves so they can be shot, or trapped. He also killed the Dream Act with his senate vote, buying into the scare tactic of amnesty to illegals in order to position himself as far away from Obama as possible in an as-of-yet-proven attempt to scoop up moderates and independents.

      Anyway, Pearl Jam is doing this because Jeff Ament is from Big Sandy, Montana, same as Jon. I respect Jeff because he’s laid back, and puts his charitable donations directly into our community in Missoula, where he lives. He was the primary donor in a skatepark and has donated to a local homeless shelter.

      Jeff’s a good guy.

    3. Well, a Montana Democrat is generally a lot different than a San Francisco Democrat. I’d probably vote for Joe Lieberman for president before I’d vote for Ron Paul because Ron Paul’s foreign policy absolutely scares the crap out of me (yes, I know you probably feel the polar opposite). My main issues are the economy and foreign policy, so depending on the circumstances I could be persuaded to vote someone with an ‘L’ or and ‘I’ or a ‘D’ next to their name.

      I don’t know too much about issues in Montana, but framing one as if killing wolves under any circumstances is a no-go doesn’t seem right. I usually don’t go for the zero-sum game argument. I’d have to look at their status (are they still endangered?) and the reason why they’re being killed. How are they affecting the local population? (e.g., ranchers out in the middle of nowhere).

      Likewise, with immigration, all countries have immigration laws. In fact, take a look at Mexico’s… Look how Mexico treats its “brothers” from Latin America when they try to join the family. I’m not saying two wrongs make a right, but if you don’t have immigration laws you lose sovereignty. I can’t think of one civilized country that doesn’t have an immigration system to keep track of who, exactly, is in the country.

      I worked the overnight shift at Target in college. I was the only white guy. I know how hard immigrants work. I also know many had stolen social security numbers. That’s another serious law broken right there… I don’t blame them for wanting a better life for their kids. I do blame the Mexican government for being a shit show. I do blame the U.S. government for essentially encouraging people to break the law. Either way, follow the law.

      My wife is an immigrant from China. Her family followed the law. My brother-in-law is an immigrant from the Philippines. His family followed the law. It took years for them to become naturalized citizens, but they did it the right way. I love immigrants (literally). I just want them to a.) Love America and its founding principles as much as I do, and b.) Come here legally.

  2. thank you for the thoughtful response.

    foreign policy is something I watch closely as well, and while I don’t consider myself a Paulian isolationist, I think US foreign policy (which doesn’t change much between R’s and D’s) is absolutely immoral and incredibly dangerous.

    if 9/11 is considered by many to be a form of blowback from arming the mujadeen against the Soviets (that’s an oversimplification, but for the sake of argument), then repeating the same mistake would be crazy, right?

    well, thanks to the Democrat style of war–sorry, “humanitarian intervention”–the US is once again justifying arming jihadis and other seasoned extremists to take out political opponents in Libya and now Syria. the CFR even openly acknowledged al-qaeda’s participation in Syria like it was a good thing, and i’ve read some interesting pieces linking instability in Mali to Libyan blowback.

    is that smart foreign policy? is blowing up villagers–sorry, militants–in Pakistan and Yemen and Somalia making us any safer?

    I don’t think it makes us any safer, but then again, I also think Israel is much more dangerous than Iran, so obviously I’ve got my priorities screwed up.

    I’d like to discuss wolves, but I gotta run. I will say this: politics on both sides dismiss science when it conflicts with their agenda.

  3. This is dumbest article I’ve ever read! Kill the DJ is about the music industry, you don’t have to be a genius to figure that out! They only have one political song on the trilogy and that is “99 Revolutions” which is about congress, not Obama. Green Day still publicly endorsed Obama in 2012

    1. Clay, if you only took a moment to think a little harder (or just looked to see how the post was categorized), perhaps you would have realized that this is a piece of satire that exposes quite nicely Mr. Armstrong’s hypocrisy. Green Day endorsing Obama in 2012 makes it even funnier. I wonder if they’ll do a song about President Obama’s foreign policy as it relates to Syria…

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