I’ve wanted to write something on Neil Gabler for a long time. And his

If terrorists turn commercial airliners filled with jet fuel into a deadly projectile, it's really not that different than sorta, kinda, hitting someone with spit while screaming. Did I tell you that I was a moron? Because I am.

latest article, which puts 9/11 terrorists and the Tea Party movement in the same camp, has finally pushed me to do so:

In order to get heard, you not only have to shout — you have to shout at the top of your lungs, and even that probably won’t do it. To assure yourself of attention, you have to do something so startling that you effectively stop the conversation altogether. In effect, you have to blow up the World Trade Center, or paint the streets in human blood as protesters in Thailand recently did, or threaten lawmakers and even spit on them as the Tea Partiers did, or call President Obama a traitor or a Hitler. You have to be an extremist.

If you read the article you’ll see that there isn’t a picture of Neil Gabler anywhere. I’d like to believe that’s because he looks just like he sounds—like an impish, elitist intellectual that would fit in perfectly in the Mole Man’s army. If I was in a good mood I’d simply say that Gabler was attempting to create a storm in a teacup. But I’m not. I don’t have time to point out the Obama/Hitler LaRouche truth that has nothing to do with the Tea Party movement, because it was covered long ago. And it’s not worth an extended conversation to point out that flying commercial airliners packed with jet fuel isn’t quite the same as a sorta-kinda-whatever probably-inadvertant spittle projectile from a single guy at a rally of tens-of-thousands.

While Neal Gabler is concerned about the potential for terrorism among millions of Americans who are simply fed up with deficits that will turn our credit rating into liquid diarrhea and unconstitutional bills passed in the middle of the night, there are real threats to the long-term security and stability of our nation that he’s turning a blind eye to.

This November, send Neal Gabler and the Mole Men a message at the ballot box. We have the power to change the equation. Let’s do so. Maybe then they’ll crawl back into their liberal condescension holes for a few days while the rest of us get to work ensuring that fiscal responsibility, a strong national defense, and the principles this country was founded upon once again take root in our Nation’s Capital.

Send Neal Gabler back to the bowels of the Boston Globe to sulk this November.

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