Hi, I'm a hairy whiney liberal kid who thinks you owe me health insurance. Now if you'll excuse me, I NEED to head out to Starbucks, buy some concert tickets, and something hipsterish from Urban Outfitters.

Thanks a lot, Greg Gutfeld. The last thing I wanted to see when I came home from work on Friday was whiney, naked, Campus Progress kids complaining about Health Care on Youtube.  However, you did get in some zingers:

Something tells me these folks – despite lack of health care – still manage to have I-Phones, IPODs, tickets to Lady Gaga, Spring Break vacations, and all the beer they can throw up five days out of every week. You’re young, healthy, and boring: get your own insurance, you freeloading fools.

These kids bring me back to the days after I got out of the military and needed health insurance. Or when I graduated from USC…and needed health insurance. Or when I finished graduate school…and needed health insurance. I got a job. And when the job didn’t offer health insurance (I’m not nostalgic for my “temp” days, I’ll admit)…I did this crazy thing called budgeting my money. I had a crappy cell phone, I didn’t get to buy that new laptop I wanted, and I couldn’t buy all the new clothes I wanted. Shocking, isn’t it.

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed hates everything about America...except the hairy backs of American liberal college students. I think that's a true story... Weird.

Campus Progress has an interesting way to market liberalism. It’s called “Embrace Your Inner Loser.” Here’s part of the health care script:

“Congress covered us by passed historic legislation that reformed our health care system. Now we can stay on our parents plan until we’re 26…”

I guess 26 is the new 21 since most liberals would like to stay holed up in academia for six or seven years al la Ryan Reynolds in Van Wilder. Get ready for waiting tables in restaurants the rest of your life with those entitlement attitudes, my Campus Progress friends.  You must really like Ryan Reynolds (although, truthfully, I do have high hopes for his take on Deadpool).

How are the consequences of Obamacare treating you, kids?  Not so well?  Get a clue.  It’s called conservatism.

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