Angelina Jolie: Bring the troops home! Well, unless is Democrat is in office. Then there are really sad, upsetting things happening all around the world that require U.S. firepower and Hollywood stars mugging tough for the camera. Besides, we can always blame George Bush for the consequences.

Hollywood’s “United Nations High Commissioner,” Angelina Jolie, has called for intervention in Syria, which can only mean one thing: She’s found a way to blame George W. Bush for all the unintended consequences. Syria is part of the dysfunctional Middle Eastern spiderweb littered with Iranian spiders, but she doesn’t bother to think about that because a Democrat is in office. Have you ever plucked a web like it was a Spanish guitar, Ms. Jolie? The spiders come running… Military adventurism without accountability is one of the benefits bestowed upon Democrat presidents.

“I think Syria has got to a point, sadly, where certainly some form of intervention is absolutely necessary,” Jolie told Al Jazeera Balkans in an interview shown on the channel’s Internet site.

“It’s so sad, it’s so upsetting, it’s so horrible what’s happening,” Jolie said. “At this time we just must stop the civilians being slaughtered…When you see that kind of mass violence and murder on the street, you must do something,” added Jolie, who has served for years as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees…

Without naming China and Russia, she condemned “these countries that are choosing not to intervene” in Syria despite “global efforts,” (emphasis added).

What does Code Pink think about this? What does the mysteriously absent anti-war movement think about this? No one knows because they’ve been MIA since Barack Obama took office. Or perhaps they’re just confused as to what’s going on, because Hollywood’s “United Nations High Commissioners” don’t even have the courage to call out thug state actors like Russia and China.

Pay close attention to your liberal friends because they’ll often say we need to “do something.” They usually won’t give specifics. The passage of bad legislation is often better to them than no legislation because it indicates “something” is being done. Giving the people “something” indicates you care—never mind the fact that the cure is often worse than the disease.

If you want to kill a zombie, you need to chop off its head. If Angelina wanted to have a lasting impact on Syria she might want to consider an attack on Iran (especially since Leon Panetta thinks military escalation is only a matter of months away, anyway).

Question for the former Tomb Raider: If we militarily engage Syria and it spirals into a world war, will you call President Obama a warmonger, or will you wait until the next Republican is elected to conveniently call for his impeachment?

Do you know what else is “sad” and “upsetting”, Angelina? That liberals take any opportunity they can get to cut funding for the military, only to find new ways to treat them as humanitarian playthings when a Democrat is in office.


About the Author Douglas Ernst

I'm a former Army guy who believes success comes through hard work, honesty, optimism, and perseverance. I believe seeing yourself as a victim creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. I believe in God. I'm a USC Trojan with an MA in Political Science from American University.


  1. The world is truly on its head: another Liberal promoting that we launch another war….we are in wonderland now.

    Where was Angie when Colin Powell stopped the war machine at the Syrian border even though Saddam’s elite forces were escaping our fighting men into Syria? Or when the WMD was buried in the sands of the Syrian desert, where it no doubt still sits?

    And I have said many times that every wimp president since Reagan has felt his oats using REAGAN’s military, while simultaneously bleeding it and running it down to a pre-Reagan shambles.

    1. It is name calling and lack of respect for each other which causes conflict. Let’s respect other’s opinions without name calling. Angie has done a lot, you don’t need to like but I am sure she has done more than most with money.

    2. I get what you’re saying, but name calling and disrespect only have power over a person if that person allows words to have power over them. Words are just like drops of water off a duck’s back … if you want them to be.

  2. I know that I do not want another war, but when we say, it doesn’t effect us, it is none of our business. What happens if there is a bully on your block breaking into homes. Do we say as long as my house is safe I don’t want to get involved. I know this is not our country, but are we not all children of God. That is what we need to ask ourselves. All those people and children getting poisoned. It is heartbreaking. I can understand the pros and cons, but what is the right thing to do. That is the most important question we need to ask. What is the right thing to do.

  3. Angelina Jolie is right wing. Always has been a hawk. She adopts babies from countries she later calls on for destruction. Where in the world do people get the idea that she is a liberal. Is it because she adopts brown babies? Good lord.

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