Liberal Martin Sheen is set to play Uncle Ben in the new Spider Man movie. Don't be surprised if he changes Peter's motto about responsibility into: "With Great Power Comes Other People's Money." As President Obama said, "At some point I think you've made enough money."

Liberal activist Martin Sheen is in final talks to play Uncle Ben in the new Spider Man movie.  Those familiar with the superhero know that Uncle Ben raised Peter Parker, giving him sound advice like “With great power comes great responsibility.”  In the previous films, Peter doesn’t take this to heart until after a robber he lets escape murders Ben.  The guilt he feels then drives his unrelenting quest to right wrongs as Spider Man.  It’s now an American classic, but the selection of an outspoken liberal anti-war activist and Obama supporter adds a new dimension to the film.

For instance, it’s very likely that Martin Sheen’s version of Uncle Ben will actually be responsible for his own death.  The content of Sheen’s Bush bashing on foreign soil (par for the course for Hollywood), officially established him as an ironic version of Peter Parker’s father figure:

After those eight years [of the Bush administration], which were like eight years of dictatorship in our country and the world, a lot of people died.  A lot of people suffered, and there was never any inkling of sorrow or regret from this man.  Now, during his last few weeks at a press conference in Baghdad, a guy stood up, an Iraqi journalist, and threw his shoes at the old man…  Now, he had the power – instantly – to say, “Let him go.  I’m going to pardon this fellow and I’m going to make it official as soon as I’m finished here.”

It would have sent a message of unparalleled importance, not just to the Iraqis, or to the rest of the world, but to us Americans who had been literally savaged by his lack of leadership.  He was a bully.  That’s the bottom line.

Never mind the fact that Bush had zero authority to “pardon” the Iraqi citizen – subject to Iraq’s justice system – and its methods for dealing with assaults on visiting heads of state.  Never mind the fact that sometimes shoes (and underwear) are nowadays used as explosives, or that in the immediate moments after the incident there was no way to tell exactly how much of a threat the man was.   I’d like to know what kind of Uncle Ben lets lawbreakers get away without any questions asked. I’d like to know what kind of Uncle Ben is so detached from reality that he tells people he lived under a dictatorship for eight years when in reality he comes from the freest country in the world.

One last question needs to be asked:  Will Obama supporter Martin Sheen call for script changes, whereas Uncle Ben teaches Peter “With great power comes other people’s money”?  The President’s feelings on “spreading the wealth” are well known, and we’ve all heard his assertion that “at a certain point you’ve made enough money.“ If Sheen has the option to adlib, it could get scary.

Let’s hope that talks fall apart and Martin backs out over key creative differences.  Someone needs to tell Martin that Spider Man acts “unilaterally” to stop muggers, thugs, and drug dealers on the streets of New York.   Maybe then fans will get an Uncle Ben they deserve.


  1. And someone needs to tell you that Stan Lee (the creator of Spider-Man) is a liberal and Obama supporter as well. LOL.

    1. Do you really think I wouldn’t know that?

      There’s a difference between being liberal and regularly saying really dumb things about public policy, and being liberal and generally sticking to your area of expertise. Stan Lee is generally smart enough to stay away from the political fray. Martin Sheen? Not so much.

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