Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver was incredulous that the United States had technology that would allow us to use every last bit of the cow. Cows bred to feed hungry people. You would think that liberal environmentalists would show a little gratitude at how efficient we are. Apparently not. Note to British chefs everywhere: the United States also has made amazing innovations in dentistry.

I hate when people act like lemmings, because when they do it’s the kind of thing liberals love; it’s an indicator to the Barack Obamas of the world that people are too dumb to govern themselves. And so, as I watched the news coverage of “pink slime”  as it extruded out into the public airwaves I couldn’t help but shake my head. The outrage over “lean beef trimmings” and the process with which they’re made fit for human consumption have been trumped up by guys like celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. The man is a chef—and not a scientist—and it shows. However, he’s actually pretty good at making sensationalistic scare-videos.

In one of Jamie’s videos he asks:

“What would you think if I told you that in America, they’ve come up with a piece of technology that can turn [lean beef trimmings] into something that ends up in your school food? … Pink slime is allowed in any school in America by the USDA.”

Actually, Jamie, I’d think that was pretty damn cool. America is filled with all sorts of amazing technology, and some of it even applies to dentistry, my British friend. Okay, I admit, that was a low blow…but you would think that liberal environmentalists among us would be happy that we aren’t wasting a single ounce of meat. You would think they would show some appreciation at the level of efficiency we are able to squeeze out, literally, from the cows that wind up on our plates. I guess not.

Besides being upset over all the people who lost jobs after the public outcry, I then had to add insult to injury by turning to NPR for some sanity. How mixed up has the world become when a conservative blogger must go to NPR to find a shred of sanity on a salient news story?

Indeed, before the anti-“pink slime” fervor erupted this month, we … didn’t know much about ground beef. And it took us several days and many conversations with experts to understand it, and how companies like BPI handle food safety.

What’s ironic, according to [associate professor of dairy and animal science at Penn State, Edward Mills], is that BPI was the “poster child for food safety and was very open about letting people into their plant. … Of all the companies I’ve dealt with, they’re not the one we should be attacking for food safety.”

The company tested its product more often and for a greater variety of pathogens than the government required, giving the product a better reputation than straight ground beef, Mills says.

So, thanks to guys like Jamie Oliver, a willful media and the lemmings who helped close down these plants, a very safe product is off the market, which will mean higher prices for beef. That’s great…if you have Jamie Oliver’s bank account. It’s not so great if you’re on a budget.

Most people don’t have a clue regarding what it takes to get food from a farm to their dinner table. Across the board there are things that many of us would find “gross” or unappetizing. If someone does the research and determines “pink slime” isn’t for them, fine. But to listen to simplified scare-tactics of guys like Jamie Oliver is just sad.

Following Jamie’s logic we shouldn’t eat apples because there are traces of cyanide in the seeds. We shouldn’t drink soda because it classifies as an acid. Milk should be avoided because it’s alkaline, and there are alkaline batteries out there releasing hydroxide ions…or something. The vast majority of the pink slime news coverage has been based (cool points if you get the pun) on emotion. My suggestion is to do yourself a favor and turn off the television every time someone on the nightly news tries to scare you into behaving differently. Read a book instead. You’ll probably be better off.


About the Author Douglas Ernst

I'm a former Army guy who believes success comes through hard work, honesty, optimism, and perseverance. I believe seeing yourself as a victim creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. I believe in God. I'm a USC Trojan with an MA in Political Science from American University.


  1. That does it! I’m going on an exclusive diet of Rocky Mountain Oysters until the hubbub dies down over slime.

    So I came home, and Mom had this big beef tongue boiling on the stove. Bobbbing up and down, ewww!

    I said “Mom..I’d never eat anything that came from an animal’s mouth ”

    So… she made me some eggs.

  2. Agree it’s a tempest in a teacup that’s not worth our time. Each person can make their own decision.

    But me? Pink slime? I wouldn’t eat it. I would rather my children be offered wholesome choices in the cafeteria, and not cheap foodstuffs. Give them a small portion of ribeye instead of “lean beef trimmings.” Hahahahaha. Yeah right. We’d actually have to fund our schools.

  3. When I was in high school it seemed like most kids bought a “Nutty Bar”, tater tots and a Coke for lunch. Not the most nutritious meal.

    I was weird and often ate Saltine crackers, pasta, or yogurt. Cross Country kids are weird, though.

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