My Chemical Romance broke liberalism's #1 Rule: Do not proudly sport the American flag, and if you do make sure you apologize for all past sins, real and imagined by the international community. Does anyone really believe Billie Joe Armstrong would proudly wrap himself in the American flag? Didn't think so.

Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance is a closet conservative.  There is no way someone without a conservative streak in them (even a latent one), could have made the video Na Na Na. While I’ve read that he supports the Democratic Party, it should be noted that voting patterns and principles are different things. Example:  Gerard ruffles liberal feathers from the get go:

“Look alive, sunshine. 109 in the sky, but the pigs won’t quit. You’re here with me, Dr. Death Defy. I’ll be your surgeon, your proctor, you’re helicopter.  Bumping out the slaughtamatic sounds to keep you live…  Anti-matter for the master plan. Louder than God’s revolver and twice as shiny!...The future is bulletproof.  The aftermath is secondary.  It’s time to do it now and do it loud!  Killjoys, make some noise!”

Doesn’t Gerard know that mentioning God is a no-no (or was that ‘na na’?), and that coupling Him with a revolver might cause the kids to link a Creator—from which all our rights are derived—with self defense? Even worse, the message comes from guerilla radio (i.e., talk radio) that circumvents the “official” message disseminated by established authority figures. But, as Dr. Death Defy says, that’s secondary.

Take a look at the themes that run through Na Na Na.

  • American flags proudly displayed.
  • Guns as legitimate tools of self defense.
  • American muscle cars and the freedom that comes from the open road (It would be hard for Killjoys to save the world if they were waiting all day for public transportation).
  • Vampiric authority figures tied to the federal government or a company closely associated with it.
  • Resistance movements, individualism, and self-reliance.
  • Orwellian double-speak.  Better Living Industries (i.e., BL.ind)
  • Dystopian future (batteries provided by Better Living Industries have played a role).
  • State controlled media.

Ask yourself this question: Would Billie Joe “Sunshine Patriot” Armstrong have made this video?  The poster boy for hypocritical liberal rockers who lecture you on public policy while admitting their brain has been clogged and confused by years of illegal drug use?  I think not.  And I’m not just saying that because Gerard’s individual artistic talents dwarf Billie’s.  We can point to other videos Billie would never have made ( e.g., The Ghost of You).

Regardless of his politics, it’s clear that Gerard has a love and reverence for his country that modern day liberalism rejects.  My gut tells me that perhaps Gerard is a JFK Democrat, but someone needs to tell him that the JFK Democrat is dead to today’s liberals.  JFK accurately and unapologetically called out enemies of freedom and democracy.  JFK understood basic economics.  Today’s liberals do not.

Gerard reminds us all of the sacrifice that soldiers made during World War II. What's he thinking? Olive Stone, the guy who said we need to put Hitler "in context" would not approve. And Billie Joe Armstrong seems to only approve of US troops if they're handing out food to flood victims or under a United Nations peacekeeping mandate. Gerard needs to be careful, because Hollywood liberals won't stand for this sort of thing.

But back to the video.  Some lyrics:

Everybody wants to change the world
Everybody wants to change the world
But no one,
No one wants to die
Wanna try, wanna try, wanna try
Wanna try, wanna try, now
I’ll be your detonator

Selfless service and sacrifice are things that are generally foreign to the modern day liberal. They want freedom and opportunity, but US fighting men and women are not allowed to die guaranteeing it for future generations. They want never ending entitlement programs (e.g., “free” health care) by having someone else pay for it—like rich rock stars. They want global peace, but think it can be accomplished through “dialogue” with the world’s worst dictators, despots, and thug regimes.

It's true: The Federal Government is filled with Vampires. They're the types who suck the lifeblood from successful individuals and entrepreneurs like Gerard! Good metaphor, My Chemical Romance.

Gerard would be in good company with conservatives, even if he doesn’t know it yet:

Make no apology
It’s Death or Victory
On my authority
Crash and burn
Young and loaded

Drop like a bulletshell
Dress like a sleeper cell
I’d rather go to hell
Then be in purgatory

Being an individual, standing up for what’s right and wrong, and making tough choices by accepting positions of authority very often results in death or victory. Good point, Gerard. But once again you’ve drawn a line in the sand and acknowledged that good and evil exist, that there are objective truths to be had, and that dying for what’s right is a just and honorable cause. Don’t run for office or start getting political at your concerts because your liberal base will desert you.

Regardless, thanks for the video.

I'm glad that My Chemical Romance, at least on an artistic level, understands that guns can be used for self defense. There's nothing worse than a successful actor or musician who believes I (as a law abiding citizen) shouldn't have a gun to defend myself in my own home or a dangerous neighborhood, but that their paid bodyguards can as they go on shopping sprees in Los Angles, New York, or Milan.


  1. Doug-
    You are one seriously anal individual. I am not saying that to be disrespectful in any fashion, I have the utmost respect for you and your opinion as any law abiding citizen that hasn’t been disenfranchised for stupid decisions has the right to their own opinion and feelings no matter how idiotic or stupid they may sound to others. I was wondering if you’d ever thought of the possibility that there were no political motivations behind The Fabulous Killjoys. If you’d ever entertained the idea that perhaps Gerrard Way and the good fellows of My Chemical Romance simply made the album and the videos as a way to be creative and pass the time. Yes, of course they were motivated by capitalist ideas, money is the maker and shaker of our day but still, simply a creative outlet to pass the time. No? Yes? Just a thought.

    1. L.M.L.Brasi,
      Is there anything in your life that you’re passionate about? (Anything besides being a hugely ‘anal individual’?) Does it have any meaning to it, or do you just do it to ‘pass the time’? I don’t think you realize how much of an idiot that comment made you look like. I love MCR. I’m wearing a Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge T-shirt right now! I am passionate about their music, just as they are, and I don’t listen to the music just to PASS THE TIME. You have someone you care about in your life, I hope. Do you just tell them you love them to PASS THE TIME, or do you have a deep, passionate meaning to it? Are you telling them that you would die for them or that they are your treasure? Or just simply that you love them, with no meaning or feeling?
      Think about what you say before you post it, or you could wind up looking like one seriously anal individual. (whoops, you already did)
      ~And, yes, I do realize I am replying to this comment three years after it was posted. I just wanted to get my opinion out there like you did.

  2. L.M.L Brasi. Thanks for the comment, even if it is laced with a weird superiority complex and dripping unwarranted hipster condescension.

    I’m not sure what your own creative endeavors are like, but most people have some sort of theme or message they like to get across in their art. If you think that Gerard’s creative works are completely devoid of any deeper meaning (even a subconscious one), you’re free to think that. And you’re free to write cheap shot drivel on my comments section if that’s what it takes for you to feel good about yourself. But I’m confident most people would disagree with the assertion that MCR makes music simply as a way to “pass the time.”

  3. I don’t know if you mean this to be bad that he is conservative or good but I think it’s great. Not only because I am a conservative myself but because it’s nice to see a change in opinion. I don’t get why it is against liberal rule to wear the american flag because if you live in America you should be proud of you country. You kind of make it sound as if liberals hate America.

  4. Hi Conortjenks. Thanks for the comment. I most certainly like Gerard’s work, whether it’s his music or his comics.

    Conor, if you’re not from America and you think it’s weird that someone wouldn’t be proud of their own country…join the club! Conservatives think it’s weird too. Liberals tend to view people who proudly display (or wear) the flag as knuckle-dragging neanderthals. Generally, the modern liberal would probably be more prone to wearing the United Nations flag in jacket-form than the Stars and Stripes.

    Odd, isn’t it? Again, thanks for the comment.

    1. as a liberal i have to say i disagree very, VERY strongly with you. just because i don’t drape myself in the flag and fetishize it does not mean that i think anybody who wears or has an american flag is a “knuckle-dragging neanderthal.” i would like to point out that my grandfather served in the military during vietnam, has four flags and an american flag t-shirt, and identifies himself as a liberal (he voted for bernie sanders). please think before you make judgements or you’re no better than the rest of us.

    2. Thanks for commenting on a blog post that is a decade old, Bruce. You may “VERY strongly” disagree, but we now have ten years of evidence further backing up my position: “My gut tells me that perhaps Gerard is a JFK Democrat, but someone needs to tell him that the JFK Democrat is dead to today’s liberals. JFK accurately and unapologetically called out enemies of freedom and democracy. JFK understood basic economics. Today’s liberals do not.”

      You should ask your grandfather to head on down to the local Black Lives Matter and Antifa gatherings. He should wear an American flag shirt and see what happens. Just tell him to make sure he brings some form of self-defense.

      I would also suggest that you go with him wearing an American flag shirt as well. Carry a flag in your hand and wave it as you walk by the guys dressed all in black wearing masks.

  5. haha funny how some people over analyze stuff… how about this, he wears that stuff because in the video he is NOT gerard way…. he’s playing a character, you know like actors in movies. The songs? it just appeals to the audience, the rebellious youth.

    1. You’re right, William: artists craft songs completely devoid of any meaning, and songs and videos completely devoid of meaning appeal to young people in 2013.

      Although … actually, kids today are pretty dumb. Maybe you have a point. We’ll use your comment as Exhibit A.

      Regardless, even if you were right (you’re not, but let’s play pretend), you completely miss the point of this blog (i.e., using pop culture as a springboard for deeper policy discussions). Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to look at my WordPress stats. They’re usually pretty interesting. Kind of like when people Google “What is the meaning of NaNaNa?” or “What are the politics of MCR?” to get here.

    2. I have to say that i find your comment quite rash, It’s commonly known that more commercial bands like MCR make music their fans like, their fans are teens between 13-17 (among exceptions). The kids we’re talking about here are rebellious, so to appeal to those kids MCR uses rebellious lyrics/outfits. And how do you know I’m not right? I mean have you talked to Gerard Way about this subject? Are you 100% sure of the arguments you’re making, and if so would you contact Gerard about this so he can confirm your statements?


    3. Again, your genius knows no bounds. Of course. MCR went to the rebellious word generator and grabbed some of those and slapped them together for the kids who rebel … against what? Who knows. Something. They key thing is to “rebel”.

      Interestingly enough, liberals used to fight “the man” … and now they ARE “the man.” And when you go to college campuses, the kiddies believe everything their liberal profs say as gospel. It’s sad.

      Want to know how you’re dealing with a teenager (or a really immature adult)? They say things like, “Are you 100% sure?” in response to statements that aren’t quantifiable.

    4. I got to agree with you William he is playing a character, think Steven cobert on the cobert report.

    5. “I got to agree with you William he is playing a character, think Steven cobert on the cobert report.”

      But Stephen Colbert mocks conservatives — Gerard’s music — and comic books — do not. As I said in the piece, “My gut tells me that perhaps Gerard is a JFK Democrat, but someone needs to tell him that the JFK Democrat is dead to today’s liberals.”

  6. Well Douglas, I think we will never be able to see eye to eye, I find your comments quite narrow-minded and even on the edge of insulting towards me, so this is my last reply.

  7. this is…. literally the dumbest s*** i’ve ever read. so um. yeahhhhh. you literally cant walk around in america without seeing an american flag SOMEWHERE. its America. Maybe if you actually payed attention to the lyrics, you would see the story behind all of it instead of putting it next to politics.

    1. “this is…. literally the dumbest s*** i’ve ever read.”

      Who is the real idiot when you’re the one who actually took time to comment on the “dumbest s***” you’ve ever read? On top of that, this post is from 2010. It must have really hit a nerve. Good.

      Regardless, your red herring is amazing. Would you like some wine with that? I’d go with the white.

  8. A gun is a legitimate form of self defense, if you are under attack by people armed with guns.

    1. “A gun is a legitimate form of self defense, if you are under attack by people armed with guns.”

      My guess is that if two men were beating you to death with baseball bats that you would change your mind about when and where guns are an appropriate self-defense option.

  9. 1) If i was being beaten to death by 2 people with baseball bats, how would i get my gun out and aim it? 2) Its not just people with baseball bats that attack other people. For example, invading armies tend to use more sophisticated weapons….. The point (that you missed) was that guns can be deemed as a legitimate form of self defense, depending of course on what you are defending yourself from.

    1. “The point (that you missed) was that guns can be deemed as a legitimate form of self defense, depending of course on what you are defending yourself from.”

      Any remotely intelligent person — and probably individuals who are not too bright — who compares your original comment to my response will see that it was you who seemed lost on the issue, Chris. Nice try at saving face, given that you can’t delete your original comment. You may want to just bow out. When you’re stuck in a hole the first thing to do is to stop digging.

  10. Hi! Would you like me to go grab the straws from the other side of the room for you, because you sure are grasping hard at them, holy shit. Did you pass grade 5 LA class? Is there ANY part of Danger Days you understood and interpreted right at ALL? state controlled media, BLI controlling the city, holy fuck, does Gerard have to tell you to your face that these are VILLAINS? That the company controlling the masses are BAD GUYS? Do you know what a BAD GUY is? And I’m pretty sure “displaying the American flag” isn’t a huge concern to liberal folk, trust me. They’re more invested in people’s lives than fabric. Not to mention that the killjoy spider is plastered over it, defacing your precious flag anyhow. Unfortunate that you can overanalyze meaning in the american flag but not grab at a second of symbolism in Danger Days. Gerard has literally made posts stating his hatred towards the lack of gun control and lack of regard for people’s goddamn lives, but no, you’re right, he had a war in a music video once and scifi laser guns so he must be conservative. What the fuck was I thinking? Thanks for enlightening me. “Rebellion’s not a T-shirt you sell, so you can keep your money and I’ll see you in hell.” -Tomorrow’s Money by My Chemical Romance

    1. It looks like I hit a nerve, Jue! Heh. This post was from 2010 and you’re flipping out this hard eight years later? Weird.

      “And I’m pretty sure ‘displaying the American flag’ isn’t a huge concern to liberal folk, trust me.”

      Those Antifa kids and Black Lives Matter activists who love burning the American flag would disagree with you, but feel free to deny it.

  11. Hey Douglas Ernst, I would like to critique you on a few things well 1 thing the main thing that would be wrong with this article is you’re being way to black and white such as thinking as if you’re trying to demonstrate that their conservative and not liberal when their are so many ideology they could be like i’ll name a few of the other then liberalism and conservatism and where on the political compass they are on, Communism bottom left wing, marxist leninism top left wing, nazism top right wing anarcho capitalism bottom right wing. those are the main 4 extremes now there are ranges for those ideologies such as socialism, libertarianism, and fascism. so there are many different ideologies gerard could be and no liberalism isn’t even close to socialism, communism, or Marxist Leninism liberalism typically takes place within the center of the political compass. Now I would like to point out how liberals are plenty patriotic as conservatives maybe not as loud about it and critique america more often but i think you may not have ever had a liberal friend or at least talk much about politics with them. Now your point about guns is a far more legitimate point many liberals i know really do hate guns that one is a pretty fair point but many other ideologies like most forms of anarchy are in support of guns for public use which Gerard very well could be in that range. Muscles cars do not represent freedom and also their are plenty of liberals who are far more supporting of freedom then conservatives like ever seen a hippie as well as the fact that most liberal are far more accepting of LGBTQ+ either side saying their side is for freedom is really just a smear against the other side too me even if it was to be true. “Vampiric authority figures tied to the federal government or a company closely associated with it.” the vampiric part would be a conspiracy theory unless there is another use of this word i didn’t know which if so correct me now this is how many people feel about conservatives i feel they are tyring to control my life half the time and this is with most people with a lot of political power. “Resistance movements, individualism, and self-reliance.” Also not conservative values these are anarchy values and for resistance movements i bet you hate antifa don’t you but they are a resistance movement. Now individualism that would be false because whenever a conservative interprets something as someone trying to be different of everyone the person gets called a sensitive snowflake. Now self reliance is not that much of a theme found in the song that much which no matter what political opinion you’ll probably think that self reliance is good especially in a time of revolution Now you’re trying to use Orwell to prove that Gerard is a conservative when Orwell is far from being a conservative he was actually a democratic socialist and no not a social democrat poser like an actual democratic socialist. Now for state controlled media conservatives covet this as well because both sides will get mad if one is saying something they don’t want other people to see. I do not know anything about Billie Joe Armstrong so i could not make an argument. Oh yes JFK a time when USSR and USA wanted to stop having conflict but they still kept escalating because they like to have a peeing race.

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