Although I’ve been too busy to blog, I haven’t been too busy to let the Draw Mohammad Day Facebook flap escape my radar. Personally, I think it’s interesting that Pakistan can’t control its own borders, lets jihadi head-choppers roam free, can’t stop them from training Faisal Shahzad-bags for Times Square bomb plots…and yet, when it comes to banning facebook—they’re on the case! It’s actually rather fascinating to know that if I drew Stick Figure Mohammad that I might be subject to death threats and fatwas and whatever else Islamic Rage Boy has in store for infidels like me.! ARRRRG!

There’s a part of me that wants to publish a flip book of Stick Figure Mohammad pole vaulting over famous landmarks, birthday cakes, and unicorns. He’d be completely indistinguishable from other stick men except I would call him Mohammad. And, if the outrage was outrageously outrageous enough I could apologize to members of a certain community for “offending” anyone (Even though, quite frankly, I find it offensive when people fly jetliners into large metropolitan areas and kill 3,000 individuals in the name of prophets banned from flip books).

Here’s the deal: When certain people stop strapping explosives to their groin in an attempt to kill innocent civilians I’ll start caring about campaigns that pop up on facebook. Or, when people stop threatening the South Park creators with an untimely death over a cartoon, I’ll stop playing the tiny violin between my thumb and forefinger.

Note to Pakistan: Come talk to me when Mehsud is dead. Otherwise, deal with it.

Do you know what this is? It's the world's tiniest violin...playing just for Islamic Rage Boy.

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