Barack Obama's poll numbers are low in the Arab World. A culture that still permits women to be stoned isn't a fan of a Western president? Shocker!

The public is wondering why the Barack Obama brand name is polling lower than women and dogs in the Middle East. This doesn’t teach us as many lessons about Barack Obama or George Bush as it does about the American people. We apparently have really short memories, because it was only last year that Muslim vendors in Indonesia were running successful “Throw a Shoe at Obama” booths.

Fact: Canadian Muslim girls operate in a weird time warp on a daily basis. Women in Saudi Arabia have a hard time getting hold of a unicycle, let alone a car. Women in Indonesia get to deal with the Jean Police (no relation to Cheap Trick). What does all this mean, besides muslim guys who get to my blog by Googling “Hot Indonesian Girls” on a regular basis? It means that Barack Obama’s Youtube Diplomacy was an utter failure.

The world wanted to believe so badly that George Bush was wrong. The world wanted to believe so badly that George Bush was the evil one. They did this because the only alternative was to admit that everywhere Islam dominates a culture there’s the inconvenient correlation with totalitarian governments, thuggery, and intimidation of minorities (i.e., women, gays, minorities, Jews, non-muslims, etc.) Barack Obama became the vehicle in which their hopes and dreams might be delivered, where soaring platitudes and good intentions could change police states and fear societies. Worse yet, he bought his own hype. The fallout—besides what happens when Iran goes nuclear—is devastating.

The United States does not need the Middle East to like it. Western Civilization does not need the Middle East to like it. What free nations need is for the Middle East to stop exporting death and destruction in the form of exploding young men between the ages of 18-35. While the rest of the world is churning out engineers and doctors, the Middle East leads the world in madrassa graduates who celebrate by splattering their intestines all over innocent civilians.

Dear Barack Obama,

When Islamic clerics and their uneducated followers burn you in effigy, you’re doing something right. In regards to the debt ceiling you said we need to “pull off the band aid.” The same logic extends to the Middle East (and now Candada, apparently):

Although, there is no clear-cut verse in Qur’an that categorically suggests killing of homosexuals, sayings of Prophet Muhammad suggests three types of sentences, and among that one is death. Bilal Philips is suggesting, based on his opinion on the Qur’anic/Prophetic principles of society. He is not advising the Islamic judiciary to kill any gay person they found, but what he is “suggesting” is judicial punishment of death sentence for those who confess or are seen “performing homosexual acts” by “four reliable witnesses without any doubt.”

History will be kind to President Bush, at least as it pertains to his efforts to keep America safe post 9/11. In his absence, the clueless kids who railed against him will eventually realize that beheadings, suicide bombers, and honor killings aren’t the fault of a Texas cowboy, but the hallmark signs of a dysfunctional culture in need of serious reform.

5% approval in the Arab world, Mr. President? What took you so long? Regardless, get back to work and don’t come back until we hear about Navy Seals who fed Ayman Mohammed Rabie al-Zawahiri to the sharks.

Woman on the beach in New Jersey having fun with her relatives, or a woman in Iran about to have large boulders chucked at her head? You be the judge.

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