The trailer for Django Unchained is here. It’s bound to be an entertaining movie, regardless of your politics.

How on earth could Quentin Tarantino follow up the oh-so-glorious Inglourious Basterds, in which World War II was Tarantino-ized and the Nazis were made to pay? By taking on the Deep South and America’s days of slavery, of course.

Because Django Unchained deals with our sordid past, morons on Youtube are already saying things like:

“I actually have zero interest in this film. HOWEVER, I am anticipating this film purely to see Republicans’, conservatives, Fox News’ and Southern Folks’ heads explode when this film comes out!” (ktchong)

I wonder if ‘ktchong’ is familiar with Locke, who wrote, “Slavery is so vile and miserable an Estate of Man, and so directly opposite to the generous Temper and Courage of our Nation; that ’tis hardly to be conceived, that an Englishman, much less Gentleman, should plead for’t” (Locke, First Treatise of Government).

I wonder if “ktchong” knows that Jefferson’s first draft of the Declaration of the Independence ripped into the King for promoting slavery, but that it was removed because of objections made by South Carolina and Georgia. And I wonder if “ktchong” knows that the founding fathers ingeniously worked around such problems by enshrining within the Declaration a set of principles that would ultimately make the Union’s existence dependent upon slavery’s demise (i.e., that whole “unalienable rights” thing).

I say this because according to certain segments of the left, conservatives are all a bunch of knuckle-dragging dolts who watch ESPN and Fox News. The truth is, anyone who is remotely familiar with our nation’s inception or the philosophers who inspired our Founding Fathers is not the least bit insecure talking about slavery. Forms of slavery have existed throughout all cultures at all times of human history. Until Western Civilization got its legs under it, that sort of servitude was the norm.

It was Western Civilization that helped to END slavery within the civilized world (since, as we know, it still essentially exists in certain parts of the world today).

Tarantino is a talented filmmaker. Period. His style isn’t for everyone, but it’s hard to deny that he makes movies that audiences can sit and talk about and dissect for hours after the credits roll. The idea that I as a conservative would be so upset that I couldn’t watch the film or that my head would “explode” watching it is absurd. If anyone is terrified of having an honest discussion on the subject of slavery, it’s liberals — the same political correctness police who tried to scrub Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer of any “offensive” language only a few years ago.

Let’s talk about Washington. Let’s talk about The Federalist Papers. Let’s talking about Hamilton, Madison and John Jay. Let’s talk about Adam Smith or de Tocqueville or Locke. Or let’s not — because it’s hard for keep up the lie that conservatives are all uneducated boobs when we do so.

Django Unchained will in all likelihood be a solid movie, but it will still be a movie. My suggestion for liberals who want to play politics with it would be to stay away, because this isn’t 2008. Conservatives are more than happy to take off the intellectual gloves. If the best you can do is to make dumb jokes about Fox News, you’re going to get bloody.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll watch the trailer for Django Unchained another five times.


  1. They’re coming unglued at the seams if the best they can do is sneer on YouTube.

    It’s over, comrades.

    Reaganesque landslide looms large in Liberalville.

    1. You might need a vial of Herbert West’s Re-Animator serum and a jackhammer to chisel the lid off Reagan’s coffin first. A reborn Ronald might not work though, since he was mostly a puppet with Nancy’s hand up his butt. What’s possible is along with the chubby freak in the back of the class Rush Limbaugh, The pervert history teacher Bill O’Reilly, and the flesh eating zombie Sean Hannity there might be a few conservatives annoyed by the revenge theme of Django. America is a launching pad of knee-jerk hypocritical rage. The enemy is everywhere, except in the mirror. Slavery was a nice picnic. The KKK were boy scouts. The Indians got what they deserved. The Grapes of Wrath was pinko. Comic Books and Rock & Roll corrupted the minds of our parents. Everybody loved Martin Luther King. The Vietnam war saved Australia from being attacked by dominoes. John Wayne protected America while demonstrating the smooth refreshing smoke of high tar slims. Oil Spills Gas Fracking and Radioactive Waste will not destroy life on earth. The Iraq war part 2 was not a money pit that ran up the deficit, and video games killed the children in Connecticut. Pass the ammo.

  2. “…morons YouTube…”

    Is there any other kind of commenter on YouTube?

    I agree with your article but am surprised you got all worked up into an froth over one moron’s comments on YouTube. There are gaggles of morons in both parties to the point now that Independants make up roughly 40% of the voting population. Both the GOP and the Dems aren’t solving shit on the Hill.

    I shake my head at both Fox and MSNBC for the tripe they offer as news.

    I don’t think any logical, intelligent person thinks your a dumb Fox-watcher, ignorant of history, you are incorrect. I may disagree with you sometimes but I don’t think you are stupid. I’m fact you are very bright. But your party isn’t all like you. Did you watch the primaries. Damn. Mitt was the least worse out of a bag of nuts. (That doesn’t mean I like Obama any better)

    Watch those clips on Leno where he asks people on the street basic questions, line which ocean on a map is the Atlantic…

    Those fuckwits are the single most threat to the long-term health of the USA. And both Democrats and Republicans have their share. That’s the sad part.

    1. Great point about youtube troll. I didn’t take Doug as getting worked up, but it is often VERY difficult to understand the tone of someone through text. I often find Facebook threads getting out of control because there isn’t a true understanding of how something is being presented.

      “I may disagree with you sometimes but I don’t think you are stupid. I’m fact you are very bright. But your party isn’t all like you.”

      Perhaps you are giving Doug too much credit? *grins* It is often hard to weed through all the nuts in any party or group.

      Just happened to be listening this today regarding race. Goes completely against the Republicans are racist meme. I hate racism as much as the next guy. We should hold people who clearly promote, condone, or consistently express racist banter accountable for their actions. What I have the biggest problem with is the selective outrage expressed by either (but mostly the democratic) party when it comes to racist remarks. “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”- Biden

      He got a little flak over it, but not as much as anyone today who criticises Barack Obama.

      Anyway, great comment MeAgain. It is only through dialogue like this can we ever get anything accomplished.

    2. My wife questions my intelligence daily. That tends to happen when you keep forgetting where you put your keys, wallet, hat, jacket, phone and any number of other items. 🙂

    3. With the YouTube comment, I wasn’t worked up nearly as much as you think. I said to myself, “What am I going to write on tonight? I don’t feel like writing on any of this crap.” And then the first non-newsy thing I found was the Django trailer with the idiotic political comment below it. I was like, “Bingo.” I usually don’t go after a fly with a shotgun (I prefer a fly swatter), but in this case I made an exception. While this YouTube dude may be the lowest common denominator, the same condescension exists among intelligent liberals; I went to grad school with some of them. The mere fact that I advocate on behalf of conservative causes makes me, in their mind, intellectually inferior. And so, that’s what I’m essentially hitting back at.

      Where you’re incorrect is in referring to the Republican Party as my Party. It’s not. I’ve written a few nasty letters back to them when they ask me for money because I’m not into wasting what little disposable income I have. I consider myself a conservative, because the Republican Party that exists now all too often fails to adhere to conservative principles.

      Do I wish Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio were in the mix? Sure. But Mitt can beat Obama. I was listening to Paul Ryan on Mark Levin’s show not too long ago, and he nailed it. Mitt didn’t learn his conservatism by reading the best in brightest in conservative thought. He learned in mainly through experience as a businessman. And so, he sometimes has a hard time articulating conservative values beyond the scope of his business life. I think he’s a good man, and he’ll be a heck of a lot better than Obama. My concern is that people will think he’s some sort of silver bullet, when … he’s not. We need conservatives to win multiple elections to get spending under control, but we really don’t have much time. The Math isn’t on our side. In some ways, I think the car may have taken off over the cliff and we haven’t realize it yet. We’ll see.

  3. “Conservatives are more than happy to take off the intellectual gloves. If the best you can do is to make dumb jokes about Fox News, you’re going to get bloody.”

    You’re promoting Rocky / UFC like violence! Evil, evil man! Great post.

    1. I like a good intellectual joust. My favorites were watching Dinesh D’Souza vs. Christopher Hitchens. Intellectual bloodsport at its best.

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