Spike Lee wore one too many toasty hats and his brain melted. Or maybe that’s just what hate and anger does, because people who re-tweet another person’s home address for the sake of vigilante justice usually have goo floating around inside their noggin. As it turns out, Spike encouraged  his Twitter followers to take out their anger on…an elderly couple completely unconnected with George Zimmerman. Way to set the stage for things to completely spin out of control, Spike. Moron.

Spike Lee is a professional complainer, and most people know that by now. Even before the Trayvon Martin tragedy he was forwarding the weirdly racist notion that only black people are qualified to criticize black people. Many people still don’t know, however, that upon Trayvon’s death Spike took the leap we all knew he was destined for and became a full-fledged dangerous lunatic, erroneously re-tweeting what he thought to be George Zimmerman’s home address. It turns out that the only thing a lust for vigilante justice got him was a bunch of fellow nuts who like to harass retired, elderly couples:

9:00 PM EST 3/27/12- The Smoking Gun is reporting that an elderly couple lives at the Edgewater Circle address. It is the residence of David McClain, 72, and his wife Elaine, 70. “The McClains, both of whom work for the Seminole County school system, have lived in the 1310-square-foot lakefront home for about a decade, records show.”

According to TSG, the couple is living in fear since their address was linked to the Trayvon Martin shooting:

In an interview tonight, Elaine McClain told TSG that she and her husband were “afraid” due to the online linking of her address to Zimmerman. “We’re keeping everything locked,” she said. McClain added that the couple was particularly unnerved by a letter mailed to them at their home. On the envelope, she said, were printed the words “Taste The Rainbow,” the slogan for Skittles. Martin was carrying a pack of Skittles and a can of ice tea when he was gunned down by Zimmerman.

It took awhile, but at 9:30 p.m. on the 28th of March Spike “apologized” (in less than 140 characters) for his actions: “I Deeply Apologize To The McClain Family For Retweeting Their Address.It Was A Mistake.Please Leave The McClain’s In Peace.Justice In Court.”

Spike Lee goes off half-cocked and encourages 250,000 of his followers to take the law into their own hands, and when it turns out he only put the fear of God into an elderly couple he thinks it will just disappear with a robotic apology? It doesn’t work that way, Spike. Not when your Black Panther pals are putting $10,000 bounties on the head of the guy you were trying to funnel your followers to.

Want to know the real reason Spike apologized like he did (besides the threat of legal action)? It’s because deep down he knows he’s a fool. He lost his cool and turned into the very kind of monster he always complains about. What would have happened if a drunk black guy, inspired by Lee’s re-tweet, broke into the house of the old, white McClain’s and killed them in their sleep? Just wondering.

Here’s the bottom line: nobody in the media knows the specifics of this case enough to say what happened. That’s where the rule of law comes in for sane people (i.e., not Spike Lee). Worse, we have media that calls Mr. Zimmerman “white-hispanic” when he self-identifies as Hispanic. (When have you ever heard that designation before? You haven’t.) The most prevalent picture of Mr. Zimmerman has been one that makes him look like an escaped convict, while 90% of the time Trayvon is seen as a 10-12 year old kid. Mr. Zimmerman’s own mother is Peruvian, and one of his close friends is black, but we’re supposed to believe he has a seething hatred for anyone with brown skin? It doesn’t add up, which is why the rhetoric of man-boys like Spike Lee, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpon is so dangerous.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I some tweeting to catch up on that doesn’t involve recklessly endangering the lives of old people.


    1. I can’t imagine a situation where I could see myself shooting an unarmed teenager. With that said, I also don’t know what happened between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin to make that happen.

      I used to work in a high school, and I can tell you that some of the kids were rather huge… I’m 5’8 and 160 pounds, and I subbed for classes with kids that were sometimes 6’2 or greater. If one of them had me on the ground and was bashing my head into the concrete I don’t know how I’d react.

      What exactly happened the night Trayvon was killed? I don’t know…but neither do you. Again, that’s what the justice system is designed to try and find out.

  1. What? Democrats can’t carry weapons?
    What? Hispanics aren’t racist?
    What? Zimmerman was getting his head smashed in? Really?

    What bothers me is this is only an example of what has been happening for years. People seem to get trigger happy when confronted with someone not like themselves.

    I know plenty, in my own family, that are racist but have black friends. I’m sure their friends of a darker skin tone were guilty until proven innocent as well.

    “David O. Markus, a prominent Miami defense attorney, said that an actual fight does not need to take place for someone to claim self-defense under Florida’s “stand your ground” law, which gives wide leeway to use deadly force and eliminates a person’s duty to retreat in the face of danger.”


    Wow. There’s the win you were looking for, right?

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