John Cusack joins a long list of entertainers who have become bitter, angry liberals. Congratulations, John. I wouldn't be surprised if you hung out with Dave Letterman on the weekends (when he's not busy in his Treehouse of Adultery).

Do you remember when John Cusack used to do a really good, offbeat movie every few years?  Sure, he’d always play characters cut from the same cloth, but you couldn’t help but admire the career he was carving out for himself.  Grosse Point Blank is a classic, and the soundtrack is even better.  Being John Malkovich was a fun flick. And High Fidelity rocked (no pun intended).

However, somewhere along the line John started making movies like 1408. And then he found a similarly haunted room inside his own head (or was it Malkovich’s?) went inside, destroyed the key, and became a bitter, angry, unhinged liberal. But I guess that’s what happens when you affiliate yourself with and start making movies like War Inc.—you start believing in conspiracy theories, Bush/Hitler memes, and the notion that any intelligent citizen would give credence to the Say Anything actor who will literally say anything that liberal blogs belch up each morning.

I wonder how many of John’s 200,000 twitter followers found his page because they were randomly thinking of Grosse Point Blank, and then were saddened to find misspelled partisan psychobabble splattered in between empty calorie tweets only Entertainment Weekly junkies would love.

Behold, John’s Twitter bio: “Apocalyptic sh*t disturber and elephant trainer.”

John "trains" elephants. Like Elephants, moviegoers don't forget. And they know that John's been in some elephant-sized stinkers as of late. Fitting, since the nonsensical claptrap on his twitter page are strange secretions as well.

John, if that’s some sort of jab at the GOP it was lost on most people, because the only big globs of post apocalyptic diarrhea people associate you with is your sell out flick 2012. You may have played a bunch of sad sack lovable losers (perhaps that’s why you really love the Cubbies?) who came out on top, but these days you’re just…sad.  I wish you the best, but at the same time I’m looking forward to incoherent tweets in the wake of campaign season Palin waves.

No one likes angry. These days, John is clearly angry. And sad.

Update: Iowahawk weighs in.


    1. Janeane is another one who went off the deep end. In the early 90’s she was pretty promising, and then she decided to let herself be consumed by her own sarcastic, bitter, comedy schtick…

  1. I wrote him on Twitter that he was isolating is conservative fan base and I was nice about it plus it was my very first Twitter and he was down right rude and most of his followers bashed me for being conservative. A few were nice. I used to like him but I now have a hard time separating him babble rants from the actor

  2. Hi, Lisa. Thanks for the comment. I wouldn’t get bent out of shape over John. If he reacted like a jerk then that’s just that much more money in your pocket the next time one of his movies comes out.

    I’ll never understand why these entertainers go out of their way to alienate a huge portion of their fan base. Let him rant his way into obscurity.

  3. What’s wrong with being a liberal? Seriously, maybe I don’t have enough knowledge about this matter, anyway I just don’t understand why people are so mean to John? Could anyone PLEASE tell me???

    1. Actually, Rosa, John appears to be the one who is “mean”. In fact, this post was inspired by his such rantings. There are hundreds of posts on this blog that discuss the differences between conservatism and liberalism; hopefully you find the answers you’re looking for.

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