From the very beginning, Hope and Change was an illusion. Many Americans bought it, but guys like Paul Ryan are doing their best to expose the charade.

When was the last time President Obama talked honestly with the American people about our national debt? Currently, it stands at $15,391,735,627,010.18. The main drivers of U.S. debt are entitlement programs (i.e., Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid). The Obama Budget? It doesn’t seriously address any of them. Instead, it’s all smoke and mirrors, the kind cooked up by Marvel Comics’ Mysterio. As the interest on our debt continues to pile up, and countries like Greece give us a glimpse into our future, the president has only given the American people accounting tricks and distractions. Media play along, and many Republican politicians sit with their lips zipped because even they are too afraid to break the news to their constituents: We’re broke. Very, very broke. And fixing it is going to be painful.

Right now one of the only voices of sanity on Capitol Hill is Paul Ryan, an Amazing Spider-Man of sorts. He’s kind of wonky and a little bit nerdy, but he’s also very personable and, in a weird way a pretty cool guy—like Peter Parker! The sad thing is, it doesn’t take “spider-sense” to know we’re in trouble. The kind of unfunded mandates currently on the books will bring the nation to its knees, and it’s all a matter of basic math. Unfortunately, basic math is something that doesn’t seem to be being taught to today’s young people, because they continue to believe in things like “free” health care, as if costs are something that can magically disappear because a politician said so.

Anyone who is familiar with The Amazing Spider-Man knows the motto he lives by: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Besides Congressman Paul Ryan and a select few others, that’s not a mantra that guides our elected representatives. In the comic books Spider-Man can save the city all by himself, despite the fact that many of the citizens are under the impression that he’s the villain. In real life, Paul Ryan can’t save the nation all by himself, but he does have media outlets doing their best job to cast him as the bad guy! He doesn’t have the proportionate strength of a spider, but together we can handle this problem. Write a blog, talk to a friend, call your Congressman or do whatever it is your schedule will allow so that the nation’s financial situation comes to the forefront. It’s not as spectacular as swinging from rooftops or sticking to walls, but you’ll be a hero to your kids and grand kids.

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