For years liberal Germans thought if they portrayed themselves as Mike Meyers' "Dieter" they would somehow be spared by al Qaeda and their radical Islamic allies. If anything, it made them more of a target...

With a last name like “Ernst” I can’t help but think of my German roots from time to time.  Having lived there while enlisted in the military years ago also contributes to the occasional desire to see what our Deutsch friends are up to.  A few years ago their Special Forces were up to…nothing!

GERMANY has admitted its Special Forces have spent three years in Afghanistan without doing a single mission, and are now going to be withdrawn.

More than 100 soldiers from the elite Kommando Spezialkrafte regiment, or KSK, are set to leave the war-torn country after their foreign minister revealed they had never left their bases on an operation.

What are Germans up to today? It appears they’re dealing with terrorist threats at home:

Germany said on Wednesday it had strong evidence Islamist militants were planning attacks in the next two weeks and ordered security at potential targets such as train stations and airports to be tightened.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said details of the plot emerged after parcel bombs were dispatched from Yemen to U.S. targets at the end of October, and separate postal bombs by suspected Greek militants were sent to prominent figures including Chancellor Angela Merkel.

At a news conference hastily convened at his ministry in Berlin, de Maiziere said the security threat in Germany had risen and that intelligence services had received concrete indications that attacks were planned at the end of November.

Who would have thought that trying to play nice with radical head-choppers and the kind of communities that torch homes at the drop of a hat would all be for naught! I’m sure that our liberal German friends are confused, as they’ve spent years trying to persuade al Qaeda that all they wanted to do was retire to a biergarten and listen to really bad Euro-dance music.

Newsflash, Germany: Becoming a nation of “sprockets” inspired appeasement monkeys only serves to make you more of a target. Our current President tried to play nice with sharia law dreamers and they responded by opening Obama shoe-throwing booths for entertainment.  George Bush was ridiculed by the left for years because he wanted to take the fight to these clowns on their home turf instead of sitting back and taking it on the chin.  It’s only been a few years since he’s been out of office and history is already starting to correct the “historians” and talking heads who declared him (while in office) one of the worst presidents of all time.

Bush was by no means perfect, but in the aftermath of September 11th he accurately identified the enemy and the long-term threat it posed to free nations around the globe.  Those who still don’t get it? It’s only a matter of time before it blows up in their face—literally.  I hate to say “I told you so” when it comes to matters of national security, so instead I’ll go with, “Now is the time when we dance!”

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