Donald Trump has his clown nose in his clown-nose holster in case the American people demand one for the 2012 presidential campaign season. Note to Donald: they won’t. Especially when you blame other countries for our own self-imposed disasters.

Billionaire/reality TV star/national joke Donald Trump wants to assure the American people he’s would give it some, “serious, serious thought,” about running for president if the economy stays in the toilet. The last time he gave Americans some serious thought he came across like Toucan Sam, so he’s going to have his work cut out for him if he’s ever going to get Marco Rubio credibility.

So far, Trump has a long way to go:

As he did when he considered a presidential run earlier this year, Trump blamed a lot of the problems in the U.S. economy on “foolish leaders” who allow other countries — principally China and the members of OPEC — to steal jobs and keep the U.S. over an expensive oil barrel.

China doesn’t “steal” jobs from the U.S. OPEC doesn’t hold us hostage. WE are the ones creating an environment that pushes businesses overseas. WE are the ones sitting on ungodly amounts of known natural resources and doing nothing about it. WE are the ones who created entitlement programs with unfunded liabilities that reach into the heavens. WE are the ones who bail out car companies and banks that deserve to fail. WE are the ones who enacted unconstitutional health care mandates. And WE are the ones who deserve the calamities that befall us if we don’t do what is needed NOW in order to prevent a systemic meltdown in the years to come.

Donald Trump is a blowhard in the vein of Chris Matthews. Some people like that. They’re good for entertainment, which is probably why they both have television shows. However, they’re also not taken seriously be serious people. Snake-oil salesmen can rile up a crowd, but they can’t trick a well-informed people. And right now the public is doing its homework. The main drivers of debt are Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. If you don’t fix them, you’ve essentially fixed nothing.

The sad thing about the bills being debated in Congress is that they’re ultimately useless if they don’t fundamentally change the way our entitlement programs are structured. If a deal is reached a handful of politicians will pat themselves on the back, but the main problem will still be unresolved. It’s not going away. Sadly, neither is Donald Trump.

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