"Apparently, when you say "I'm concerned with 14 trillion dollars of debt," Morgan Freeman hears, "I hate black people."

It’s one thing when Charles Blow of the New York Times starts ruminating on the elusive Tea Party racist, that Bigfoot-like creature the media fantasizes about catching on tape with its every waking moment. It’s quite another thing when Morgan Freeman does it.

In order to believe that the Tea Party is racist you have to believe that 14 trillion dollars in debt is a pittance. In order to believe the Tea Party is racist you have to believe that unconstitutional health care mandates are non-issues. And in order to believe that the Tea Party is racist you have to be shocked (shocked I tell you!) that conservatives around the country would root for a liberal in the White House to be a one-and-done president. Morgan Freeman wasn’t talking about “dark underbellies” when people were calling for BushHitler’s (one word) ouster, was he? Didn’t think so.

Poor Freeman has become a slave to his own stupidity:

“The Tea Partiers who are controlling the Republican Party…their stated policy is to see to it that Obama only serves one term. What underlines that? ‘We are going to do whatever we can to get this black man out of there…’ it is a racist thing.”

The tell tale sign of an intellectually lazy man is whether or not he plays the race card. I have no doubt in my mind Morgan Freeman believes every word he says. I also have no doubt in my mind that outside his ability to breath life into the creative writing of other men that he’s a psychological sloth. Such a condition coupled with a Hollywood narcissism that’s been pampered and nurtured by years fame is a recipe for ugly.

Morgan Freeman likens the rise of the Tea Party to “stirring up muddy water,” but he’s been bathing in the same, sullied, liberal Hollywood bath water for so long (i.e., Sean Penn wishes you got rectal cancer and died) that he sees calls for accounting transparency and a scrubbing down of the budget process as something dirty.

Dear Morgan Freeman,

It’s not often someone can blatantly call me a racist and still get me to shell out bucks to see their films. Congratulations: you’re one hell of an actor/adult pretender. Sadly, you’re also a fool. I’ll see you in The Dark Knight Rises on opening night!



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