Bob Beckel can’t look the audience in the eye when he says U.S. Navy SEALs are “borderline treasonous” because deep down he knows that the only bright thing about him is his suspenders.

Anyone who is remotely familiar with Fox’s “The Five” knows Bob Beckel. He’s the token liberal who constantly looks down at his crotch for long periods of time and mumbles to someone or something under the table. When he does pick his head up and looks into the camera he has a habit of swearing; he’s like Fox News’ Joe Biden — a blowhard who doesn’t realize he’s a blowhard.

Yesterday he took issue with the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund, the organization of Navy SEALs and Special Ops guys who are slamming President Obama for the political leaks that have been putting their brothers-in-arms’ lives needlessly in danger. Beckel said that what the vets were doing was borderline treasonous, and then closed with:

If I were them – I assume they are out of the military now – they ought to take their benefits and go home.

It’s no surprise that a liberal like Bob would look at a Navy SEAL and think of the “benefits” the government provides them when they exit the service. It never occurs to Bob that maybe these guys have a fidelity to the constitution and a love for their country that runs to the bone. They don’t give a shit about “benefits” Bob, because guys who become Navy SEALs and Special Ops are selfless warriors who risk their lives for the freedom stupid boobs like you use to spout off.

Bob Beckel’s suspenders must be really, really tight — so much so that they’re cutting off circulation to his brain. What kind of sick soul would accuse Navy SEALs of “borderline treason” because they’re ticked off at national security leaks? Contrary to what Bob says, no one is saying the president is “intentionally” trying to endanger SEALs. What is being said is that President Obama — or people very close to him — care more about his re-election than the safety and security of our fighting men and women in the field. That is a fact. That is what Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., knows and what every other intellectually honest individual is willing to say on the record.

It wasn’t the Navy SEALs who publicly admitted to Stuxnet — it was the Obama administration. It wasn’t the Navy SEALs who disclosed the existence of the “kill list” — it was the Obama administration. It wasn’t the Navy SEALs who disclosed sensitive data about the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden hours after it happened — it was the Obama administration. Bob Beckel doesn’t get it, because like most of the Beltway crowd he only sees the world through a political lens.

Duty. Honor. Country. Sadly, those are words without real meaning to men like Bob Beckel, not because he’s a bad person, but because he’s just not very bright.

Bob Beckel went off the deep end long ago, so I don’t expect him to listen to what our soldiers and CIA agents have to say — but if you get a chance, check out “Dishonorable Disclosure.”


    1. Stuxnet was obvious. What “key tactics?” Name one or an endangered op.

      These guys won’t say who funds their group and commercials. That raises some red flags for me. You?

    2. I did. Go ahead and name one person or op harmed by announcing we got Bin Laden. Shhhh. It’s secret. Just believe us retired guys.

      The group is registered as a 501(c)3, which is educational and charity purposes, not political advocacy. As such, they are not required to disclose their donor list. That’s dishonest. Who are their donors?

      Besides, that bit about Obama not having anything to do with the decision was flat out bullshit. Our president (like him or hate him) made the final decision for US troops to literally invade a foreign nuclear power and dispatch Bin Laden. If Bin Laden wasn’t there or any number of things went wrong, do you really think these clowns would sit back and exonerate Obama and blame our troops instead? If he can take the blame, he can take the credit.

      You love that Navy Seal movie (has “real” tactics), the Luttrel book (more tactics), and the Seal Sniper book (more tactics), but… you don’t like generic tactics of a two-story building takedown and… oh my goodness… they named the dog! Save him from al Queda reprisals!

      Endanger SEALS? Chris Kyle had a bounty on his head. So did Demo Dick. So did the legendary “White Feather” Carlos Hathcock. Our guys don’t shrink from danger. As if al Queda is going to show up at know DEVGRU locations and attack SEAL families. Maybe Abdullah Bournehammed will stark whacking people. Lame scare tactics.

      Stuxnet? They make it appear like a leak hurt us. There was no leak. That trojan happened a long time ago and had already discovered and neutralized by anti-virus maker Kapersky Labs. It also destroyed centrifuges, not computers. It worked and world looked at the US and Israel and asked if we did it. So what we said “yes.” So fucking what? Israel went right back and made another virus with us. Look it up.

    3. You’re hilarious and you don’t even know it.

      I’m glad that a bunch of Navy SEALs get together and form a 501(c)3 and your first inclination is to question their credibility or honesty. They earned it.

      Diane Feinstein, D-Calif., has admitted that these leaks were horrendous, and her position on the Senate Intelligence Community carries a ton of weight. I believe she’s also on record as saying they’re the worst she’s ever seen. People will die because of these leaks. Sources will dry up and it will be harder for our guys to do their job. Period. I think I’ll take the Senate Intelligence Committee’s word over yours.

    4. Again, when you have members (Democrats and Republicans) on the Senate and House Intelligence Committees weighing in on just how bad it is … it’s hard to simply dismiss the SEALs charges.

      The Ways and Means Committee, The Intelligence Committees, the folks at CBO … they’re not perfect, but in general they take their jobs very seriously.

      Regardless, when you wear a trident I’ll cut you some slack. You won’t be “exempt” from criticism, but I’ll pay much more attention to your arguments before resorting to “paymasters.”

    5. I’d respect it a lot more if they were transparent with who their donors are instead of taking advantage of a misclassification of their organizational status to shield them from doing so. Who’s pulling the strings? If it were a grassroots thing, I’d shut the hell up and give them their due. If it’s some billionaire trying to get some traction against his ideological opponent’s party by using some ex-military and intelligence folk, then I would continue to call bullshit on it–even if there were shades of truth in it.

      I think leaks for political weapons is immoral, dangerous, and dishonest. I think we agree on that. I am just wary of the motives of the messenger.

  1. The LA Times is not a credible or impartial news source, SA any who lives in LA knows. Recently, on the Chik Fil A appreciation day, where millons turned out in support of them, the LA Times wrote that “more than a dozen people were in line” waiting to be served at the Northridge (LA suburb). This after NBC news van interviewed an LAPD officer there who estimated the line at between 800 – 1,000 persons. I was there and waited 3 hours to be served. The drive-thru had an 8 block long wait. The LA times and NY Times are nothing more than dishonest & leftist rags and mouthpieces for Obama; that’d why their circulation has dropped by more than half; most people don’t like liars who pen screeds lacking veracity.

    1. So they fabricated Rustmann claiming the outing of Plame was no big deal (despite it being a federal offense)? They made up Taylor’s cooperating with the documentary “Secrets of Seal Team Six?” Or “Kolton’s” off-the-record briefings of news outlets?

      Don’t like the LA Times, fine. Use Google instead and look up their sources. Or just be lazy and use ad hominem attacks because what they wrote doesn’t conform to your worldview.

    2. More ad hominem attacks. I what I wrote untrue?

      I didn’t say the world sucks. Our two-party system and the two parties currently occupying those two spots do. How else can you complain about the current state of affairs? How many bill passed this year? Our Congress is on track to be the worst, do-nothing Congress ever.

    3. Passing bills shouldn’t be a litmus test for success. Passing a good bill — when necessary — should be. Sometimes, doing nothing can even be the best course of action.

    4. True, but I think we can agree that there are 16 trillion compelling reasons they should be doing *something*…

  2. Maybe the “16 trillion reasons” are a signal to do nothing…or at least less than what we are currently doing. Seems like when the government *tries* to do something they make it worse. Less is more?

    1. Agreed, Alex. Liberals see a problem and always turn to the money hose… It’s like every problem they see can be “solved” if you just give them more money and power. Then, when the problem gets worse they say, “Well, you didn’t give us enough.”

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