George Lucas has lost a war of attrition with Sith-environmentalists. If they can't find a compromise with someone as liberal as George Lucas, who can they work with? The answer: No one.

The transformation of George Lucas from creative genius to evil Sith Lord of the Star Wars universe is well documented. Up until this point I have merely pointed out that while Lucas likens George Bush to Darth Vader and often demonizes successful capitalists, it is he who sold his integrity to the highest bidders, built a merchandising empire and ruled it with an iron fist. Today, I get to chronicle the moment in time where Dark Lords, Sith-environmentalists, defeated Lucas in a war of attrition.

Since 1995, a gaggle of rabid eco-interests have relentlessly attacked the billionaire film magnate, whose productions ushered in the digital arts age, over his plans for a production complex that would house Lucasfilm, Industrial Light and Magic, and LucasArts, all beneath one roof. …

Finally, two weeks ago, the county supervisors gave the “Star Wars” creator the thumbs up to build his dream complex, though its size was to be reduced by nearly half and another green deed would have to be carried out by Lucas: fund a county-wide climate change action agenda. Lucas was ready to close the deal when officials moved to provide the opposition one last opportunity to state their case as to why the project should not be allowed. …

When the eco-warriors showed up at the County Hall with lawyers and reams of paperwork last week, George Lucas decided to finally surrender. …

“We have several opportunities to build the production stages in communities that see us as a creative asset, not as an evil empire,” stated a letter from George Lucas’ property company. “The residents [surrounding the property] have fought this project for 25 years, and enough is enough. …”

George Lucas couldn’t get much further to the left on the political spectrum if he tried, and yet the the environmentalists rode him out like a bad Tauntaun until he died, splayed his guts out in the open for all the world to see, and then left his smelly corpse on the steps of city hall in Marin County, California.

How many jobs would George Lucas have brought to the area with a brand new, state-of-the-art movie making complex? What kind of impact would it have had on the economy? We know the answers but they don’t matter, because psychotic environmentalists don’t care. They don’t care about jobs. They don’t care about property rights. They don’t care about compromise. All they care about is imposing their will on the rest of us.

If George Lucas can’t come to an agreement with green activists, who can? Nobody. His case proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that these are people who can not be reasoned with. Lucas bent over backwards to appease his critics, and all he succeeded in doing was making it easier for them to put their boots on his neck.

As the United States assesses its energy needs for the decades to come (where to drill or dig or “frack”) they should remember what happened to George Lucas not so long ago in a state not so far, far away.

About the Author Douglas Ernst

I'm a former Army guy who believes success comes through hard work, honesty, optimism, and perseverance. I believe seeing yourself as a victim creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. I believe in God. I'm a USC Trojan with an MA in Political Science from American University.


  1. Another diatribe about environmentalist and another tenuous connection being turned into something it is not. Notice Lucas didn’t say the word “environmentalists,” he said “residents.” The publication that you quoted was some biased, right-wing site. Why not quote the local Marin paper?

    A little more complicated than your right wing nut job site presented, eh?

    A certain subset didn’t want Lucas to build a big building in their community. Why didn’t you spin this as “local community uses local government to assert right of residents over powerful magnate?” Small government at its finest! The community should decide, not Lucas or big government. If the community supported Lucas, they had their venue.

    1. Actually, I probably should have used that link. It had a lot more material to work with, although the point would have been the same. Maybe I’ll do a follow up.

      I like how everything to you is “spin.” It doesn’t matter what I would have written, if would have been “spin.” I didn’t write it the way you wanted because I’m not you. When have I ever linked to WND on this site? I don’t think ever before that piece. I also link to Associated Press, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The National Review, etc. I guess I’m just “spinning” all over the place…

      Again, this is a conservative blog. Why you’re continuously shocked I don’t frame my arguments from a liberal perspective is baffling.

  2. Let me demonstrate (though it will likely fall on deaf ears):

    From the WND article:

    “Since 1995, a gaggle of rabid eco-interests have relentlessly attacked the billionaire film magnate…”

    WND goes on to call them some other nasty names. That’s pretty straightforward right? These eco-greenies are assholes! I don’t think so. Not once did WND list these dastardly eco-jerks. So I start to smell something rotten and ask myself… ‘who constitutes this evil axis of green oppression?’

    What do I find? A consortium of fisheries services, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the state Regional Water Quality Control Board, and Lucas Valley Estates, a group of concerned neighbors.

    These are your sith-environmentalist? Really? You called them names without bothering to check who they were. Then you make the tenuous link between liberals (because they are evil) and environmentalist (they more evil) that just isn’t there. You think that each person in those groups are freedom-hating, USA-ruining liberals?

    I know it’s a conservative blog. I can read. My issue is that if you are presenting an opinion based on facts, try not to distort those facts to fit your opinion. The facts are the facts. Your opinion is your opinion. “Spin” is twisting facts to suit your opinion.

    The piece de resistance? This gem…

    “[Psychotic environmentalists] don’t care about jobs. They don’t care about property rights. They don’t care about compromise. All they care about is imposing their will on the rest of us.”

    So… a group of neighbors don’t care about property rights? A consortium of fisheries don’t care about jobs? The US Army Corps of Engineers doesn’t compromise? The Regional Water Quality Control Board only imposes their will on the rest of us?

    Stop being lazy and check your facts. Maybe frame a logical argument free of appeals to base emotions. How about trying not rag on a couple of groups who disagree with George Lucas’s plan to buy some land. That’s how small government works.

  3. I read your link, and I read the WND link. I also read between the lines. I believe that most people who do the same will fall down on my side of the debate, even if they don’t feel quite as strongly about it as I do. It’s pretty obvious what happened in good old California to George Lucas.

    Here’s another tasty environmentalist story I read recently in the Los Angeles Times:,0,6552376.story?page=1

    Yes, they are psychotic. But hey, l will give the Regional Water Quality Control Board a big hand and an apology just because it’s Friday. What the heck. I’m sorry, guys.

  4. I find it interesting that a liberal man would create the Jedi which could be considered as a great management tool. Think of the Jedi and how the tools there could be used for a great management system in a business.
    As a matter of fact I may make my next article on this subject!

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