I’m on a John Nolte kick this week, what can I say? Or, I guess the question is: “What is Roger Ebert saying?”

“Kids who wear American flag t-shirts May 5 should have to share a lunchroom table with those who wear a hammer and sickle on 4 July,” (Roger Ebert, via Twitter).

Ebert is apparently perturbed that Americansliving in the United States—had the audacity to wear the American flag on Cinco de Mayo. This is coming off the heels of his equal revulsion to Kick Ass’ Hit Girl. I presume that after venting on Twitter, Roger cools down by watching that Kevin Bacon child molester drama he liked so much a few years ago, but I’ll let someone else psychoanalyze that one.

Old Navy American Flag shirt warning label: Wearing this 100% cotton apparel on May 5 exposes the wearer to possible disciplinary action.

If anyone wants to take the time to find the racial breakdown the high school I attended, (or they can just ask Roger, since he’s familiar with the area), they’ll quickly conclude that I had a few interesting Cinco de Mayo experiences growing up as well. And I bet the underlying issues that caused a group of kids to don the American flag on that day in 2010 are the same ones that caused friction between students when I was a kid back in 1994: multi-culturalism with a moral relativist glaze, dished up by liberal educators with a background in molecular gastronomy.

The United States runs the risk of being irreparably balkanized for a number of reasons, some of which I mentioned just recently:

  • No country can exist without having control over its borders. Sovereignty doesn’t exist if this simple task is unable to be fulfilled. I don’t care what the United Nations tells you.
  • Language is important.

Our educational system is filled with liberals who teach our children that the bullet points above are not important. Then, on top of that, they teach the Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn Twilight Zone versions of American history.

Note to self: If Hugo Chavez is a fan of your history books…something’s wrong.

How sad is it that the girl in this video views it as “disrespect” that someone would wear an American flag on May 5th? I agree with Ed Morrissey:

Would I, as an American of Irish descent, get offended by an American flag on March 17th? Er, no. I wouldn’t even get offended by someone wearing Mexican-flag themed clothing. In fact, I wouldn’t care at all.

There are kids who love their country out there. And at a time in their lives when they’re still trying to figure the world out, they’re barraged by the “blame America first” educators of the K-12 liberal inculcation brigade. For the American student, everyone’s heritage is celebrated…except their own:

Forget George Washington, James Madison, Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln—nothing meaningful happened in America before 1877.

That’s the lesson North Carolina public high schools may start teaching. Under proposed changes in their high school history curriculum, the U.S. History course (which seniors take) will cover events from 1877 forward only.

As I said before, I don’t blame the kids. I blame the liberal multi-culturalists and moral relativists for trying to tear our country apart at the seams. They’ve created a world where hispanic students are made to feel “disrespected” when someone wears an American flag on their chest—when the thought should have never crossed their mind to begin with.

There’s a cultural undertow that’s sweeping away large swathes of those who would otherwise grow up to be the next generation of American patriots. Kids of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. Talk to your kids about sex, they say… That’s fine, but in this day and age you need to talk to your kids about the Founding Fathers and the First Principles this country was founded upon, because right now all they get is the kind of pap you find on Roger Ebert’s twitter page.

Dear WWII Veteran in shock holding his own blown off arm: Even though I'm not worthy, I'd honor you by wearing the flag on my chest...but I can't because it's May 5. You fought for a world where we have the right not to have our sensibilities shaken.

About the Author Douglas Ernst

I'm a former Army guy who believes success comes through hard work, honesty, optimism, and perseverance. I believe seeing yourself as a victim creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. I believe in God. I'm a USC Trojan with an MA in Political Science from American University.

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