In more ways than one, Barack Obama is now associated with the Sarlacc pit monster from Star Wars. His poll numbers seem like something you’d find in the deep,

Barack Obama and the Federal Government: your personal Sarlacc Pit Monster.

dark recesses of its belly, and the American people are finally beginning to understand that the government is a big bottomless hole that largely requires third parties (i.e., liberals) to feed it by sacrificing heroes (i.e., productive members of society and the fruits of their labors). And it’s somewhat fitting that although our capital isn’t located in a desert, Washington DC was historically swamp land.

Even some of their solutions to economic problems sound like they come out of Star Wars.  Take the VAT, for example (although, if Government Motors starts building AT-AT Walkers at low cost…I’m so there):

“…attention is now turning toward the VAT as the liberal solution for unsustainable deficits that threaten the stability and very future of our economy.  Having hiked spending dramatically and then doubling down with his Obamacare, the nation now faces unprecedented near-term debts as the clock ticks toward the long-recognized entitlements time bomb…

…Why is the VAT the darling of the left?  Because it can raise vast new revenues without the taxpayers being really sure who took their money.  Consumers would pay the tax when they purchase goods and services.  Buy a car, pay the tax.  Buy groceries, pay the tax.  Buy chemotherapy drugs, pay the tax. In this way, taxpayers would only be aware of a bit of their tax bite with each purchase.  And unless the tax is printed on the receipt and they look for it, consumers would have no idea how much tax they paid on a particular transaction.

Today’s deficits, and tomorrow’s, result from too much spending, not too little revenue.  Reverse the massive Obama spending surge (and the Bush surge before that) and the deficits would quickly fall to sustainable levels.

Liberals are out of options, and something has to give. Educate yourself on the VAT, and the reasons why it’s going to be in the news in the months to come. If we didn’t already have taxes up the ying-yang, a VAT might actually be a good idea. However, a VAT on top of existing, excessive taxation is a really bad idea.

Conservatives will have to fight off all sorts of scurrilous attacks in the months ahead, so it’s up to us to read up on the issues and know them inside out. If we stay motivated, educated, and disciplined November will be one heck of a month for those of us seeking a return to First Principles.

You have to admit it would be cool to wake up after election day, walk out to get your morning paper, and see your liberal neighbor fall to the ground and let out a Darth Vadar-worthy “Nooooo!” Let’s make this happen, people. I don’t care what they say about you.

And now, time for a random Michael Jackson video because… they don’t really care about us.

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  1. Awesome post, I like the analogy, including the need for a sacrifice. And you are right, a VAT on top of income taxes is like putting a close pin on your nose when you’ve already got a noose around your neck (surviving one is hard enough)

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