What do you do when a judge tries to reinvent the First Amendment as an edict out of an Iranian mullah’s totalitarian handbook? You expose him. If you haven’t acted accordingly with Judge Mark Martin, do so today. If he’ll tie himself into logical knots to allow atheists to be choked out by inflamed Muslims, what would stop him from doing the same to you?

I normally don’t do much for Halloween, but I might have to reconsider and get dolled up as Zombie Mohammad in light of the recent Pennsylvania court case that determined we no longer have First Amendment rights. Here’s the abridged version: Ernie Perce, an atheist, marches in a parade as zombie Mohammad. An Islamic guy flips out and “allegedly” chokes him along the course (watch the video and decide for yourself). The cops get involved. The case is brought to court, and Judge Mark Martin, a Muslim convert, throws it out because the Founding Fathers apparently wanted an Islamic Police State. He states:

Here in our society, we have a Constitution that gives us many rights, specifically First Amendment rights. It’s unfortunate that some people use the First Amendment to deliberately provoke others. I don’t think that’s what our forefathers intended. I think our forefathers intended to use the First Amendment so we can speak with our mind, not to piss off other people and cultures – which is what you did.

I don’t think you’re aware, Sir, there’s a big difference between how Americans practice Christianity – I understand you’re an atheist – but see Islam is not just a religion. It’s their culture, their culture, their very essence, their very being. They pray five times a day toward Mecca. To be a good Muslim before you die, you have to make a pilgrimage to Mecca, unless you’re otherwise told you cannot because you’re too ill, too elderly, whatever, but you must make the attempt. Their greeting is ‘Salam alaikum, wa-laikum as-Salam,’ uh, ‘May God be with you.’ …

And what you’ve done is, you’ve completely trashed their essence, their being. They find it very, very, very offensive. I’m a Muslim. I find it offensive. I find what’s on the other side of this [sign] very offensive. But you have that right, but you are way outside your bounds of First Amendment rights.

Note to Judge (or was that Imam?) Martin: The Constitution doesn’t give us rights—it merely articulates the inalienable rights granted to us by The Creator. Disingenuous men like you wish our rights came from old pieces of paper so you could burn them and replace them with something else—perhaps Koranic verses that could never be burned, lest Afghan civilians—and eventually Americans—go bonkers and kill people?

Are we in the Twilight Zone? Is Judge Mark Martin taking hallucinogenic drugs, reading the Koran, and then driving into work each morning? The idea that the Founding Fathers were not in favor of “provoking” language is absurd. In fact, one could make the case that provoking totalitarian turds and their advocates at home and abroad is necessary and proper! I’d like to ironically say, “God bless atheist Ernie Perce for “provoking” Judge Mark Martin to show his true colors! Perce’s parade persuaded the enemies of liberty to show themselves, through their actions and words.

Here now, is the text of the First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Got that, Judge? No one gets to implement Sharia Law in the United States. If an Army of Zombie Mohammed Atheists want to parade down the street they can do so, and have every right not to have their life or their liberty threatened by uncorked kooks. Citizens and judges who want to turn Pennsylvania into global skid marks like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran (and every other Islamic police state that executes its critics) need to be exposed for patriotic Americans to see.

What relevance did this judge’s lecture on Islamic culture have to do with the case? Nothing. Who cares if a guy walks down the street trashing someone else’s “essence”? What the heck does that even mean? If someone walked down the street with a sign that literally read: “I hate Douglas Ernst’s Essence and damn that bastard to hell,” would that give me the right to choke him out on the street? Of course not. We’re on a very dangerous path when the rule of law rests in the hands of judges like Mark Martin. The future is not bright when Pentagon officials are going to Virginia mosques to apologize for Koran burnings in Afghanistan (the same Korans taken from terrorists using them to scribble personal “Death to America” journal entries before getting shut eye).

Why are news organizations spiking this story in favor of the latest segment on Rick Santorum’s sweater vest collection? It’s a mad world.


    1. Agreed. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to be in court as this claptrap was coming out of his mouth.

      Fight on!

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