A friend of mine pointed out that the International Committee of the Red Cross has become a Mr. Fix-it conveyor belt for jihad clowns in Afghanistan:

The International Committee of the Red Cross in Afghanistan has been teaching the Taliban basic first aid and giving insurgents medical equipment so that fighters wounded during battles with Nato and Afghan government forces can be treated in the field, it was revealed today.

You just healed a sucking chest wound on Joehammad Taliban.

Would you teach this man how to treat his battlefield wounds? I wouldn't. Unless you count "apply a tourniquet to your neck" as sound advice.

Congratulations! Now go collect the basket of heads he chops off next week, or perhaps the bits left behind from that IED roadside blast he’ll take credit for.

The Taliban are not a conventional force. They do not wear uniforms. They do not belong to a nation state. They attack women, children, the elderly, and the disabled. They do not abide by any “laws of war” recognized by most of the civilized world. And they mock our silly rules of engagement that encourage them to hide behind civilians (even more so than they usually do).

The Red Cross, which aims to remain neutral in the conflict, has trained more than 100 Afghan soldiers and policemen, as well as a network of taxi drivers who operate an unofficial ambulance service in Helmand and Kandahar provinces.

I have no problem treating civilians for wounds suffered because they got caught up in the jihadi quest to keep people steeped in the stone age–literally and figuratively. I have no problem teaching civilians how to save the lives of their friends and relatives. However, I have a BIG problem with teaching Sharia Law seeking psycho-paths how to return their comrades to the battlefield (the modern one they created with no borders).

The ICRC has the best of intentions. But like all endeavors coated with a creamy helping of liberalism, the consequences produced as a result are diametrically opposed to the stated goals. The very same guys who turn villages into minefields, prolong war, cause the former farmer with the blown off arms to feel phantom limbs, and leave blood baths wherever they go…are the ones who benefit most from such a program (as it’s currently implemented). For every life the ICRC “saves” through training Taliban fighters, they probably ensure a handful of painful, shrapnel-speckled screaming deaths.

Neutral? How’s that wind in your hair feel up on that mighty high moral pedestal, guys? How moral is it to be “neutral” in a clash between civilizations, whereas one side seeks a world where “neutral” kinds of guys are turned into second-class citizens, jailed, or put to death? Answer: It’s not.

Is all life precious? Sure. Unfortunately, there are people in this world who have shown such an utter disregard for the rights of others that they have in essence absolved themselves from the following: civilized society’s interest in protecting the life of said offending party.

A Taliban member’s right to life does not trump the right to life of the countless others he seeks to take. The civilized world does not owe the jihadi psychopath anything, and is under no obligation to provide him the skills necessary to keep him alive and ticking—like the same bomb he dreams of detonating in a crowded market place.

The Red Cross should most definitely help innocent civilians in need of medical attention. The Taliban? My answer (and as of now I believe there would be nothing better) to all of their medical needs: Apply a tourniquet to the neck.

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