Toby Keith opened a Pandora's Box when he created the Red Solo Cup song. The Obama administration is looking into possible antitrust law violations comitted by the Solo Cup Company.

No one can escape Toby Keith’s hit song, Red Solo cup. That’s good news—and bad news—for the Solo Cup Company, the juggernaut of plastic receptacles used at every college party you’ve ever attended. The Obama administration backed off its Christmas Tree tax in late 2011 when public backlash began to build, but with the viral video for Red Solo Cup reaching millions, officials say that antitrust violations previously under the radar have been brought to light and will be addressed.

Late on Friday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney had this to say:

Some say that monopolies tend to emerge when one company provides quality, desired goods and services at an affordable price. Microsoft is a prime example. People like their computers. They generally like what Bill Gates has done to raise the standard of living of hundreds of millions of people across the globe. Unfortunately, they’re also blinded by the very real, very evil downside of allowing success go forward, unchecked by the watchful eye of the Democrats. The Solo Cup Company’s unfair market share on party cups threatens the very free market it benefits from. As I speak, federal lawmakers are crafting The Solo Cup Antitrust Act of 2012, which will bring balance and fairness back to the plastic container industry.

Solo Company’s Director of Communications, Angie Gorman, responded with a clear, concise and unscripted defense of the company:

“The Obama administration has demonstrated time and time again it doesn’t drink from Solo Cups, but from the well of crony capitalism. And when it does use cups, they are provided by Dixie lobbyists intent on getting the latest addition to the long line of Obamacare waivers. We’ll see the federal government in court, and when we win we’ll have a party—with red Solo cups. Period.”

Analysts note that Tea Party activists are not likely to blame Toby Keith for the debacle. Instead, they say that this this is another example of a tone deaf administration, which seeks to implement policies that will alienate Southern independents, young people, and blue collar moms and pops in swing states Obama needs to win reelection.

Toby Keith was not available for comment, but he might not be able to avoid making a statement if Democrats push forward with planned Solo Cup Company Congressional hearings.


    1. It is categorized and tagged as satire. The sad thing is, with this administration it’s entirely within the realm of possibility.

    2. yeah, next it’s gonna be can’t say the word drink in a song. guess what oh,bummer free speech asshole can’t stop it.

  1. What the *&%$ ever, how about you stop with the stupid crap and do something more productive like I don’t knowwwww THE FRCIKIN BAD ECONOMY!! You need to leave Toby and Solo Cup Company alone, grow up and worry about BIGGER MORE IMPORTANT things…What about the bad image the OBAMA administration is giving…STUPID IGNORANT MO-FO’s,

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