Congratulations, young ladies: Feminists once fought for you to have equal rights. Ke$ha fights for your right to be dumb, liberal, and easy.

Our old friend Kesha just might be brimming with STD’s, but I’m sure she’d just tell me “We R Who We R.” And that’s true: You’re a sad, vapid excuse for a woman. The political elite (of both parties) call Sarah Palin an idiot, and sleazy liberal party girls do the same—sometimes on their way to the voting booth that coincides with with their walk of shame.  But who’s really the dumb one?  Sarah Palin, who tries to inspire young women out there to go out and make something of themselves, or Kesha:

DJ turn it up
It’s about damn time to live it up
I’m so sick of being so serious
It’s making my brain delirious!
I’m just talkin’ truth
I’m telling you ’bout the s**t we do

Let me make your brain a little more “delirious”, Kesha.  And let me tell “you ’bout the “s**t” some other people do.  You R who you R, and the Iranians R who they R. And the Middle Eastern despotic regimes R who they R:

TEHRAN, Iran – A senior Muslim cleric has denounced the participation of Iranian women in the Asian Games, calling it a humiliation and saying women’s sports are a product of the West’s “dirty” culture that should be shunned.

In one corner we have Islamic mullah nuts, who stone women to death, support terrorism, deny the Holocaust, and seek nuclear weapons with which to hold the world hostage with any number of bizarre demands once they get it.  In the other corner we have a musician who does, indeed, promote filth.  In fact, she revels in it.  An entire industry is fueled by the ability of like-minded artists to churn out catchy songs that make it cool to embrace your basest desires.

The great thing about the United States is that its citizens, for generations, have coupled freedom with liberty.  And liberty is something that constrains us because it is intimately tied with personal responsibility (unlike Kesha, who apparently is intimately tied to a number of random dudes).  In a country where people are free to do disgusting and depraved things, the majority of the people attempt to live a dignified life the majority of the time.  In other parts of the world people do what their theocratic thug masters tell them is the “right” thing to do because they don’t want to end up stoned to death over bogus charges they can’t defend themselves against—because they have the wrong chromosomes.

But back to Ke$ha:

We’re dancing like we’re dumb
Our bodies go numb
We’ll be forever young
You know we’re superstars
We are who we are!

You’re dancing like you’re dumb because you are dumb. And the easiest way to go numb while you’re young is to live in South Korea when Kim Jon Il decides to lob a few artillery rounds on your head. Or to be a Westerner in a country filled with Taliban head-choppers screaming “Allah Akbar!” as your melon is lopped off (the same guys Richard Gere once said simply needed to be loved).

I’m sure that KeSha fans would say that I’m just a grumpy old man, to which I respond: Not true. But I am a Fabulous Killjoy. I’m louder than God’s Revolver and Twice as Shiny! Today’s young conservatives know how to rock while simultaneously being informed.  And we don’t like easy dumb chicks who live in liberal fantasy worlds.

Today's young conservatives are Fabulous Killjoys; they kick ass and know how the world really works.

Once upon a time feminists fought to give women equal rights across the board. They envisioned a time when women would be able to choose different career tracks (i.e., motherhood or the corporate ladder…or both!) based on what was right for them.  And they succeeded.

Today? KeSha fights for a woman’s right to take it off. Sad.

About the Author Douglas Ernst

I'm a former Army guy who believes success comes through hard work, honesty, optimism, and perseverance. I believe seeing yourself as a victim creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. I believe in God. I'm a USC Trojan with an MA in Political Science from American University.


  1. I am fairly certain, you extremely moronic exscuse for a writer, that the point of feminism was that women could choose what THEY want to do. Whether that be staying at home, working, or partying. Or any combinations they see fit. I love how you righties now get to decide that women all need to be prim and proper and appropriate. You conservatives will always be sexist in your own special ways. How about you stop butting in on other peoples lives? Is she partying with your kids? No. Leave people to do what they want. (plus just as a sidenote, she is legally allowed to drink or do whatever the hell else she wants so maybe you should get off your conservative, likely ghost worshiping high horse)
    -yours in anger, Josiah C.
    PS- I have never, nor do I plan on ever drank, partied, listened to kesha, or drank while partying while listening to Kesha.

    1. Josiah,

      Name one point in this blog post where it’s conveyed that I’d seek to force Kesha to live a certain way? You can’t. In fact, I go out of my way to ridicule theocratic thug regimes and Communist hell holes that do just that.

      In a free society you’re free to be an idiot. I’m just pointing out that Kesha took full advantage of it. While she fills her songs with vapid lyrics, she’s seemingly blind (or was that “numb”?) to how the rest of the world lives.

      Word of advice: When you insinuate that the guy who’s throwing up pictures of My Chemical Romance videos wants everyone to be “prim and proper”…you immediately undercut your argument. Or maybe you should wander on over to my review of the movie Kick Ass, if you want to be thoroughly embarrassed by your sad attempt to put me into a Conservative Christian stereotype box.

      And remember Josiah: anger leads to The Dark Side. Lighten up. You don’t want to wind up as a Darth Vaderish Sith Lord who listens to Kesha.

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