Ask yourself this question: Does the new Medal of Honor game allow you to lock and load your M249 SAW and put 5.56mm rounds in Taliban Watermelons (i.e., heads)? If the answer is "yes", then move along to the pernicious politicians and Hollywood actors who hinder success in Afghanistan.

The most interesting aspect of the upcoming Medal of Honor game, in which your friendly neighborhood jiahdist (or jihadi sympathizer) can now enter into virtual battles with Americans before launching real attacks, isn’t that XBOX competitions are going to get very interesting in the coming months—it’s that there will undoubtedly be someone watching it all behind the scenes. If liberals thought the big bad Bush administration was interested in using the Patriot Act to determine how many times you checked out Green Eggs and Ham for your kids, one would think that they would be concerned that the Feds are going to be interested in online gamers who spend inordinate amounts of time as a virtual terrorist. If I’m sitting at home eating chips and salsa and the guy on the other end of the game is in serious “Allah Akbar” screaming mode, I hope Homeland security has a bead on him…

I’ve already covered how the Obama administration thinks the XBOX is a “distraction” (unless it’s promoting his campaign efforts), but I’d like to know what this story qualifies as. I very rarely play games online (I soured on the idea years ago after a slew of random pre-teens cursed me out in cracking falsetto voices during a game of Halo). However, I’d consider taking part again if the guys on the other side where the kind who threaten to kill the creators and fans of South Park. Perhaps my online Medal of Honor supremacy and smack-talking skills could then instigate the kind of response that would result in Youtube gold…

I feel incredibly bad for this Gold Star mom, but at the same time I think she’s expending time and resources on a company that should be low on the priority list:

“This game is going to be released in October, so families who are burying their children are going to be seeing this and playing this game,” (Karen Meredith).

One of the most honorable men I ever met, Sgt. Hector Leija, was shot by a sniper in Iraq a few years ago. The New York Times posted video and graphic details of his death before his family was ever notified. Hollywood celebrities routinely use their bully pulpits to undermine U.S. foreign policy efforts. Guys like Harry Reid outright surrender when the going gets tough. To me, those are much more pernicious actions that Gold Star Mothers should be addressing. If Medal of Honor’s game play actually portrays the troops as the honorable men and women they are, as well as their mission, there really isn’t any need to complain about specific gameplay options. If millions of Americans are exposed to a platform that accurately defines our enemy as the dregs of the modern world (while allowing a small percentage of sick individuals to actually enjoy the option to become them), conservatives should move on.

In a time and place where Captain America courts jihadi film clubs, we should be glad that the Medal of Honor games exist. Any video game company that allows me to put a few 5.56mm rounds into facsimiles of Taliban cavemen is ahead of the power curve in my book. Next.


  1. I’m pretty sure we all feel bad for the loss of this mom but I’m tired of these people trying to assert that they have some type of credibility in the realm of foreign policy. They do so with the worst type of appeals to emotion and if you doubt this I would refer you to Cindy Sheehan. That being said the game is an outstanding digital masterpiece which the troops enjoy. Everyone under 30 plays these games. If you can find any young Americans who don’t play these games they’re probably freedom-hating communist-nazi-jihadi terrorists who need to be reported to homeland security immediately. When I was in Iraq we played these types of games during our off time. Many of the troops played on the terrorist side because teams are assigned randomly and, after all, it’s just a game.

  2. Thanks for the comment (and your service!) Dude Who Carried The Saw. That’s a lot to lug around, especially when you add that SAW ammo.

    I served way back in the 90’s, and I remember playing Metal Gear Solid after guard duty with my buddies. Fun times. It was a more innocent time back then… While we can’t go back to those days, we can encourage over protective mothers to bite their lip and let guys like you enjoy patriotic video games without a lecture.

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