Bill Maher wants you to believe he's a Liberal Professor X. He can read minds, and his opposition is apparently racist or crazy. Today, most people are laughing at him because they know the Federal Government has racked up the kind of debt that can castrate a nation. Trying to label the modern Paul Revere racist for sounding the alarm isn't going to work.

I was talking to a liberal friend yesterday on the phone who told me that the Tea Party movement “hates black people.”  I guess my friend missed the memo: The Tea Party movement is no longer racist because…they’re crazy! Or, if you’re John Kerrythey’re dumb.

A new report from the Culture and Media Institute shows a widespread media attack on the Tea Party and its candidates’ sanity, something the report’s author, Nathan Burchfiel, told The Daily Caller is most likely a result of the left’s inability to form a legitimate argument against the Tea Party.

“It [calling Tea Partiers crazy] is a way to distract from the issues,” Burchfiel said. “It’s the same thing with the racist argument: You try to paint them as racists so you don’t have to talk about the issues.”

The reason why the mathematically-challenged Bill Maher and his friends in the media are having a hard time dismissing the Tea Party movement is that, despite a rotting education system, there are still enough old people who can look at numbers and discern what they mean. Take, for example, any number of entitlement programs. The nation simply can’t fulfill the promises politicians have been making for years. Entitlement programs are on autopilot, and it doesn’t matter who’s in control of Congress—it’s going to get worse unless we get serious about reform. Quickly.

Tea Party members regularly cite the federal government's own numbers when expressing their concerns over the direction the country is going. The liberal response is to call them crazy or racist. The only thing that's divorced from reality is the Progressive idea that you can spend yourself into a black hole and then come out on the other side all right. Somewhere, a liberal is calling me subconsciously racist because I used "black hole" as a metaphor.

The racist theory has been tried for years by people who, for whatever reason, don’t have a grasp of the issues. The person making the charge seeks to convince you that they’re somehow a living, breathing version of The X-Men’s Professor X. He or she can read minds and pull motives from the recesses of his opposition’s mind, and if you just believe in Liberal Professor X everything will be all right.  That worked in the past, but these days it’s harder to do because a tsunami of retiring baby boomers have forced smart people to crunch the numbers. And they’re not pretty.

Bill Maher is now on record as saying that “European Socialism works.” How can anyone take him seriously?  Even the Europeans don’t believe that any more. Europe is a sad, lost, cultural husk that’s blowing around on the international landscape.  It’s looking for an identity, and right now the only people who are actively trying to shape one for them have a predilection towards violence when you disagree with them.

When the election results come in, don’t say I didn’t try and warn you Bill.

If you're concerned about the future of Social Security, spending as a percentage of GDP, and the stresses that Baby Boomers will place upon it...liberal talking heads assume you're a racist. I hope Bill Maher runs for office, because the reaction to his campaign stump speech would be priceless.


  1. Absolutely excellent analogy to the “run up” to the Iraq war, which was actually an epic slow crawl — so agonizingly slow in fact, that Saddam had an eternity to move the WMD to Syria, where they no doubt still reside.

    People need to remember the two years of talking talking talking about invading Iraq, UN inspections, UN resolutions (including #1441 giving Hussein a “last chance”, which passed the Security Council 15 – 0), and debate about the Iraq regime.

    I guess Mahar is gay after two years of that debate in his throat, but as you say, he and others remember it as a rush to judgment.

  2. During my undergrad days I remember calling out a professor on UN Resolution 1441 and the language in it and he said, “Well, they don’t really mean that.” I wonder how many conservatives he created that day…

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