Have you ever wondered how David Frum sleeps at night? Probably not, because most Americans have never heard of him. Even if you have, you’re probably busy running your life, so when he runs his mouth you brush it off and forget about it; the kids need dinner. You, my friend, are normal. I am not, which is why every time I read his disingenuous diatribes I wish I could wipe that stupid smirk off his pampered face with a five-fingered death punch.

Take David’s new piece, How Tea Party Could Drive GOP to Disaster. In it, he shows us that he shares the smarmy, lying sell-out gene with Paul Krugman when he opines on a few different 2012 presidential outcomes and the Tea Party’s reaction to them. Scenario 2 goes as follows:

Romney is nominated, Romney loses.

“For non-tea party Republicans, this second outcome opens all kinds of ugly, ominous possibilities. If candidate Romney loses, tea party Republicans will claim that the GOP lost because it failed to nominate a “true conservative.” That claim may fly in the face of political math (how would a more extreme candidate win more votes?), but it will pack a lot of emotional punch. Intense partisans are always ready to believe that the way to win is to be more intense and more partisan. Back-to-back losses under John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012 will open the way to an ultra-conservative nominee in 2016 — and a true party debacle,” (emphasis mine).

Did you get the part where David would have you believe that “true conservative” to a Tea Party member is synonymous with “more extreme…more intense and more partisan”? A false premise there, a red herring there…a straw man for good measure—it makes one wonder what David’s motivation is. If he wasn’t married I’d say he was going out of his way to position himself as the curiosity-one-night-Republican-stand for young, liberal college coeds frequenting the Georgetown bar scene. Since he is married, I’ll assume he just has a lot of liberals to curry favor with at those Huffington Post cocktail parties.

The point is, the Tea Party isn’t looking for an “extreme” candidate—they’re looking for a principled candidate. Being principled is different than being partisan (particularly if you’re using the term to refer to hacks who toe the party line no matter how cockamamie the position is).

The Tea Party looks at 14 trillion dollars of debt and wants to see fundamental reforms to social security, medicare, and medicaid. The Tea Party sees unconstitutional health care mandates and wants to see them reversed. The Tea Party sees the leg of the conservative stool that stands for traditional American values hacked away at regularly by liberals and wants it to stop, so balance can be restored. To guys like David Frum, that’s “extreme.” Correction: guys like David are smart enough to know what the Tea Party really stands for, but for whatever reason he’s decided to malign the one group of people who are trying to return the nation to its constitutional roots.

Let us also not waste too much time on the ridiculous notion that because a few candidates saw spurts in their polling, for a political nanosecond, that it was somehow proof-positive that the Tea Party is filled with schizophrenic nuts switching from one “messiah” to the next. David Frum says the Tea Party holds a number of positions that don’t pass “the reality test.” That’s weird, because neither does David’s entire column.

What’s a good song to listen to while reading Frum? Oh, wait…never mind. I got it: Liar.

About the Author Douglas Ernst

I'm a former Army guy who believes success comes through hard work, honesty, optimism, and perseverance. I believe seeing yourself as a victim creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. I believe in God. I'm a USC Trojan with an MA in Political Science from American University.

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