This is the, "Trust me, Alan Grayson is a stand up guy" face. The people have spoken, and what they've told us is that Alan Grayson is slightly less endearing than Salmonella poisoning.

When we last saw John Cusack, he was busy dreaming of Satanic Death Cult Centers at Fox News.  These days, he’s lamenting the loss of America’s Worst Politician, with Tweets like “Sorry about Alan Grayson – he will be back, I’m sure…”

What exactly does “back” mean to John?  Does he see Alan Grayson as Douglas MacArthur?  Allahpundit over at hotair jokes about an MSNBC lineup that includes Schultz, Grayson, and Olbermann, which would be funny if there wasn’t a strong probability that a few producers are seriously considering it.   In Cusack’s case I’m inclined to think he’s just a bit emotional right now.  Deep down he wants to reprise his Say Anything role and stand outside Grayson’s window with Peter Gabriel blaring from a boom box, but that isn’t an option.  Tweeting is, with the added bonus of telling us exactly who John Cusack really is.  After all, the credibility of a celebrity is inversely related to how openly liberal they are.

For instance, Sean Penn is the type of liberal who wishes his critics experience screaming-death rectal cancer.  The average moviegoer who knows this can’t watch his movies without wondering where on the Sean Penn Death Spectrum they’d fall.  Likewise, John Cusack is the type of guy who apparently thinks the infamous Taliban Dan campaign commercial is the mark of principled politician.  He refers to himself as an “Apocalyptic s**t disturber and elephant trainer” in his Twitter bio.  These things say a lot about the man, and it’s not lost on the public.  The only “training” liberals like John do is to energize conservatives, repel independents, and motivate both groups to head out to the polls on election day.  Since Cusack is from Illinois, the newly elected Senator Mark Kirk seems to be an appropriate example.

Unlike liberals, we should not attribute John’s strange worldview to stupidity.   He seems to be a well read guy.  When he isn’t churning out grammatically incorrect ramblings in 140 characters or less on social media platforms, he’s posting quotes by Goethe in his twitter feed:

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it!  Boldness has a genius, power, and magic to it.”

With that said, someone should tell John that it’s also possible for boldness to be powerfully ignorant. Just ask Alan Grayson.  His boldness had magic to it too!  It even made him disappear.



  1. Alan Mark Grayson lies so much!! John cusack please be with Alan first before saying about Alan I know that man for 29years cheater/paramour Dena minning for years. Alan lies so much to the public just to make his name out there. Alan be come such corrupt cheater to his wife

  2. Alan I’m sure he cannot be Douglas MacArthur
    Not even an inkling to the old general in ww2
    Be real. Alan such liar!! Lied to me so much cheating lying to our children especially to our babbies. Alan and his paramour Dena minning destroyed our life. Please sir john cusack don’t compair to gen Douglas MacArthur. Alan is none in comparison to the old general please sir.

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