It wasn’t too long ago that liberal columnist Charles Blow was hit with an intellectual Hadouken that left him an unconscious mess twitching in the the back alley of the New York Times. Well, he’s back. The Master Higgens of race-baiters is at it again:

“It has attracted hordes of the disaffected with differing interests, including some who’ve openly expressed their dark racial prejudices and others who polls suggest harbor more subtle and less visible biases. Opposition to President Obama triggers a political Pavlovian response among some of these people, and they want to ally themselves with others around a common enemy,”

This has all the makings of a really good murder mystery, Charles! What sort of

Charles Blow is in search of the elusive racist Tea Party Bigfoot with clout. They may have furry American flag markings on their leg, but trust him: They're bad news.

reader doesn’t want to investigate “some” and “others” who harbor “subtle” biases. Personally, when I’m dealing with race I like to deal with specific instances and specific people…but that’s just me.

For instance, I was watching Tim Burton socialist martian stunt double Al Sharpton define “social justice” to the kind of liberal audience that believes someone when they accuse innocent NYC cops of raping women and covering them in excrement:

“Someone was saying to me the other day, ‘Reverend Sharpton, We got an African American president, we achieved the dream of Dr. King,’ and I told them that was not Dr. King’s dream…the dream was to make everything equal in everybody’s house.”

Unlike the mysterious racist Tea Party people with any clout that Charles talks about, Reverend Sharpton is regularly cited as a “leader” of the black community. So, when he unabashedly comes out with Communist talking points to a rapt audience, I think it’s worth noting. We’ve got him on video. Case closed.

I’m not really convinced that the “racist” label will stick to the Tea Party movement, especially since the kind of people who read Charle’s column to affirm their worldview have oddly started online campaigns to say racist things and blame conservatives.If this is such a pressing problem, I would have thought that someone like Mr. Blow would have easily claimed Breitbart’s $10,000 prize, to be given to the first person to offer up proof of the elusive racist Tea Party Bigfoot. Unless I’m mistaken, he’s still out there….somewhere….with “others” doing those “subtle” things that Tea Party Bigfoot does. Perhaps the New York Times will find him in Utah? We already know that Marvel’s Captain Liberal America had some luck with that…

I really wish Charles would just give it up. It’s Saturday night and I have places to be, but if he keeps writing this nonsense I’ll have to go Omnislash on him. Did you shave your head Charles, or did all those poisonous thoughts cause your hair to fall out?

When taking on Charles Blow it's like I'm using Cloud's Omnislash on a Chocobo. I almost feel bad...


  1. “Did you shave your head Charles, or did all those poisonous thoughts cause your hair to fall out?”

    I have a new question to ask bald people! Thanks!


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