If Seth MacFarlane keeps getting hate mail from liberals, perhaps he too will have a conservative conversion. Remember, Seth: The guys who claim to be “tolerant” and “open minded” only seem that way until you disagree with them.

Anyone who reads this blog knows how I feel about Seth MacFarlane.  I think he’s a witty liberal guy who sometimes bites off more than he can chew because progressive media sets him up for failure.  They massage the egos of their ideological allies with a blatant disregard for the consequences that sane people see coming a mile away.  It’s one thing to criticize immigration policy when the interviewer isn’t going to ask you about your drug-smugglerless mansion. It’s another thing to spout off when Andrew Breitbart is sitting across the table from you.

Those who are not so blinded by ideology that they can still refuse to defend the losers and nincompoops on their own side of the aisle tend to improve their ability to predict the opposition’s moves. Seth seems to be slowly learning that lesson:

RUSH: I’d seen the whole script. I’d seen my part and everybody else’s part. I had not seen any of the animation other than, you know, what they released last week, and Seth sent me this note. He was getting hate mail like he has never received before from people who thought he had screwed up by making me look human. He had made a drastic error by making conservatism look funny and nice and reasonable, and they are accusing him of being a sellout. And what he said to me in the e-mail is, “Rush, I have to tell you. My people, my side of the aisle are supposedly all these tolerant, open-minded, willing to accept all points of view. You’re more progressive than they are. These people have absolutely no sense of humor about anything on this show last night.” He was getting more beat up than I am.

Welcome to the club, Seth! I learned the same thing too when I went to college years ago. You didn’t think I was always a member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, did you?

The great thing about Rush is that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He knows that by going on Family Guy and showing he has a sense of humor, countless young people will now tune into his show out of sheer curiosity. Like me years ago, they’ll realize that he isn’t the monster media makes him out to be. Like me they’ll hear him out and come to the conclusion that a lot of what he says makes sense. They’ll listen to his calls to read economists like Thomas Sowell, or books like The Road to Serfdom…and some of those kids will become the next generation of conservative leaders.

My current job affords me the opportunity to run across a wide range of conservatives, and some of them would rather throw in the towel than enter the pop culture arena. They think it’s a fight that’s beneath them or one not worth taking part in to begin with. They’re wrong. Rush is right. And that’s why he’s a continuing success story. The seeds of conservatism can be planted in the minds of young people in a variety of ways, and I implore some of my social conservative friends to follow Rush’s example.

See you on the other side, Seth.

About the Author Douglas Ernst

I'm a former Army guy who believes success comes through hard work, honesty, optimism, and perseverance. I believe seeing yourself as a victim creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. I believe in God. I'm a USC Trojan with an MA in Political Science from American University.


  1. Seth,like Jon Stewart , see now that the right runs and owns and the media,hence their little move to kiss their bosses ass.Both shows have also slipped considerably and are looking for new viewers.

  2. I would assume what drove the hate mail directed at Seth MacFarlane wasn’t that he had a conservative figure on his show, but one that has repeatedly spewed his own brand of intolerance–something which the intellectual lightweight that is Mr. MacFarlane should’ve been able to figure out.
    You see, the average liberal is not intolerant of those with different views–that there is more diversity across the board in the Democratic party, compared to the GOP is an example, right there. MacFarlane probably wouldn’t of gotten as much grief if, say, George Will had appeared on the show.

  3. “MacFarlane probably wouldn’t of gotten as much grief if, say, George Will had appeared on the show.”

    The last time I checked tens of millions of people weren’t listening to George Will on the radio every week, either.

    1. No one gives a crap about George Will. Of course MacFarlane would get less grief. Your average person doesn’t know who he is. The average person will at least have heard of Limbaugh. And usually, your run-of-the-mill liberal, who’s never even listened to Limbaugh’s show, thinks he’s “spewed his own brand of intolerance” (a euphemism for “an opposing point of view that actually resonates with people and changes minds,”).

  4. “thinks he’s “spewed his own brand of intolerance” (a euphemism for “an opposing point of view that actually resonates with people and changes minds”

    excuse me but i’ve heard some of the hateful,disgusting garbage that comes out of limbaughs mouth, and he deserves no respect. and dont me this “ohhh left wing liberal” bs either, I hate macfarlane too and i am by no means a left wing liberal.macfarlane has used family guy as his political platform and brian as his megaphone for years now, but macfarlane is ignorant in politics, he actually knows nothing.

    the episode was no-more than two egotistical wing nuts stroking eachothers sausages…nauseating

    1. Let’s hear your top three most “hateful, disgusting” Limbaugh comments. Since he’s been on for over 20 years, if I’m not mistaken, there should be three that are beyond the pale.

      If your job was to talk politics for a living (liberal, libertarian, or conservative), five days a week for three hours a day, I’m sure you’d say a few things that you regretted. Especially if your career spanned two decades. By and large Rush is a hard-nose conservative, but he isn’t hateful.

  5. Not really having to do with this post, but I’m starting to become less impressed by Seth MacFarlane because he forgets what his job is. I think it’s no secret Seth is a left-winger. I don’t think many people would expect a Hollywood writer to be anything else. I can accept that, even expect it. After all, no one expects him to be right-leaning, or even independent. And that’s fine. But his material is losing humor because of it. He is letting his political views drive the show. The second you start doing that, you quit being a comedian, you become a terrible politician. That’s my problem with Jon Stewart as well. Jon Stewart used to be funny. The Daily Show used to be hilarious, but now all I see is a guy on screen pushing his slanted agenda. Nothing else makes me turn the channel faster. At least when Stephen Colbert does it, we know it’s pure sarcasm. That guy can say anything and it doesn’t matter, he’s kidding.

    1. Boom.

      Great points, Jake. That’s why South Park is so good in my opinion. They have underlying points they’re trying to make, but they let the jokes materialize naturally. Once you make a conscious decision and say “I’m going to just make fun of liberals” or “I’m going o just make fun of conservatives” you set yourself up for failure.

      Dave Letterman is the same way. He use to be funny a long time ago. Now? He’s this bitter old man. Jon Stewart has flashes of brilliance, but I’m totally on board with what you’re saying. They become partisan hacks, and you can quite obviously see the anger eating away at them (and the material).

      In regards to Seth, when he’s forced to dig deeper on issues he clams up real fast. The only joke is him.


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