I like  you, Sean Hannity. You seem like a nice guy. However, as a friend to the conservative movement I have to break the news to you: You need to stop falling into the Obama campaign’s traps.

Let me explain: Not 24 hours after Barack Obama evolved from an anti-gay caterpillar into a gay-marriage supporting butterfly, a media-coordinated hit job took place on Mitt Romney, which accused him of being some sort of predatory high school gay-basher … in 1965. You rightly pointed out the absurdity of it all, but then went on to devote an entire show to digging through Obama’s past, accusing him of “bullying” a little girl (He shoved one in elementary school during recess — so what?), and then playing some of the president’s weirder passages from audio versions of Dreams of My Father. In short, you played right into Obama’s hands.

The United State’s is almost 16 trillion dollars in debt. Unemployment is over 8 percent. (The number is even worse considering the stats don’t include those who have simply given up looking for a job.) No one except perhaps Paul Ryan has seriously tried to talk about entitlement reform. And yet, someone as talented as you spends hours dredging up stories the American people already know about President Obama — and determined it wasn’t enough to stop them from pulling the lever for him — in 2008.

President Obama has a record of disaster. If it was a sentence, it would be a grammatically incorrect collection of gobbledygook with only the killing of Osama bin Laden as a properly-executed punctuation mark at the end. Playing clips of Barack Obama saying, “White greed rules a world in need,” from his memoirs is fine … for about five minutes, but there are bigger problems at hand. Let’s talk about the federal government’s greed, to the tune of $16 trillion dollars. Let’s talk about Barack Obama’s greed, through the confiscation of wealth and capital from small and big businessmen across the country. Let’s talk about Facebook co-founders renouncing their citizenship over burdensome taxation, and the billions of dollars that will now be in banks overseas. I know you do that Sean, but all too often it’s as filler to a pie crust made of Obama’s daily foibles and manufactured distractions.

What the American people need right now is a dissection of what, exactly, President Obama’s governance has done to America over the past three years. The base needs to know, in a way they can articulate to their independent friends and family, how the Constitution has been trampled. They need to be able to intellectually break down and convey to others how liberalism has broken down the economy. They need to know about executive order overreach, the expansion of the administrative state, and the gathering threats abroad that have never make the front page headlines because the Washington Post and the New York Times are worried about a forced haircut Romney gave a kid in high school (as opposed the the forced abortions the Chinese government gives its citizens, or the unconstitutional mandates doled out by the White House).

Sean, I think you are indeed a blessing to the conservative movement but I can’t help but think that sometimes you run your show like a celebrity chef cooking up tasty treats for his studio audience, and not the desperately needed boot camp Drill Sergeant who instills purpose and discipline into his troops. Right now Americans need intellectual Drill Sergeants putting minds through combat exercises until election day. They need philosophical training and ammunition because they’ve become soft. Media feeds us ideological swill, but serving conservative cat nip does us no favors either. Now is not the time for Rev. Wright. Now is not the time for Obama’s teenage drug use. Now is not the time for stories about his elementary school playground mishaps.

As a communicator of conservative thought — one with a large microphone — you have a responsibility to challenge your audience. Challenging people often means making them uncomfortable or angry, which is a risky proposition for a radio host with sponsors to please. I know that. But challenging the audience is what will help oust Barack Obama from office so he can be replaced with someone who could stop the bleeding.

And so I end with this: Leave Obama’s youth alone. Point out the media bias, make it crystal clear, and then move on to discussing the kind of problems that will bring this country to its knees if we don’t get a handle on them soon. I love the passion you bring to the conservative movement, but ask you not to sling your rhetorical arrows at our opponent’s body armor when his head remains exposed.

You’re a great American,


Update: Hannity has read the post, and the tone of his reply suggests he wasn’t thrilled with it. I appreciate him taking the time (I really do), but I will say this: I listen to his show enough to know that he has a tendency to spend time on the side-show stuff that can play into the left’s hands. I also listen to Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin … and have not written comparable pieces on them. There is a reason for that.


  1. I don’t see any problem with devoting one day to highlighting Obama’s bully, drug fueled anti-white capitalist past. I disagree that these are knows. Even the stuff in his book (which apparently no one ever read before the 2008 election) is illuminating and relevant. But you are correct that the eye must be on the prize, and the right must stay on message (fix the economy, jobs). But one day (especially a Friday), devoted to highlighting these items is not going off message.

    1. Again, while I appreciate Sean, it’s not that it’s just a one-and-done deal. He’ll often get fixated on some of these ultimately inconsequential things and spend way too much time on them. As I said, it’s fine to allocate some time to them, but I think how he manages that time isn’t always what it needs to be.

      Yes, I know that I’m not in the radio business and I know it’s hard to fill three hours a day AND do a television show (amazing, really) … but when I listen to Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin I always feel like they are focused like a laser on what needs to be said.

      Sean is his own person, and I wouldn’t want him to be someone else, but I think there’s a tendency to do exactly what the left wants. When we get into this stupid tit-for-tat (e.g., They messed with Romney in 1965, so now I’m going to spend all day going through Obama’s past), I find myself shaking my head — and turning the channel.

  2. I haven’t listened or watched Sean H. in so long. Not because I have anything against him or what not. I met Mr. Hannity when I was like 12 or 14 and got his autograph he’s a nice guy. I listen to Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh and the likes in the conservative sphere often but when Obama came out nationally for gay marriage I was appalled that so many conservatives came out hawking on it. It’s old news. You could tell in 2008 by the way he voted what his stance was. I wouldn’t waste my time on it. Like you pointed out they’re wasting teaching opportunities on his distraction from the facts. This man would say anything to get what he wants. He did this same thing last election but what you can’t change is how you voted. That’s why I push looking at someone’s records/actions before you believe what they say. If they’re records don’t line up with their speech I have no reason to believe they’re going to do what they say -especially in the case of politicians.

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