President Karzai needs to apologize to the Civilized World for having such a backwards country. Instead, our president apologizes for troops who burned Korans filled with terrorist wish lists, plots and plans.

Imagine you’ve found Ayman al-Zawahiri. You’ve located him hiding in a barren, mountainous region of Pakistan. It’s cold. Really cold. You know he has information on an imminent attack on American soil, and you need to extract it fast. You’re short on professional interrogators and help isn’t coming anytime soon, but you do have a gun. Remembering that thousands of Afghans went nuts and killed each other over a few burning Korans, you come up with a crazy idea: You can tell him he can have a match and the Koran to figure out a way to stay warm, he can talk, or you could put a bullet in his head. What are the chances that you’d be brought before an international tribunal for violating the Geneva Conventions, and what are the chances that the President of The United States would apologize to the world for your actions instead of pinning a medal on your chest? Sadly, you know the answer.

The scenario that played out over the last few days in Afghanistan over burning Korans only highlights how woefully Western Civilization is responding to its clash with a backwards culture that still stones women, executes gay people, and uses children as suicide bombers.

Let’s set the record straight:

  • Islamic terrorists  are captured on the field of battle trying to kill NATO troops
  • Islamic terrorists are given Korans, which they then use to write terrorist journal entries
  • Korans, littered with terrorist wish-list plots and plans, are taken away to be disposed of
  • Civilian employees see the Korans burning, which causes riots, death and flaming Obama effigies
  • President Obama and the rest of the world grovels at the feet of rioting lunatics

The United States doesn’t need to apologize to Afghanistan. If anything, The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan should apologize to the rest of the civilized world for being so ass-backwards that billions upon billions of dollars was spent trying to drag them into the 21st century. Just over a decade ago these people were hauling women to soccer fields and blowing their brains out with AK-47s. Today, they’ve progressed—they spend more of their time looking for an excuse to kill Christian converts or gay people.

Fact: Muslim dictators and tyrannical regimes slaughter scores of their fellow Muslims, and the response by Afghans is to sit in their squalor not saying a word until a garbage bag of Korans (again, written in and used to incite violence at the local detention center) get incinerated by Westerners. The riots are a joke. The Afghans participating are a joke. And we’re making a joke of Western Civilization by not standing up to the world’s biggest bully-crybabies.

Instead of capturing Islamic terrorists on the field of battle, giving them three hots and a cot (and a prayer mat and a Koran), how about we give them 5.56 mm tracer rounds in the head? It would save everyone a lot of hassle and the embarrassment that comes with asking forgiveness from an “ally” like Hamid Karzai.

When was the last time you heard a leader of the Muslim world apologize for anything? Anything. They don’t, because they’re busy oppressing their own people, blaming it on us, and getting away with it because we let them! The next time Afghans complain about burning Korans, it would be nice if we had a President who told them that subhuman terrorists get their toys burned. Don’t become a terrorist, and you won’t get your toy thrown in the fire.

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